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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1885 - Such Puny Godkings
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1885: Such Puny Godkings

Duo Ti would have been better off if he did not say that. A vicious light immediately flashed through fairy Hao Yue’s eyes in response to his words. She immediately glared at the nine Godkings who were gradually regressing under her ability and revealed cold killing intent.

“If that’s the case, I can only kill all nine of you. Once you’re all dead, that ninth prince won’t know what happened here.”

“Even if he learns what happens here, he won’t know who took away the Voidcloud Flower and the Flower of Ways,” fairy Hao Yue said coldly. Originally, she did not come here with the intent to kill. She only wanted to take away the Flower of Ways, as it would be of great help in restoring her strength.

However, Duo Ti’s words made her want to kill them.

Although the Blood Sun Empire was the eternal empire of the southern region and was extremely powerful, fairy Hao Yue did not treat them with any importance at all. She was only worried about whether it would bring trouble to Jian Chen’s Tian Yuan clan.

It was exactly because of that that she changed her plans all of a sudden, making up her mind to leave no one alive.

Fairy Hao Yue grabbed at the space. A surging essence of the moon condensed in the air, instantly forming into a jade-white scepter in her hands.

Even though the scepter had only been condensed from energy, it seemed exactly the same as the Moon God Scepter she had given to You Yue in the past.

Fairy Hao Yue gripped the scepter as a moon shone brightly behind her. Extremely bright moonlight wrapped around her, illuminating the surroundings and the mountains.

She gently swung her scepter, and nine beams of light appeared simultaneously above the heads of the nine Godkings. Every single beam produced powerful pulses of energy and contained the power of laws that far exceeded Godking. Each and every beam was destructive.

The nine Godkings from the mountains glowed. Powerful pulses of energy emanated from their bodies. They were unwilling to just die like this. Even though they knew that they were not fairy Hao Yue’s opponent, they resisted with their full power, striking the beam of light above them as hard as they could.


With a deafening sound, surging energy formed a storm. The laws in the surroundings wove into a mess. The collision created an extremely shocking disturbance as if it was about to rip through the space in the area.

The entire mountain range trembled violently from the strikes as if a huge earthquake was happening. It was like the world was ending. Mountains collapsed, and the earth ripped open into huge chasms. The mountain below everyone was reduced to dust instantly.

The nine Godkings’ attacks against fairy Hao Yue really did possess the power to destroy worlds.

If this were a provincial city like the one in the Dong’an province, these attacks would be enough to flatten the entire city. Even Overgods would not be able to avoid death.

“So powerful!” Jian Chen stood in the air behind fairy Hao Yue. The terrifying ripples of energy before her were unable to reach him. He only stared on in awe as he felt extremely shocked inside.

He felt that with his current strength, just the devastating ripples of energy were enough to leave him heavily injured.

Fairy Hao Yue stood as still as a mountain. A screen formed from the power of laws stood before her. No matter how violent the energy was, it was unable to even ruffle her clothes.

However, blood spurted from the mouths of all nine Godkings, along with pieces of their internal organs. It fell like rain. The blood of Godkings had dyed the space red.

All of them were pale and haggard now. They were extremely injured.

Fairy Hao Yue was so powerful now that even when they worked together, it was basically a futile effort.

“Fall into formation!”

A Godking called out. The Godkings ignored their injuries and fell into a formation as quickly as possible. They poured their strength together.

Immediately, an even more tremendous pressure emanated from them. After working together, their resistance against fairy Hao Yue’s ability grew stronger and stronger.  Their strength that had been suppressed to early Godking recovered to mid Godking at that moment.

“A World Set By Laws, Sword of Chaos and Annihilation!”

The nine Godkings bellowed out, and their voices rang through the surroundings. Between the nine of them, a blinding sword Qi silently condensed. It directly shot towards fairy Hao Yue with great pressure.

The sword Qi moved extremely fast, far quicker than Jian Chen’s Linear Lightning Release. It whistled through the air and seemed to punch through space, appearing before fairy Hao Yue in a single instance.

Jian Chen’s face changed. The sword Qi simply moved too quickly; it was so quick that he could not even react to it. He was not even able to see the sword Qi with his naked eyes, and he could only sense the pressure it gave off.

However, fairy Hao Yue’s face did not change at all. She remained just as composed as before. She lifted a slender hand of hers and gently extended it forwards.

Fairy Hao Yue’s movements clearly did not seem quick. As a matter of fact, it felt extremely slow. However, when she completed all her movements, the sword Qi that was just about to strike her had only managed to advance a single inch.

This scene would confuse many people. There seemed to be a difference in time between the two, where the flow of time was different.


Fairy Hao Yue called out gently and extended a finger. Immediately, the power of laws that had completely exceeded the level of Godkings descended, directly wrapping around the strand of sword Qi.

In the next moment, the sword Qi that contained the power of nine Godkings dispersed just like that. The laws that belonged to the Primordial realm had directly ground it away.

The expressions of the nine Godkings changed drastically. All of them stumbled backwards uncontrollably as they stared at fairy Hao Yue in complete fear.

However, in the next moment, they looked at one another. As if they knew what each other was thinking, they all used their techniques and tried to flee without any hesitation at all.

Some of them used secret techniques to escape, while others took out teleportation formation discs.

“In my domain, I can’t let you escape. You’re done for,” fairy Hao Yue said calmly.

As expected, all nine Godkings became despaired. The ones who had used secret techniques discovered that they remained stationary, while the ones who activated formation discs did not see any teleportation energy appear.

“I didn’t want to kill you originally, but I have to kill you now,” fairy Hao Yue said emotionlessly. Killing intent appeared in her eyes, and with a wave of her staff, nine powerful strands of Moonlight Force engulfed the nine people with laws that belonged to the Primordial realm.

This time, the nine Godkings were unable to resist at all. They had already been heavily injured, and their strength had been reduced. Their souls were directly wiped out under a single strike from fairy Hao Yue.

From the beginning till the end, fairy Hao Yue had not moved from her position at all. She could suppress the Godkings with a wave of her hand and managed to slay nine late Godkings in just a few moves. She was extremely composed throughout the entire process. Clearly, she had not used her full strength.

Jian Chen watched this happen with his tongue-tied. He felt like he was dreaming all the way until all nine Godkings had died. He struggled to believe that this was real.

A few decades ago, fairy Hao Yue was only a soul. Even an Origin realm expert could wipe her out. She was truly ant-like.

However, now, she killed nine Godkings with the flip of her hand.

Since when did Godkings become so puny?

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