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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1878 - The Yin Mountains Of Sevens Despair
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Chapter 1878: The Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair

Many of the gathered mortal women immediately paled in fright when they saw the Startling Rainbow sword on the ground and connected it with revenge. Many of them felt the power drain from their limbs.

Living here, they had gone on without any conflict. They rarely ever saw blood, let alone killing people.

Even the thought of killing people frightened them.

They stood there for a very long time. Finally, an older woman stepped forward with hatred in her eyes. She lifted the Startling Rainbow sword from the ground and arrived before a God of the Mo family. She said with gritted teeth, “You are too vicious to lock up so many sisters here, only to kill us when our babies are about to be born. I originally thought we’d be free after we leave this place, and we’d be able to return to our lives in the outside world. I never thought we were all waiting for such a horrific fate. You deserve to die.”

“You’re all mortals, mere ants. Even if you have weapons in your hands, you can’t harm us at all,” a God stared at the woman disdainfully, and he acted with condescension.

Sorrow filled the woman’s face. She roared out furiously and directly stabbed the Startling Rainbow sword towards the God with the weapon in two hands.

Even though the God’s gaze was filled with contempt, he knew that the Startling Rainbow sword was extremely powerful as a high quality saint artifact. However, the person wielding it was a mortal right now. As such, let alone using the power of the high quality saint artifact, even just piercing his body was impossible.

This was because mortals did not have much strength at all.

However, the outcome surprised him. When the Startling Rainbow sword touched him, there was a flash of powerful sword Qi. Before the sword Qi, his body as a God was as fragile as paper, and the Startling Rainbow sword easily pierced him.

The woman who wielded the Startling Rainbow sword did not even feel the slightest bit of resistance. The sword had stabbed the God in the chest, with its tip emerging from the other side. Blood dripped from it.

The God turned his head with great difficult towards Jian Chen, who was behind him. He opened his mouth to say something, but he did not have the power at all. The light in his eyes faded quickly, becoming hollow. His body collapsed whilst maintaining the same posture.

A strand of sword Qi had directly plunged into his head when the Startling Rainbow sword stabbed through his body, wiping out his soul.

The death of the God made all the other elders from the Mo family pale. Despair filled their eyes.

They naturally understood that the person who killed the God was not the mortal woman, but Jian Chen. If it were not for Jian Chen’s secret help, it would be impossible for the woman to lift the sword with her mortal strength, let alone approach it.

Although the sword was only three fingers wide and 1.3 meters long, it weighed several dozen tonnes.

Afterwards, the other Gods of the Mo family naturally suffered the same fate. They were all stabbed to death by the women with the Startling Rainbow sword. All of their souls were wiped out, and they were unable to escape.

Jian Chen released everyone in the spatial saint artifact after dealing with the matter. He took out a few low grade divine crystals from the Space Rings of the Gods and settled down these people in the provincial city of the Dong’an province. At the same time, he contacted a few people in the clan to secretly take care of them so that they could live their lives safely.

Three days later, Jian Chen bid farewell to everyone. He asked Shen Jian to continue protecting the clan. Then, he left the Dong’an province all by himself. He used the teleportation formation in the clan and arrived in the Divine Kingdom of Qingyan. After that, he directly made his way towards the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair.

The Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair were located on the boundary between the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang and the Divine Kingdom of Datian. It was an extremely large mountain range.

As a thick layer of rainbow, poisonous miasma covered the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair all year round, many things that grew there were also poisonous. As a result, very few people set foot in the mountain range.

Even when a few valuable resources grew in there, people rarely took the risk to enter the place.

This was because the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair possessed another name in the region, and that was the Grave of Gods.

It was called that because in the depths of the mountains, even people as powerful as Godkings could end up dead.

The poisonous miasma was simply too powerful. Not only could it corrode the body, but it could also eat away at the soul as well.

On this day, a young man who only seemed to be in his twenties appeared before the deathly silent foot of the mountains.

The young man was handsome. His long hair ran down his shoulders while his gaze was rather complicated. It was ordinary sometimes and profound like ink at other times. It would also become sharp like swords at other times, which was enough to pressure people. His face possessed a sense of determination and willpower that did not match his age. Currently, he advanced with small but firm steps towards the mountains.

Although he did not move quickly, he would travel an extremely great distance with each step. In just a few steps, he had moved several kilometers. Then he directly submerged into the thick, rainbow miasma.

“The miasma here really is powerful. I’ve just entered its range, and my body already feels uncomfortable,” Jian Chen frowned slightly as he stood in the rainbow miasma. He found that it was far more powerful than he had imagined it to be.

“And I’m only on the outskirts. The miasma is the thinnest here. If Deities enter this place, they’ll probably struggle to even last half a minute. Another hundred meters in would be enough to kill Gods in just half a minute. No wonder even Godkings can die here. The miasma really is powerful,” Jian Chen murmured to himself. He circulated his Chaotic Force and pushed the defences of his Chaotic Body to the maximum before advancing towards the depths with firm steps.

The miasma affected the usage of the senses of the soul. Not only was Jian Chen’s vision affected in the miasma, limiting him to only a range of a thousand meters, but even the senses of his soul were affected, and it was only able to engulf a range of ten kilometers.

Moreover, the miasma could even eat away at the senses. Whenever Jian Chen let his senses of the soul out, he could not keep it out for long. He had to make it recede within fifteen seconds.

Poisonous organisms thrived within the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair. Not only were all the plants here poisonous, but there were also many venomous animals around as well. As Jian Chen advanced further, the miasma thickened as well while the poisonous organisms around him became more and more powerful.

Not only did the poisonous organisms include magical beasts at Godhood, but it also included various plants.

The plants had lived for extremely long times, so some had gradually developed intelligence. They possessed extraordinary power. If Gods had to face against them, they would definitely struggle to survive.

Suddenly, a colorful flower that was ten meters wide emerged from the soil. Each petal possessed potent poison as it closed together with lightning speed. At that moment, the flower had devoured Jian Chen completely.

It was quick, just too quick. Jian Chen could not even dodge.

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