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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1873 - The Ancestor Of The Mo Family’s Death
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1873: The Ancestor of the Mo Family’s Death

Jian Chen ignored the ancestor of the Mo family and focused on smashing through the formation. He knew that it was very difficult to kill the ancestor of the Mo family without getting through the formation first.

Golden sword Qi constantly condensed above Jian Chen’s head. Each strand possessed terrifying, devastating energy.

In just a short moment, Jian Chen used the Daluo Sword multiple times, causing the formation to tremble constantly.

Before the fire attacks of the formation could approach Jian Chen, the Daluo Sword easily dispersed them.

Not only did Jian Chen use his great strength to suppress the formation, but he also handled the sneak attacks of the ancestor with great composure.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Deafening sounds exploded within the formation. Under Jian Chen’s intense attacks, the condition of the powerful formation that could even trap late Overgods clearly grew worse and worse. The formation space distorted drastically. Vaguely, strands of light appeared within the fire-red world.

This was the light from the outside world. The terrifying might of Jian Chen’s full-powered attacks had almost ripped open the formation space.

He had achieved this despite the constant disruption from the ancestor of the Mo family.

Otherwise, Jian Chen would have never taken this long to get through the formation with his current level of focus.

“The formation is almost destroyed? How is that possible? Although it’s very difficult to kill late Overgods with the formation alone, it can easily trap them for a few years. Coupled with me hiding out of sight and the attacks of the formation, killing late Overgods should not be a problem at all.”

“Not only does Jian Chen have to deal with attacks from the formation, but he also has to handle my constant sneak attacks. His hands should be completely full. How can he still have the extra strength to destroy the formation…”

“Jian Chen was clearly only an early Overgod before, and his cultivation level remained at the level of Gods. It has only been a few decades, so how has he become so powerful…”

The ancestor of the Mo family was extremely shocked. He even experienced disbelief. He struggled to believe that a person’s strength could increase so quickly, where he would make such great progress in just a few short decades.

After all, it had taken him over a hundred thousand years to go from early Overgod to mid Overgod.

“No, Jian Chen must die. If he doesn’t die, I won’t have a day of peace even if I keep the armor.” The ancestor of the Mo family became determined. For the armor, he was willing to put his life on the line.

Hidden within the formation, his arms moved slowly before him. He used a Truth Tier Battle Skill. Demonic aura churned as a huge phantasm suddenly appeared. Its eyes were blood-red, and it gave off a chilling presence.

“Phantom God Devours the Heavens!”

The ancestor of the Mo family called out. The huge phantasm that was hidden within the demonic presence suddenly opened its mouth in that instance.

Suddenly, a tremendous suction appeared from the phantasm’s mouth. It seemed to be able to devour worlds, and it enveloped Jian Chen’s body.

Jian Chen’s body immediately tightened. Under the influence of the suction, his body gradually moved towards the black hole-like mouth of the phantasm.

“Linear Lightning Release!”

Jian Chen’s eyes turned cold. He did not retreat in the face of the suction. Instead, he formed a seal with one hand and turned into a bolt of lightning. He directly charged towards the mouth with unbelievable speed.

With just a flash, Jian Chen had already entered the huge mouth of the phantasm. He tore through the demonic aura and emerged from the back of the phantasm’s head. In the end, he collided with the formation.

The huge phantasm froze, and its terrifying suction vanished as well.

Strands of powerful, silver sword Qi seemed to slice away at the phantasm’s head. It flashed inside, growing more and more powerful and more and more blinding, directly drowning out the phantasm. In the end, the phantasm exploded with a boom. Sword Qi scattered in all directions along with a demonic presence.

It was also at this moment that Jian Chen slammed into the formation as a bolt of lightning. The formation had already shown signs of shattering from Jian Chen’s previous attacks. Now that it received the ripples of energy from the phantasm’s explosion and the attack from the Linear Lightning Release, it had finally reached its limit. The entire formation began to collapse at that moment.

Now that the formation was falling apart, the surroundings cleared up once again. However, the remote mountains had been reduced to a mess now. Many mountains had collapsed, and the ground was covered with cracks.

The ancestor of the Mo family currently hovered near Jian Chen. He stared at Jian Chen, almost dazed. He had never thought that the Earthenfire God-slaying Formation he had cast down after paying such a heavy price would be destroyed by Jian Chen so easily.

It was a powerful formation that could keep even late Overgods trapped for several years.

Jian Chen’s eyes locked onto the ancestor of the Mo family. Killing intent rose up from him, and he formed a seal with his hand. He used the Daluo Sword to slice at the ancestor’s head without any hesitation at all.

“Jian Chen, you can’t do anything to me!” The ancestor of the Mo family cried out. Powerful demonic aura emerged from his body. The laws of the world wove before him as he slashed out as hard as he could.

However, without the support of the formation, it was impossible for him to be Jian Chen’s opponent. Not only did his full-powered slash fail to block the Daluo Sword, but the Daluo Sword even managed to strike his head directly.


The ancestor’s body was launched far into the distance.

Even though he did not become injured thanks to the protection of the god artifact, his head still spun, and he saw stars from enduring the powerful force.

Jian Chen pursued him. He slashed as hard as he could with the Startling Rainbow sword as he formed a seal with his left hand. He used the Daluo Sword again to attack the ancestor’s head.

The ancestor of the Mo family understood the armor extremely well, as it had been in his hands for so many years. Although foreign forces could not smash through the armor, the powerful jolts would still be transmitted through the armor and into his body.

The armor covered every single inch of the ancestor. Even his eyes were protected by a film, so Jian Chen could only transmit his powerful force through the armor to kill the ancestor.

Boom! Boom!

The ancestor only felt like his head was splitting open after enduring the two attacks from Jian Chen. His vision blackened as he felt like his skull was going to be shaken to pieces.

The jolts through the armor were simply too powerful. He could endure it once or twice, but if he constantly went through it, his head would end up getting deformed regardless of his toughness.

Jian Chen’s attacks became more and more intense. He used the Daluo Sword, Taiyi Sword Technique, and Linear Lightning Release consecutively, essentially raining the ancestor’s head with attacks.

The ancestor had completely lost the ability to fight back. He solely relied on the armor’s toughness to stay alive.

“Oh no, the armor is not as powerful as I imagined it to be. If this continues, my head will definitely be shaken to pieces by Jian Chen. I can’t keep fighting. I need to flee,” the ancestor thought quickly and made up his mind very soon. He took out a teleportation formation disc as quickly as he could from his Space Ring and activated it.

However, the formation disc was split in half by a sword Qi, cutting off any hopes of escape for the ancestor.

Afterwards, Jian Chen clenched his left hand into a fist. He completely utilised the toughness of the Chaotic Force and struck the ancestor’s head. His fist like a huge hammer surrounded by Chaotic Force.

The fist was extraordinary. The ancestor’s head hidden within the armor began to crack slightly as blood flowed from all his orifices. It was a horrible sight.

“Stop, Jian Chen. I’ll return the armor. Spare me,” the ancestor of the Mo family called out. He began to plead for his life. There was no chance for him to escape. He did not have the time to activate another teleportation disc, and he was nowhere near as fast as Jian Chen. Now that his soul was injured, he would be doomed if this continued.

However, Jian Chen ignored his pleas. He launched his attacks at full power, sending all of them towards the head. Finally, as blood spurted in all directions, the ancestor’s head was forcefully shaken to pieces inside the armor. It was a horrific death.

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