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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1875 - Destruction Of The Mo Family
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Chapter 1875: Destruction of the Mo Family

Many people were still discussing how the Mo family faced the attacks of a powerful enemy in the provincial city of the Blue River province. Many people were filled with excitement when they saw the ancestor of the Mo family flee. They all hoped that the Mo family would be destroyed as a result.

Clearly, the Mo family had a horrible name in the Blue River province. They did not have the favor of the people. Many people already resented the Mo family, except they were unable to do anything due to the Mo family’s strength.

These people would naturally become especially excited when they saw such a powerful Overgod begin fighting with the ancestor of the Mo family. All of them were eager.

They eagerly hoped for the ancestor to be directly slain. Once the Mo family lost their Overgod, they would not be able to exist for too long in the Blue River province.

At this moment, there was a flash of light. The streak of light flew into the provincial city with lightning speed without raising the attention of many Gods. In the end, it stopped above the Mo family.

Jian Chen had returned to the provincial city with the body of the Mo family ancestor. He stared at the panic-stricken people of the Mo family coldly and did not show any pity in his eyes at all. He directly tossed down the corpse.

“I- it’s the ancestor…”

“Impossible, this is impossible. How did the ancestor…”

When the people of the Mo family saw the corpse with an incomplete head, all of their eyes widened. They were stunned, and disbelief filled their faces.

However, soon afterwards, there were a series of sorrowful wails. Many people cried out in sadness.

The ancestor had always been the Mo family’s province. His existence had allowed the Mo family to gain such a great status where no one dared to touch them.

Now that the ancestor of the Mo family was dead, all the people in the Mo family realised that their clan had collapsed. The glory of the Mo family would become a matter of the past.

At the same time, there were a few Gods in the Blue River province who saw the corpse of the ancestor. They livened up and could not help but laugh out wildly. They were moved.

Since the Mo family had lost their Overgod, some of the powerful clans within the provincial city would work together to destroy them.

“Has your Mo family been capturing women frequently?” Jian Chen stared at the people coldly as he hovered in the sky.

Many of their expressions changed when they heard Jian Chen’s question. They sensed an ill omen. Was one of the women they captured related to this person?

The people from the Mo family looked at one another. Everyone thought of the same thing, and no one dared to speak out.

“Senior, the Mo family has indeed been capturing mortal women frequently. They have taken away over a hundred women, at least from what I’ve witnessed. Most of them are mortals,” a God said from outside the Mo family.

Jian Chen’s eyes immediately became frosty when he heard that quite a few of the captured women did not even cultivate. Killing intent rose up from his body. He glared at the people from the Mo family and said coldly, “Where are the mortal women that you’ve taken away?”

“T- they’ve already been sent to the ancestor. Only a small fraction of them fail to interest the ancestor, so they’re kept in the clan. However, they’ve all suffered horrible fates. They’re all dead. Senior… senior… this one is Sun Shanggong. I’m not a part of the Mo family, only someone who has been recruited by them. I am not related to the Mo family. Please spare me, senior…”

A God from the Mo family said. His voice trembled in fright as he carefully begged for his life.

“Sun Shanggong, you coward. I’ve misjudged you…”

“Sun Shanggong, you may not be a part of the Mo family, but don’t forget you’ve personally caught quite a few women to please the ancestor…”

“Sun Shanggong, you’ve also sullied quite a few women…”

There were quite a few Gods from the Mo family who pointed out the dirty deeds that Sun Shanggong had committed.

Suddenly, a tremendous presence radiated from Jian Chen. It flooded the surroundings, making all the bodies of the Gods from the Mo family sink as if they now shouldered a mountain. They immediately fell quiet.

“Let me ask you, do you know where the ancestor of the Mo family keeps these women?” Jian Chen glared at Sun Shanggong.

“There was one time when I sent a few mortal women to him. Back then, I discovered that the ancestor stores all of them in a spatial saint artifact. I’m guessing the women are still in the spatial saint artifact that the ancestor carries on him,” Sun Shanggong said everything he knew. In order to live, he told Jian Chen everything.

Jian Chen’s senses of the soul immediately extended into the Space Ring. He checked through all the saint artifacts that the ancestor owned, and indeed, he found a spatial saint artifact that contained quite a number of people.

There were over a thousand of them. They were all mortals, with eighty percent of them being women. The remaining twenty percent were all young men.

Many of the women were already pregnant.

“Just as expected. The ancestor of the Mo family was collecting the souls of mortals. I just wonder whether all of the souls in the banner came from the ancestor,” Jian Chen felt sorrow when he saw the women in the saint artifact. The women were like the animals reared by mortals, to be slaughtered once they were ready.

“Senior, I’ve already told you what you want to know. Please spare my life,” Sun Shanggong pleaded again from below.

Jian Chen’s senses of the soul receded from the spatial saint artifact. Killing intent poured out of him, and he said coldly, “How can I spare you after you’ve committed such heinous crimes?” With that, Jian Chen extended a finger. He shot out a sword Qi that punched through Sun Shanggong’s head, wiping out his soul.

Quite a few Gods from the Mo family had already taken out teleportation formation discs in an attempt to flee.

Some of the Deities did not possess a teleportation formation disc, so they flew off as quickly as they could. They fled in all directions.

However, before an Overgod, and a peak Overgod in particular, even the Gods did not have enough time to activate the teleportation formations. Jian Chen destroyed all the discs.

As for the Deities of the Mo family, they had all been stopped by Gods either from other places or other powerful clans in the Blue River province.

The Mo family did not have the citizen’s favor in the Blue River province. Moreover, they had captured so many women across the years. They acted without precaution, so they naturally offended many people. Now that the ancestor of the Mo family was dead, the majority of the Mo family’s power was gone. The people who resented the Mo family naturally stood forward without any hesitation at all, stopping all the people who tried to flee.

For a moment, booms rang out across the provincial city. There was fighting everywhere. Many Gods from powerful clans pursued the people from the Mo family.

‘Hahaha, Mo family, to think you would have a day like this…”

Many people laughed aloud within the provincial city. A few people who managed to complete their revenge cried with hot tears.

“Don’t you dare escape either!” Jian Chen said to the Gods of the Mo family coldly. He heavily injured all of them and sealed off their cultivation before throwing them all into the spatial saint artifact carried by the ancestor of the Mo family.

The spatial saint artifact was of quite a high quality. It was far greater than the radiant saint artifact, as it could even withstand attacks from Gods.

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