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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1889 - Departure
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Chapter 1889: Departure

“What terrifying power of laws. It has basically reached the limit. Even the other laws have become suppressed and disturbed. Who is this? Since when did the Cloud Plane possess such a powerful figure…”

“These are heavenly laws. Anyone who can achieve something as great as this in terms of laws has basically fused with the laws of the world. They represent the world. W- who is it that has reached that level of cultivation…”

“This person is so powerful. With my abilities, I can only sense the power of laws in space. I can’t find the person at all…”

All the ancient existences who had been around for who knows how long from the super organisations in the five regions of the Cloud Plane cried out at that moment. All of their eyes were filled with angst as their hearts churned.

Along with those emotions was a desire to stand at such a level.

At the same time, countless powerful senses of the soul spread across the five regions of the Cloud Plane from various places. Every single one of them could engulf the entire Cloud Plane.

The range that was covered was simply shocking.

However, even though the ancient existences managed to cover the entire Cloud Plane in just a single instance, they failed to find the person. Aside from the frightening power of laws that charged up in outer space, they did not even manage to detect the presence of this person at all.

The terrifying senses of the soul from these ancient existences were extremely well-hidden. As a result, very few peak experts discovered the senses. Even Infinite Primes were unable to sense it at all.

Kai Ya’s body slowly hovered into the air within the secret room of the Tian Yuan clan. Her cold, emotionless eyes seemed to have shards of light drifting around and changing. In that short instance, she understood her past life.

At that moment, she suddenly looked backwards. The inscriptions of the laws of the world seemed to flicker in her eyes. She seemed to have fused with the world, becoming a part of the laws of the world. She was able to learn the past and future with a single glance.

She saw everything she had gone through while she was unconscious. She saw Jian Chen carry her crystal casket all the way from the Tian Yuan Continent to the Saints’ World.

She saw Jian Chen leave her in the Bright Moon Divine Hall as he struggled all by himself in the Saints’ World, fighting difficult, bloody battles.

She also saw how Jian Chen had almost lost his life when he directly entered the very depths of the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair in order to wake her up with the Voidcloud Flower.

Kai Ya’s gaze became cold and emotionless once again. Her face was cold, without any emotion at all. She gazed through the room and directly saw Jian Chen, who was hosting a meeting in the discussion hall.

“Since you’ve assisted me, I should gift you a huge fortune. Unfortunately, you’re with the Immortals’ World and you obtained the twin swords,” Kai Ya murmured softly. At that moment, her voice had already changed completely. It was no longer the same as before. Instead, it was extremely strange. Her voice seemed to contain all the sounds in the world.

It sounded male if someone believed it to be male.

It sounded female if someone believed it to be female.

As a matter of fact, if someone believed it to be the cries of birds and beasts, it would sound like the cries of birds and beasts.

This was because all the sounds in the world were contained in the short sentence she had just spoken.

“Whatever. Since you have formed karmic ties with my reincarnation, I’ll leave this reincarnation behind so that she can resolve all the ties you have formed. From now onwards, this reincarnation has nothing to do with me anymore,” Kai Ya murmured to herself. As she said that, an extremely powerful ball of light hovered out of her forehead. It was a soul, and it formed a hazy figure.

The light of the world surrounded the figure, so it was impossible to tell whether they were male or female.

The figure in the light gradually extended a finger towards Kai Ya’s forehead. After sending in some power of the soul that was basically insignificant to it, it removed some memories, only leaving behind the memories that the reincarnation should have possessed.

Afterwards, she looked at the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast and said, “Cai’er, I never thought you’d survive the disaster. However, your damaged soul went through samsara, and you lost all your memories. You need to find them yourself.”

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast was trapped there. It stared at the figure of light with both angst and confusion.

The figure of light was just too powerful. It made it feel fear, but it became completely confused after hearing what the figure said towards the end.

Vaguely, it felt an intense familiarity from the figure of light. It originated from its very soul, making it feel extremely safe. At the same time, it experienced a sense of belonging.

This feeling was the same as what it felt from Kai Ya. It was exactly because of this that it had followed the much weaker Kai Ya of its own accord, spending all its time near her.

In the end, the figure of light extended its hand and gently brushed past the centre of the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast’s eyes. It sealed up that short memory.

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast closed its eyes and immediately fainted. A gentle power laid it down on the floor.

At that moment, Kai Ya’s eyes had closed as well. She returned to the crystal casket.

At that moment, the figure of light suddenly vanished completely, having left silently. The formations around the room outside were completely useless against it.

Jian Chen finished his meeting in the discussion hall of the Tian Yuan clan. He announced that the entire clan would be on high vigilance, and the teleportation formation he had prepared would be ready to be used at any time. Once the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian fell, all the people of the Tian Yuan clan would leave through the formation.

Jian Chen immediately hurried back to the secret room after the meeting.

The unconscious Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast opened its eyes at that moment as well. It looked around at its surroundings in some confusion, and it seemed to remember something. It suddenly flew up from the ground and arrived before the crystal coffin.

Right now, it had completely forgotten what had happened earlier as if the memory had been erased from its head.

Jian Chen walked into the room from the outside. He looked at Kai Ya, who remained within the crystal coffin, and he frowned. He murmured, “How come she’s still not awake? Is a Voidcloud Flower not enough to wake Kai Ya up? It’s a God Tier heavenly resource after all.” Jian Chen arrived before the crystal coffin and stared at Kai Ya, who laid there peacefully. He felt rather troubled inside, unsure as to what to do.

“What’s a Voidcloud Flower?”

However, at this moment, Kai Ya who laid in the coffin said something absent-mindedly. Afterwards, her eyes finally opened.

The sudden voice made Jian Chen’s face jump. When he saw Kai Ya’s eyes open, jubilance flooded his face.

“Kai Ya, you’re finally awake. Do you remember how long you’ve been unconscious for?” Jian Chen asked happily. The Voidcloud Flower really had not disappointed him.

“How… how did I fall unconscious?” Kai Ya was slightly confused, but gradually, she remembered the past. She remembered when an Origin realm expert from the World of Forsaken Saints took her away during the war.

“Jian Chen, did you save me? How long have I been unconscious for? And where is this?” Kai Ya looked around in confusion.

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