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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1884 - Fairy Hao Yue Steps Forward
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Chapter 1884: Fairy Hao Yue Steps Forward

“Fairy Hao Yue!”

Jian Chen’s voice was filled with delight. He had never thought that in this moment of great danger, the fairy Hao Yue who had left several dozen years ago would actually appear here. Moreover, she was actually so powerful, far greater than she was when she had originally escaped from Godking Duanmu’s dwelling.

Just a layer of protection she cast down now could easily block Qi Zang’s attack.

Jian Chen understood that the great problem he was facing would be resolved with fairy Hao Yue’s appearance. Without any hesitation, he immediately stopped the fusion of the twin swords.

At the same time, the sword spirits secretly assisted Jian Chen as well. They used their full strength to separate the two swords that were just about to fuse together.

Jian Chen experienced a powerful backlash again during this time. Blood completely drained from his face as he became haggard. He gave off a sense of weakness.

The backlash from the fusion of the two swords was simply too powerful. Just the process of fusion, before they had actually fused together, had made Jian Chen become so heavily injured.

If it were not for his Chaotic Body that was extremely tough, he would only have half a life left even if he managed to avoid death.

“We belong to the ninth prince of the Blood Sun Empire. Who are you? Which clan or sect do you belong to?” Qi Zang’s huge petals were closed tightly. He produced a mental pulse that was filled with sternness.

At the same time, the other eight Godkings hidden in the depths of the mountain range emerged as well. Some of them had already assumed human form, while others remained the same as before, similar to Qi Zang.

They stood with Qi Zang. All of them stared at fairy Hao Yue extremely sternly.

Fairy Hao Yue did not pay attention to the nine Godkings. She turned around to study Jian Chen and frowned, “Didn’t I give you a jade talisman to contact me when I left? Why didn’t you crush it to contact me now that you’re in danger? If it weren’t for the fact that I just happened to be passing by, you’d probably die today.”

Jian Chen smiled bitterly, “Before me, there are nine Godkings. Although I can’t tell what their exact strength is, they must be beyond early Godking. I have no idea just how much strength you’ve recovered in a few short decades. If I called you over, and you weren’t their opponent, wouldn’t I have doomed you instead?”

“Moreover, if you were extremely far away, how would I be able to ask for help in such a short amount of time. I don’t even know if you can make it in time.”

“That’s somewhat reasonable. However, the nine people before you are all late Godkings. They’re indeed on a whole different level compared to early Godkings,” said fairy Hao Yue. Afterwards, she took out a pill and gave it to Jian Chen. She said, “This is a God Tier healing pill. Eat it.”

“God Tier pill?” Jian Chen was secretly tongue-tied. God Tier pills were on a whole different level compared to Immortal Tier pills. Every single one of them could be worth cities. Even many Godkings did not possess pills at such a level.

He had never thought that in just a few short decades, fairy Hao Yue could even take out God Tier pills.

“I’ll return the god artifact to you. Sir, please leave immediately,” the bald man said emotionlessly and reluctantly tossed over the armor that he had not even managed to wear.

Duo Ti decided to hand back the armor in such a straightforward manner because the armor was damaged, so its value had been greatly reduced. Moreover, he could tell that fairy Hao Yue was powerful. There was no reason to gain such a powerful opponent for just a damaged god artifact.

Fairy Hao Yue caught the god artifact. A sliver of surprise appeared in her eyes, and then she handed the armor to Jian Chen. She said, “Jian Chen, you probably haven’t come here without reason, right? You should be searching for something.”

“That’s right…” Jian Chen explained why he had come to the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair.

The expressions of the nine Godkings all changed when they heard that Jian Chen had come here in search of heavenly resources that could heal the soul.

“You really have come to the right place for heavenly resources that can heal the soul,” fairy Hao Yue smiled gently. She stared at the nine Godkings with deep meaning and said, “According to my knowledge, you lot just happen to have a Voidcloud Flower with you. The flower has reached the first grade of the God Tier, and its main effects are to heal the soul. Moreover, it can be used as nourishment for a Flower of Ways.”

“What do you want to do?” The eyes of all nine Godkings sharpened. They became filled with caution.

“You should understand what I want. Are you going to hand it over yourselves, or do I have to come to retrieve it myself,” fairy Hao Yue said in a composed manner.

“The Voidcloud Flower belongs to the ninth prince. Are you certain you want to take the ninth prince’s things? You have to understand that the ninth prince is the person most likely to succeed the Blood Sun Empire as emperor. Even Infinite Primes have to show him some respect,” the ancestor tree said in an attempt to scare off fairy Hao Yue.

“Who’s the ninth prince?  I really haven’t heard of him before. However, not only do I want the Voidcloud Flower, but I also want the Flower of Ways you have planted here,” said fairy Hao Yue.

Jian Chen basically understood everything from that. The ninth prince of the eternal Blood Sun Empire of the southern region had probably stationed the nine Godkings here with the intentions of raising a Flower of Ways.

As for fairy Hao Yue, she had clearly come for the Flower of Ways.

“I just wonder what the Flower of Ways is. It seems quite precious,” thought Jian Chen.

“The Flower of Ways is extremely crucial to the ninth prince. If you want the Flower of Ways, you’ll have to step over our corpses first,” said the old tree.

Fairy Hao Yue’s face sank. She said, “If that’s the case, I can only retrieve it myself then.”

Suddenly, fairy Hao Yue began to shine brightly. She seemed to have become a huge moon, illuminating the surroundings with sacred and gentle light. It purged the thick miasma from the surroundings and filled the entire mountain range with a silvery glow.

The moonlight engulfed all nine Godkings. The moonlight possessed the power of time. It could turn back time and mix the past with the future.

Under the moonlight, the nine people’s appearances changed drastically. They became younger, while the tree and Qi Zang’s originally tremendous bodies shrank at a visible rate.

An unbelievable thing was happening to their bodies. It was as if everything they had experienced in their lives were receding from them, returning them to the past.

The even more terrifying part was that even their strength rapidly regressed. They fell from late Godking to mid Godking, and then to early Godking.

“This is an ability of time. Oh no, she has made us return to the past,” the nine Godkings cried out as their faces became ugly.

“Are you certain you want to take the ninth prince’s things? The ninth prince will not spare you. Even if you are an Infinite Prime, he’ll be able to cause you quite some trouble with his authority,” Duo Ti called out.

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