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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1861 - Benefiting Greatly
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Chapter 1861: Benefiting Greatly

“You want to use the lives of your Ling family to exchange for the millions of lives in the provincial city? Haha, you wish,” commander Liu Shan stood on the black clouds and laughed fiercely. His cold eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty craziness. He extended a finger, and several strands immediately broke away from the black net that enveloped the entire provincial city. They wounded around several dozen cultivators.

“Ling Mojian, let me repeat myself again. If you want to save the millions of lives in the city, get Ling Hougong to show his ass immediately. I don’t have that much time to waste with you. I’ll kill a group of people for every day you waste. I’ll keep that up until Ling Hougong appears,” Liu Shan said coldly. He closed his hand, and the black threads immediately tightened. Like knives, they cut the people trapped in threads to pieces.

The cultivators all cried out miserably. Their bodies were reduced to pieces as blood dyed the streets. Even their souls failed to escape, as the black threads had cut it into pieces, so it dispersed as a result.

All the people of the Ling family watched this happen silently. All of their hearts weighed very heavily.

The Ling family was a mighty clan with an Overgod. With the entire divine kingdom in perspective, they were an existence that stood at the top, yet before the three Overgods of the Empyrean Demon Cult, they were so insignificant. They could not even fight back. They were reduced to sitting ducks.

The people of the Ling family were greatly affected by what happened that day.

However, they could not do anything about it. The Empyrean Demon Cult was just too powerful.

“Doesn’t your heart hurt? Fair enough, the people I’m killing have nothing to do with your Ling family. No matter how many of them I kill, it won’t hurt your heart at all. Since that’s the case…”

Liu Shan looked at the people hiding in the formation. He smiled coldly, and a black sword appeared in his hand. He directly swung it at the formation.

The strike was filled with a demonic aura. It caused the thick demonic clouds in the sky to churn. They seemed to be a part of the sword, so when Liu Shan swung down, it pulsed violently. A black sword condensed from the clouds emerged from the mass, moving with his sword. It landed on the protective barrier of the Ling family with devastating power.


This was a powerful strike from a mid Overgod. It was so powerful that it had surpassed the imaginations of all the people in the province. The protective formation of the Ling family suddenly shattered with a deafening boom.

Powerful energy splayed out, reducing all the building of the Ling family to ruins. Countless people vomited blood as their blood drained from their faces.

A few weaker of the servants directly lost their lives under the powerful pulse of energy.

“I’ll kill the people of the Ling family then. I’ll kill one every day until Ling Hougong appears,” said Liu Shan. He appeared before a God of the clan as if he had teleported and smashed his head to pieces with a palm strike, destroying his soul.

An elder of the Ling family died just like that!

The matter of the three Overgods pinning down the Swordseeking province spread very quickly like a storm. Very soon, the news made its way across the entire Divine Kingdom of Pingtian and even beyond that. It caused a huge uproar.

Back to the ninth floor of the royal collection in the royal palace of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Jian Chen currently sat on the floor. He held an ancient scroll; he was completely absorbed in it. He devoted all his attention to it.

This was the notes on cultivation and the comprehensions of the Laws of the Sword left behind by a Godking who had comprehended the same laws as Jian Chen. Jian Chen was fatally attracted to the ancient scroll. He could not resist his urges at all.

Jian Chen closed his eyes after reading the contents of the scroll. He comprehended the contents of the scroll seriously.

A faint layer of silver light appeared around him. It seemed like Jian Chen was flashing. In particular, when he closed his eyes, he was surrounded by the light. He had a calm expression on his face. It made him seem divine.

Gradually, tadpole-sized sword Qi appeared around Jian Chen. Every single strand was filled with intelligence. They were pure-white and flawless, revolving around Jian Chen slowly.

Clearly, the scroll left behind by the Godking was quite useful to Jian Chen, allowing him to benefit greatly.

Several hours later, Jian Chen opened his eyes slowly. A sliver of understanding appeared in his eyes.

“A late Godking probably wrote this ancient scroll,” Jian Chen said to himself softly. He carefully returned the ancient scroll to where he had taken it from before continuing his way through the other books and scrolls.

Jian Chen also remained on the ninth floor for seven days. During that time, he read all the books and scrolls there. He was about to leave.

“Hmm?” Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. He discovered an inconspicuous metal box in a corner of the ninth floor. If it were not for the fact he had just happened to glance over, he might have missed it.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly. In the end, he still walked over and opened it. He discovered a thick, ancient book inside as well as a thumb-sized pearl.

“The Smithy Grand Collection!”

Four powerful words were written on the cover of the book.

Jian Chen’s eyes lit up when he saw the four words. He had to personally forge the twin swords in the future, so he needed to dabble in forging weapons.

Due to the fact that the swords he forged on the Tian Yuan Continent were not of any particularly high grade and the fact that the sword spirits were there to guide him, he was not required to have much expertise.

However, in the future, the grades of the swords he needed to forge would constantly rise. He would need to have a certain degree of mastery over smithing to forge the twin swords into god artifacts.

Although he could find other people to forge the weapons for him, how would he be able to do that with something as important as the twin swords?

“This pearl should be a memory pearl. Xuan Dou mentioned this type of thing. Memory pearls are extremely tough and very hard to destroy. Normally, they’re used to record extremely important things, which are far greater than the things you can find in books or scrolls.”

“According to Xuan Dou, memory pearls are extremely rare. Under ordinary circumstances, only experts who rule over a huge area can possess them. It shouldn’t exist within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.” Jian Chen looked at the pearl again. He felt extremely curious.

Fortunately, he had learnt enough about memory pearls from Xuan Dou. He knew the way to use it.

Jian Chen let out the senses of his soul, directing it towards the memory pearl slowly. When the senses approached the memory pearl, a suction force immediately appeared out of nowhere, directly sucking his senses away.

“Teleportation Formations!”

A tremendous amount of information was presented before Jian Chen when his senses entered the memory pearl. To Jian Chen’s joy, the information recorded within the memory pearl detailed the method to create teleportation formations.

There were inferior and superiors teleportations formations. Inferior formations could only carry people a short distance.

On the other hand, superior teleportation formations could teleport people to extremely distant places. With the tremendous Cloud Plane as an example, directly taking people from the southern region to the northern region would be no problem.

Let alone teleporting between regions, but even teleportation between planes and worlds was possible, given that the person who wanted to cast down the formation possessed a great mastery of the Laws of Formations.

“Teleportation formations. Hahahaha, I never thought there would actually be something that detailed teleportation formations here. I actually found it here! Fate is in my favor!” Jian Chen could not help but laugh aloud as he held the memory pearl. He was extremely excited.

Ever since he had come to the Saints’ World, Jian Chen had never felt so emotional and excited.

This was because the information on teleportation formations tied into just too many things for him. It was even more important than his life, as it was related to his hopes of being able to return home.

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