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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1859 - The Ling Family In Danger (One)
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Chapter 1859: The Ling Family in Danger (One)

The royal collection was located towards the back of the royal palace. It was a glistening tower completely built out of gold. The tower had a total of nine floors, and a shockingly powerful barrier surrounded it.

There were not many guards who were purposefully stationed around the royal collection. Squadrons of soldiers from the Royal Divine Army would patrol around in the distance on their Three-flamed Divine Horses.

This was because a Godking had personally cast down the barrier around the royal collection. It was so powerful that even weaker Godkings, let alone Overgods, would need to attack it several times before it would give way.

It was exactly because of this that stationing guards around a place like the royal collection would be basically useless.

Jian Chen used the medallion that the divine king had given to him to open up the barrier. He entered the royal collection without any obstructions.

Many battle skills and cultivation methods were placed within the royal collection. All the battle skills and cultivation methods were divided among the nine floors. The cultivation methods and battle skills on the first floor were naturally all of the first grade.

The methods in which the cultivation methods and battle skills were stored varied greatly. Not only were there some recorded in scrolls and books, but there were many carved into stone tablets as well. Jian Chen even saw a huge turtle shell covered with the traces left behind by time. There were complicated and profound images on there, possessing traces of the laws of the world.

It was also a cultivation method, but it had not been stored in words. Instead, it was stored as images. It could only be understood and not read.

A powerful barrier blocked the entrance to each floor of the tower. Jian Chen used the medallion he had obtained from the divine king to make his way through them, directly arriving on the six floor.

The higher he climbed, the fewer cultivation methods and battle skills he saw. There were thousands on the first floor, while the sixth floor only possessed around a hundred battle skills, cultivation methods, and notes on comprehension left behind by people of the past.

Jian Chen was not in a hurry to go to the seventh floor. He stopped on the sixth floor and carefully read through all the cultivation methods, battle skills, and notes on cultivation there. Even though he possessed a better cultivation method and had no use for the cultivation methods present, even though the battle skills were useless to him, he still hoped that reading them and absorbing their essence would assist his future cultivation to a certain degree.

This was basically absorbing whatever benefits they had to offer and making up for any personal flaws. Although Jian Chen did not find any particular item that was useful to him, his current actions had basically benefited him already.

A day later, Jian Chen managed to read through all the cultivation methods, battle skills, and notes on comprehension left on the sixth floor. After thinking through it seriously, he chose three cultivation methods to copy and take back to the Tian Yuan clan.

After doing all that, Jian Chen went up to the seventh floor without any reluctance at all. All the cultivation methods, battle skills, and so on on that floor had reached the seventh grade of Truth Tier. Just like the sixth floor, everything here was beneficial to Overgods, except the quantity was slightly less again; there were only around eighty items.

This time, Jian Chen remained on the seventh floor for two days before making his way to the eighth floor.

There were even fewer items on the eighth floor. There were only five cultivation methods, four battle skills, and four notebooks on cultivation left behind by people of the past.

There was not a lot, but Jian Chen’s eyes shone. Even his breathing became rather ragged.

This was because all the cultivation methods on the eighth floor had reached the level of Godkings.

Eighth grade cultivation methods could allow people to cultivate to Godking. Under normal circumstances, only Godkings could grasp and use eighth grade battle skills. It was almost impossible for Overgods to grasp them.

To no surprise, among the four battle skills, Jian Chen discovered the Divine Finger of Void-crushing Meteor that Yang Kai had used during their fight.

The Divine Finger of Void-crushing Meteor was the most inferior battle skill out of the four, but it was also the easiest one among them for Overgods to grasp.

Every single battle skill and cultivation method from the eighth floor would be enough to raise a storm of blood if it was released to the outside world. Countless people would throw themselves into the fight without any concern for their lives. Even Overgods would die.

“He really is a Godking after all. He actually has several eighth grade cultivation methods and battle skills. These items are basically priceless to all divine kingdoms,” Jian Chen sighed in amazement from the bottom of his heart. It really did surprise him.

Afterwards, Jian Chen began to focus his attention on studying the battle skills and cultivation methods. Jian Chen felt like he had benefited greatly from the notes on cultivation in particular.

The notes on cultivation were essentially a crystallization of their entire life of cultivation; it was condensed after countless years of accumulation. It contained everything they understood.

Although there were no notes from Godkings who had comprehended the Laws of the Sword, viewing the comprehensions of various Godkings was equivalent to experiencing everything they had gone through in their life. Jian Chen felt like he had gained a completely new outlook after wandering through the lives of various different people as if he had opened a completely new door within him.

This time, Jian Chen remained on the eighth floor for a total of seven days. When he put down the final scroll after that time, there was an additional sliver of comprehension in his eyes.

Although Jian Chen did not try to comprehend the battle skills in the days he spent within the royal collection, the benefits he had gained were far greater than grasping an eighth grade battle skill. After reading so many cultivation methods and witnessing so many Truth Tier Battle Skills, his understanding that anything was possible only increased.

“I can probably create my own sixth grade cultivation methods and battle skills now. I just need to spend quite a lot of effort.” Jian Chen’s eyes shone abnormally brightly. His eyes were like two gems in the night; this was what he had gained from the royal collection.

Although he had come across many cultivation methods in the past, it was still a pitiful amount, not to mention that their quality was limited. Naturally, they would not bring him much help at all.

However, it was different now. Jian Chen had read through the tremendous amount of cultivation methods and battle skills within the royal collection and absorbed their essence. He used other people’s comprehensions to confirm or reject his own comprehensions, allowing him to understand very much. Unknowingly, his comprehension of the laws of the world had increased slightly again.

Of course, the reason why this could happen was all because of Jian Chen’s superior affinity for comprehension. If he possessed a poor affinity, he would not have been able to benefit at all no matter how great the circumstances were.

“I’ve managed to take another tiny step away from the partial achievement of Sword Spirit. I really do look forward to the day when I reach late Sword Spirit. Not only will I be able to refine a third strand of Profound Sword Qi, but my level of comprehension will also directly surpass the boundaries of Overgod and reach Godking.” Jian Chen was satisfied. He had benefited far more than he had expected from his trip to the royal collection.

Afterwards, Jian Chen left the eighth floor. He used his medallion to bypass the barrier, entering the final floor of the royal collection, the nine floor.

At the same time, in the Swordseeking Province, a presence that was terrifyingly powerful to all the occupants there suddenly appeared. It instantly engulfed the entire province.

Black clouds suddenly rolled over from the horizon, and a demonic aura filled the skies. At that moment, the blazing sun in the sky lost all of its radiance.

Three figures appeared at the front of the clouds. They gave off a monstrous presence as they shot over from the distance like they were riding the clouds. Under the shocked gazes of countless people, they directly barged into the province in a brutal and overbearing manner.

With the appearance of the three people, the sky above the province rapidly darkened. Demonic aura formed a huge black cloud that covered the skies, blocking out the light and reducing the world to darkness.

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