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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1880 - The Albumstone Heart Flower
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Chapter 1880: The Albumstone Heart Flower

With a flip of his hand, Jian Chen took out the three monster cores from his Space Ring.

The three monster cores were of the same sizes as the cores from the plants. They did not seem much different from the plant cores on the outside. They were also inky green and possessed powerful poison.

These were monster cores equivalent to Overgods. They were also the greatest monster cores that Jian Chen had ever seen in his life.

However, Jian Chen felt extremely helpless as he stared at the three powerful monster cores. He experienced unspeakable hardships.

After reaching the tenth layer of the Chaotic Body, he had ingested the golden ginseng from Godking Duanmu’s Space Ring as well as quite a few high grade heavenly resources and several dozen Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills. These items had all allowed his chaotic neidan to grow. He was quite close to the eleventh layer now.

Perhaps, he only needed to refine three monster cores at the level of Overgods to break through successfully.

Even if the three monster cores were not enough, he still possessed a few cores from the plants. It would not be a problem for him to reach the eleventh layer.

However, the part that made Jian Chen feel extremely helpless was that both the monster cores and plant cores possessed extremely powerful poison. It was far beyond the level that his Chaotic Force could refine.

As a result, he currently possessed the resources to reach the eleventh layer of the Chaotic Body, but he could not use it, which made him feel extremely conflicted.

“I’ll probably need a Godking to refine the poison in the plant cores and monster cores,” Jian Chen sighed gently. He dismissed his feelings and continued on his way.

His main purpose in coming to the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair was not to find plant cores and monster cores. Instead, he had come here for heavenly resources that could heal the soul.

Along the way, he had discovered that quite a few heavenly resources grew here, but unfortunately, they had all been contaminated by the miasma, causing them to mutate and develop poison. They would only be detrimental if consumed.

Jian Chen did not find a single, usable heavenly resource for healing the soul.

After travelling for another dozen kilometers, Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed. A white flower stood a hundred meters away from him. It was only the size of a hand. It was enveloped by a sacred, hazy white light. Even though the poisonous miasma surrounded it, the miasma was unable to penetrate the light, allowing the white flower to grow in the poisonous environment of the mountains.

“That’s a White Jade Spirit Platform Flower,” Jian Chen’s eyes lit up, and he became excited.

The White Jade Spirit Platform Flower was a heavenly resource that could heal the soul. It was of a similar grade to the Soul-drawing Lotus, making it an extremely high grade and rare heavenly resource.

At this moment, there was a loud beast roar. The ground trembled violently as a six-meter-tall magical beast rushed over from afar. It seemed like a boar in that it was extremely fat, but it also possessed a set of wings on its back. Due to being simply too massive, its tiny wings were clearly not enough to take it into the air.

However, its presence was so powerful that its appearance led to a short silence in the mountains. Even Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows.

“A late Overgod magical beast!” Jian Chen stood as still as a rock. This was the most powerful existence he had encountered so far in the mountains, but he did not show any fear.

The poisonous beast rushed over from the distance. It used its fat body to block the flower as it stared at Jian Chen furiously. It directly opened its huge mouth to produce a roar.

At the same time, it spat out green poison from its mouth. The poison flew like an arrow towards Jian Chen.

“Daluo Sword!”

At the same time, Jian Chen struck out as well. He directly used the Daluo Sword in an attempt to finish the battle fast.

The golden sword Qi directly tore through the wild boar’s poison like a hot knife through butter, landing viciously on the beast’s huge head.

Immediately, potent poison splattered. A deep gash appeared on the beast’s huge head. Its tremendous body had also been pushed back, and it landed on the ground heavily; this caused the ground to shake.

Jian Chen protected himself with white light from the Laws of the Sword. He stood a step with the Startling Rainbow sword and crossed the hundred-meter distance between them, arriving beside the White Jade Spirit Platform Flower. He directly picked it and stowed it away carefully.

The wild boar-like beast became enraged when Jian Chen picked the flower. It produced an extremely furious roar, and its eyes became bloodshot. It charged at Jian Chen wildly. Its mountainous body directly tore through the vegetation, reducing the huge trees it collided with to dust.

At that moment, the tiny wings on its back emitted a powerful pulse of energy. Like two wind blades, they chopped towards Jian Chen with lightning speed after a flash of light.

Jian Chen was emotionless, and his eyes were cold. He slashed out with the Startling Rainbow sword as it shone brightly. The resplendent sword Qi caused the miasma in the surroundings to retreat, while the bright white light illuminated the entire forest.


The sword Qi collided with the blades from the beast’s wings. There was a loud sound from the collision of powerful energy, and a storm of energy that swept the surroundings was formed. It kicked up soil from the group and obliterated the surrounding vegetation. The miasma that filled every inch of the surroundings churned violently.

After the attack, Jian Chen remained where he was; he stood as still as a mountain. His sword shone brightly, completely obscuring the blade. However, the huge, poisonous beast emitted a chilling wail. It was filled with pain.

Its two, small wings had been chopped off from its back. Green blood had dyed its entire body as it struggled painfully.


It was also at this time that Jian Chen stabbed out with the Startling Rainbow sword. With a flash of light, it penetrated the beast’s head and wiped out its soul.

The beast’s huge body immediately flopped down, losing all signs of life. Even its monster core was removed by Jian Chen.

The Startling Rainbow sword vanished from Jian Chen’s hand. He looked into his Space Ring to see the flower he had just picked and filled showed a faint smile. He said, “I’ve finally found a heavenly resource that can heal the soul. I just wonder whether a single Albumstone Heart Flower will be enough to awaken Kai Ya or not.”

“I better find some more to be on the safe side.”

Jian Chen analysed to himself. He was confident that as long as he did not set foot into the very depths of the mountains, there were very few organisms that could threaten him with his strength.

Suddenly, a unique fragrance wafted over. Jian Chen only took a single breath of it, and he felt his soul shudder violently. He felt like all the power of his soul that he had lost during the time in the mountains had been replenished in a single moment. At the same time, he felt his soul become even more consolidated and powerful compared to before.

Of course, this was only an illusion, an illusion caused by the breath of fragrance.

Even though that was the case, Jian Chen gathered his attention. A strange light filled his eyes. His soul was already so powerful, yet just a single breath of the fragrance could make him feel like that. He immediately determined that the heavenly resource that the fragrance originated from was of a terrifying grade.

“This should also be a heavenly resource that can heal the soul. Although I haven’t seen it, I know just from its smell. It’s extremely like to be have reached the ninth grade of the Immortal Tier. It’s at a far higher grade compared to the Soul-drawing Lotus or the Albumstone Heart Flower.” Jian Chen’s breathing became rather ragged. He looked in the direction that the fragrance came from and only saw a thick layer of miasma.

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