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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1869 - The Ninth Army
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Chapter 1869: The Ninth Army

After two teleportations, Jian Chen appeared within the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang. Only when the bright light from the teleportation beneath him completely vanished did he step out of it. He directly departed from the obscure cave that held the teleportation formation.

Near the cave, Jian Chen seemed to become a cannonball at that moment. He directly shot into the sky to an altitude of ten thousand meters. He stood among the clouds.

A map appeared in his hand. After locating the Mo family, he directly set off.

The Tian Yuan clan faced the threat of the Empyrean Demon Cult. At such a time, Jian Chen needed to increase his strength as soon as possible. If he wanted to achieve a breakthrough with his Chaotic Body, the energy required would just be far too shocking. He had not found enough resources yet, so a breakthrough was unlikely.

As for the Laws of the Sword, he managed to make some progress in the royal collection. However, he still would not be able to reach the major achievement of Sword Spirit in a short amount of time.

The only remaining thing that could increase his strength was the damaged piece of armor.

Even though the armor was heavily damaged, it was still a god artifact after all. If he wore it, it would increase his defences, even if it was just slightly.

A tremendous city stood on a scarlet ground, surrounded by layers of powerful formations in the distant Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons as Jian Chen made his way towards the Mo family. It gave off extremely powerful pulses of energy.

Many armored soldiers stood on the walls, and there were a few people of various ages in luxurious robes among them. However, without any exception, all of them were haggard and exhausted. Droplets of blood covered their bodies.

Some of them had even been completely covered in blood. It was impossible to tell whether it was their own blood or someone else’s.

This was the royal capital of the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons as well as the only thing left standing in the divine kingdom.

The royal capital had become heavily damaged over the years of battle. Even with the protection of powerful formations at the level of Godkings, there were still huge cracks in various places.

The ground around the royal capital had been dyed red by blood, which had formed streams across the battlefield. Countless corpses were piled like mountains as the heavy smell of blood lingered in the air.

This was because the final forces of the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons had engaged in an intense battle against the ninth army of the Empyrean Demon Cult four hours ago.

“They can’t last much longer,” three gleams of light hovered in the sky above the royal capital. They shone like the sun as they gave off tremendous presences.

However, the presence clearly only seemed powerful on the surface.

This was the greatest force that the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons possessed, three Godkings.

“There are no reinforcements. There’s no more hope. Fate wants our Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons to fall…”

“The Empyrean Demon Cult is filled with wild ambitions. Their methods have been bloody and brutal. They’ve already wiped out so many divine kingdoms across the years. Why haven’t the empires stepped in yet…”

The three Godkings hovered in the air and said softly. They were obscured by the blinding light around them, and laws of the world revolved around them too. As such, their figures became hazy and unclear.

Ten kilometers before the three of them, black clouds hung in the gloomy sky. Demonic aura filled the surroundings.

A group of soldiers in black armor stood there coldly. Even though there were not many of them, they pressured the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons to the point of suffocation.

They were the ninth army of the Empyrean Demon Cult!

Even though the ninth army was only composed of a hundred thousand people, these same hundred thousand people were enough to obliterate the huge armies of any divine kingdom.

The commander of the ninth army, Yan Wuming, hovered in the air before his army. He also wore armor as his cape fluttered wildly in the wind.

“Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons, we’ve already found the way to destroy your formations. I’ll kill you all in a single stroke with the next attack. Let’s go,” Yan Wuming sneered as he gave off a demonic aura. He remained composed when he faced the three Godkings. He did not treat them with any importance at all.

The ninth army retreated before setting up a base a hundred kilometers away.

Yan Wuming summoned some of his generals into his tent to discuss the battle.

Suddenly, an illusionary figure of an extremely handsome young man in white robes appeared in the tent.

“Yan Wuming, it has been so many days already. Have you captured the person called Ling Hougong?” As soon as the young man appeared, he stared at Yan Wuming as if he was judging him. His voice was cold.

Yan Wuming’s face sank. He slammed his desk and called out rudely, ‘Protector Zeng, since when did I report to you? Who do you think you are? Do you believe that I’ll disperse your soul projection with a single smack for talking to me like that?”

The young man sneered, “Yan Wuming, you clearly don’t have to report to me, but there’s something I should tell you.”

“Stop dragging things on like a woman. If you have something to say, spit it out. Once you are done, get out of my territory,” Yan Wuming was extremely short-tempered.

The Overgod generals in the tent all shied backwards. They did not dare to make any noise between Yan Wuming and protector Zeng’s argument.

“Vice-leader Hua An has already emerged from seclusion. He’s already looking into this himself. Yan Wuming, don’t blame me for not warning you. If you don’t handle the matter well, you’ll be in deep trouble if the vice-leader wants to blame someone.” Throwing that down with a sneer, protector Zeng vanished.

Yan Wuming suddenly became stern after protector Zeng left. He glanced below and said rudely, “Liu Shan has gone for so long. Why hasn’t he returned yet? Can’t he even deal with a mere early Overgod?”

The generals below all looked at each other. In the past few days, their ninth army had always been engaged with the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons. Naturally, they did not receive the news of Liu Shan and his deputies’ deaths.

“Report!” Suddenly, a messenger ran in. He dropped to one knee and said politely, “Commander, I’ve just received news that general Liu Shan and his two deputies were slain by Jian Chen in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.”

“What? Liu Shan is dead? How dare he!” Yan Wuming stood up. His presence churned as killing intent rose up. He said coldly, “Who’s Jian Chen? How dare he kill a person of mine?”

“Commander, this is all the information on Jian Chen,” the messenger passed a jade slip to Yan Wuming.

After reading through everything in the jade slip. He frowned. He growled, “This Jian Chen really is somewhat capable. It’s extremely likely that he has the support of a Primordial realm expert and has connections with a great clan of unknown power. No wonder he’s bold enough to stand up against us.”

“But, so what? Our Empyrean Demon Cult won’t fear him no matter how great his background is. I need to take his life for killing a person of mine.”

Suddenly, Yan Wuming stared at all the gathered generals. He said, “Is there any late Overgod willing to go to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian and bring me the heads of Jian Chen and Ling Hougong?”

The group of generals looked at each other. No one spoke out to accept the mission.

A while later, an Overgod stood up and said, “Commander, we’ve reached a crucial moment in attacking the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons. If we send a late Overgod to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian at such a time, it’ll definitely make the battle longer and decrease the might of our army. If the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons makes a final struggle at a time like this and attacks our army, we’ll suffer heavy losses.”

“And, I am guessing that since the person called Jian Chen was bold enough to kill our people, he might have the support of the royal family in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. If he really does have their support, sending one or two late Overgods would be equivalent to sending them to their deaths.”

“In my opinion, why don’t we defeat the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons first and then advance to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian?”

Yan Wuming lowered his head and pondered for a while before saying, “Alright! In seven days, we will lead a full assault on the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons. Once we’ve dealt with them, we’ll immediately attack the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.”

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