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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1883 - Nine Godkings
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1883: Nine Godkings

“Even if my chance of surviving is less than ten percent, it’s still a chance for survival. If I don’t do this, I’m dead for sure. From what the Godking flower has shown, it’s far more powerful than the Grand Imperial Protector of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. I can only rely on the fusion of the two swords to survive now.”

“Moreover, even if my soul disperses after the fusion of the two swords, I can’t let this flower have it easy. It must pay a heavy price…”

Jian Chen said in his head. His eyes were determined. He had already run out of options.

The flower was so powerful that he could not threaten it at all, even if he used the Profound Sword Qi.

This was because the disparity between their strength was just too great.

“If you fuse the two swords, the flower will be dead for sure. But you, master…” The sword spirits sighed.

Two strands of azure and violet sword Qi hovered above Jian Chen’s head. They tore through the colorful miasma, directly reaching for the skies, giving off a devastating might.

Under Jian Chen’s control, the two strands of sword Qi gradually approached each other. They were about to be fused into one.

Immediately, as the two strands of sword Qi constantly drew closer, a terrifyingly devastating pressure gradually charged up in the surroundings. It became more and more powerful, weaving chaos into the surroundings. The space in the area shook violently.

The pressure was just too great. Before it, the world seemed to shake in fear.

“W- what is this?”

Qi Zang used its roots to wrap around Jian Chen tightly. In its eyes, Jian Chen was an existence as insignificant as an ant that could be slain in a single strike. However, at this moment, the terrifying presence that Jian Chen gave off actually made him shake uncontrollably. A sense of terror it had never experienced before filled its entire body silently.

This was because it could taste the presence of death. It was so close.

“God dammit, what is this secret technique? It’s so terrifying that even I feel shivers.” The man who had taken Jian Chen’s armor emerged from his cave again. His eyes had widened completely as he stared at Jian Chen in shock and disbelief.

“The intruder is using a devastating secret technique. Qi Zang, what’re you hesitating for? Kill him. Don’t let him finish charging up.” In the distance, a huge, ancient tree made its way over with its roots. An ancient face appeared on its thick trunk that was filled with wrinkles. The face was stern.

This was an ancient tree that had developed a consciousness. It also possessed the strength of a Godking, and like Qi Zang, it was no ordinary Godking. It was much more powerful than the Grand Imperial Protector of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

The appearance of the ancient tree caused Jian Chen’s eyes to narrow as he tried to fuse the swords. He never thought that there would actually be three Godkings hidden within the depths of the mountains.

“Kill him quick, Qi Zang…”

“Hurry up and do it…”

However, it did not stop there. There were far more than three Godkings hidden within the depths of the mountain range. After the ancient tree appeared, a few more figures emerged from the colorful mist. The presences they gave off were extremely shocking.

“Eight Godkings!”

Even Jian Chen had become stunned now. In such a small mountain range, there were actually eight Godkings hiding.

At this moment, a hiss rang out. A snake that was only as thick as a bowl and frighteningly long slithered out from the depths of the miasma. It also stared at Jian Chen sternly with its small, beady eyes.

The long, thin snake possessed a gold and silver stripe all the way from head to tail.

“A Golden-striped Silver Snake!”

Jian Chen’s heart jumped. He recognised this thin, long snake instantly. It was of the same species as Nubis.

The snake was also a Godking.

“Nine Godkings!” Jian Chen felt bitter inside. Only now did he understand just what place he had come to. There was actually a nest of Godkings hidden in this area, and they were all experts that could use poison.

In the next moment, Jian Chen bellowed out. His body shone with bright, azure and violet light as he poured all his strength into fusing the two swords.

With his current strength, he was unable to fuse the two swords instantaneously. He needed to charge it up.

However, Jian Chen basically wished that the swords could fuse instantaneously right now.

Blood oozed from the corner of his lips. The fusion of the two swords was just too terrifying. Even before they had fused, he already had to endure the backlash.

“Even if I have to die here today, I’ll drag a few of you down with me,” Jian Chen had already embraced death.

At the same time, Qi Zang struck out as hard as he could in an attempt to stop Jian Chen from fusing the swords.

Suddenly, something happened. A gentle light descended from the sky. It pierced through the layers of miasma and surrounded Jian Chen as a screen.

The screen of light seemed thin, but it was extremely powerful. When Qi Zang’s full-powered attack landed, it was actually unable to smash through the paper-thin screen.

“What powerful laws. Who is it?” Qi Zang produced a mental pulse as the huge flower swayed gently. Each petal rapidly closed up as it began charging up a great power.

The screen of light that had blocked its attack was not powerful by itself. Instead, it was the laws that were powerful.

The expressions of the other eight Godkings in the mountain range changed slightly. They all looked at the screen of light before Jian Chen, and they became stern.

Naturally, Jian Chen sensed the sudden change. He stared at the layer of gentle light around him as a sliver of joy appeared on his face.

He was extremely familiar with the gentle light. He was so familiar with it that he immediately thought of a beautiful figure.

“You better stop your secret technique soon. I don’t know what it is, but it’s far more powerful than what you can use right now. You’ll end up paying an unimaginable price if you use it.”

A familiar voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

A woman in a white dress slowly descended from the sky as pure-white moonlight revolved around her.

Her beauty was striking. A bright moon seemed to exist behind her, making her seem like an immortal crossing the moon. She seemed otherworldly, having transcended mortal affairs. The presence she gave off was as tremendous as the ocean, and it directly enveloped the entire mountain range. It was extremely terrifying, and it was enough for the surroundings to shake and the clouds to churn.

Her cold eyes gradually scanned past the nine Godkings. They possessed some contempt as if she was looking at nine ants.

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