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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1854 - A Godking Intervenes
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Chapter 1854: A Godking Intervenes

Yang Kai’s face was pale. Only he understood the terror of Jian Chen’s previous strike. Jian Chen had passed through his body as lightning, obliterating his organs, and reducing large regions of his ribs into powder. He was injured extremely heavily.

He turned around with great difficulty. Yang Kai’s eyes were filled with regret as he stared at the distant Jian Chen in anger and humiliation. He said, “What a powerful battle skill. What is it?”

“The Linear Lightning Release!” Jian Chen responded coldly. He made his way through the air with the Startling Rainbow sword, making his way towards Yang Kai step by step.

“The Linear Lightning Release; the Linear Lightning Release. It really is like lightning, unbelievably fast,” Yang Kai murmured. He was unwilling to accept the outcome of their battle.

It was not because he feared defeat. Rather, he just could not let himself, an expert who had been known as the greatest expert below Godking in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, lose to the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan who had only made a name for himself several dozen years ago.

Suddenly, a sliver of resolution appeared in Yang Kai’s eyes. His gaze towards Jian Chen instantly became filled with heavy killing intent.

“The battle stops here!”

At this moment, an ancient voice boomed in the surroundings. It was filled with a might that could not be denied.

As the voice rang out, a tremendous and terrifying presence crushed down from the sky.

Whether it was Jian Chen or Yang Kai, they both felt like they now shouldered a huge mountain before the terrifying presence. They even struggled to move freely.

“A Godking!” Jian Chen thought, but he did not show any surprise at all.

A white-robed old man appeared high in the sky silently. His appearance was nothing special.

However, it was the owner of that face with no special features that gave off the tremendous presence, which suppressed Jian Chen and Yang Kai.

Of course, Jian Chen and Yang Kai did not resist either.

“Greetings to the Grand Imperial Protector!”

In the distance, the observing Overgods, including Xuan Dou, all bowed at the same time without any exceptions. Their faces were filled with shock.

Xi Yu and Mo Yan, who stood behind Xuan Dou, were both surprised. Without any hesitation, the two of them bowed deeply at the old man, greeting him courteously.

There were many Gods that had gathered behind them. Right now, the entire group had already bowed. All of their eyes burnt with excitement.

Godkings were supreme experts that rarely ever appeared. Even they, Gods, would not necessarily be able to see a Godking personally in their entire lifetimes. The Grand Imperial Protector’s appearance allowed them to witness a Godking’s awe, making them feel like they had lived a life with no regrets.

Yang Kai calmed down. He bowed at the Grand Imperial Protector stiffly. No matter how regretful he felt, no matter how powerful his killing intent was, he had to suppress it all now.

“Is this the Grand Imperial Protector?” Jian Chen raised his head to study the Grand Imperial Protector after bowing. This was the first time he had seen one of the two great Godkings of the divine kingdom.

The Grand Imperial Protector hovered in the sky as he stared at Yang Kai and Jian Chen with a deep gaze. He said calmly, “I already know why all of this happened. Yang Kai, return the Pyrogold to Jian Chen.”

“Grand Imperial Protector, I purchased the Pyrogold from an elder of the Tian Yuan clan. It already belongs to me,” said Yang Kai. His reluctance to return the Pyrogold was directly related to his pride.

Jian Chen understood that his fight with Yang Kai had reached a conclusion now that the Grand Imperial Protector was here. As a result, he put the Startling Rainbow sword away and secretly began to circulate his Chaotic Force to heal. He stared at Yang Kai coldly with his arms crossed.

The Grand Imperial Protector looked at Yang Kai deeply from above. He said, “You two are the pillars of the divine kingdom. If you keep on making trouble like this, it will be the divine kingdom that has to bear any losses. The Empyrean Demon Cult is about to overrun the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons soon, and there’s only a Divine Kingdom of Nine Stars that separates us from them. Our kingdom is in danger, so we must not have internal strife at a time like this and weaken ourselves.”

The Grand Imperial Protector took out an embroidered box from his Space Ring and said, “I just happen to have a piece of Pyrogold on me. Yang Kai, I’ll gift the Pyrogold to you, so you’ll have all the materials to forge your supreme quality saint artifact. Give the piece in your hands right now to Jian Chen.”

This time, the Grand Imperial Protector directly told him to ‘hand’ it over to Jian Chen and not ‘return’ it to Jian Chen. As a result, Yang Kai had a way out of the situation without disgracing himself.

Yang Kai was a late Overgod after all. He was an important pillar to the kingdom, so even someone as great as the Grand Imperial Protector had to show him some respect.

Particularly in a period where the threat of the Empyrean Demon Cult loomed. At a time like this, a late Overgod was several times more important.

Yang Kai hesitated slightly before accepting the Grand Imperial Protector’s Pyrogold in the end. He took out the Pyrogold he had taken from Xi Yu from his Space Ring and tossed it to Jian Chen. He said coldly, “Jian Chen, I’ll gift the Pyrogold to you because of the Grand Imperial Protector.”

“It’s not a gift. You’re returning it to me! Here are your two hundred thousand high grade divine crystals,” Jian Chen stressed seriously and tossed a Space Ring back at him. Jian Chen continued, “The Pyrogold is secondary to our fight. The main reason is because you touched my people.”

Without a single doubt, Jian Chen was announcing to the world to never provoke the Tian Yuan clan through his words.

Yang Kai stared at Jian Chen coldly. After snorting, he bowed towards the Grand Imperial Protector again before leaving. He returned to the royal capital with a sunken face.

He still had trump cards he had not used, but he knew that this applied to Jian Chen as well. At the very least, he still had not used those two strands of terrifying sword Qi yet.

“Jian Chen, now that the matter here has been resolved, please come to the royal palace. There are matters that we want to discuss with you.” The Grand Imperial Protector dismissed his presence. He seemed to have turned back to an ordinary old man. After saying that to Jian Chen, he directly departed, returning to the royal palace.

“Brother Jian Chen, you really have reached a whole new level of strength after being gone for a while. I never thought that you would possess such daunting strength. You’ve even defeated Yang Kai,” Xuan Dou walked over and spoke warmly.

The Overgods who had watched on from the distance also came up to talk to Jian Chen after hesitating slightly. Fear lingered in all of their eyes.

They all understood that from today onwards, there was the Tian Yuan clan aside from the Yang family that could be known as one of the most powerful clans in the entire kingdom.

Jian Chen greeted them before looking towards Xi Yu and Mo Yan, “Aside from Yang Kai, did anyone else touch you?”

The Overgods from the royal capital all leapt in fright when they heard Jian Chen’s words. Was he still not satisfied after his battle with Yang Kai? Was he looking to punish other people as well?

Immediately, all the Overgods began to regard the Tian Yuan clan as an existence that could not be provoked.

Yang Kai had only injured a mere Saint Emperor, yet Jian Chen engaged in such a furious battle with him. If someone with even greater status had been offended, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan would basically come for their lives.

“There’s also the patriarch of the Yang family, Yang Aoran, Yang Lianxin, and four elders. The six of them used their presences to hurt Mo Yan,” said Xi Yu. She resented the Yang family deeply. Since her patriarch was so powerful, there was no reason for her to fear these people anymore.

In the distance, the expressions of the elders of the Yang family all change starting with Yang Aoran. They immediately wanted to flee.

“How can I let you return unscathed after you’ve hurt my sister?” Jian Chen said coldly. He extended his finger a total of six times, and six strands of resplendent sword Qi shot towards the Gods who had ganged up on Xi Yu and Mo Yan. It punched through their bodies, causing them to wail miserably. They used all the power they had to flee as quickly as they could.

Jian Chen did not take their lives. He only injured them as a slight punishment.

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