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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1890 - Chanlong’s Chance At Survival
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Chapter 1890: Chanlong’s Chance at Survival

“You’ve already been unconscious for a hundred years. In that time, a lot of things have happened. We’re no longer on the Tian Yuan Continent. Instead, we have arrived in a higher world. This place is called the Saints’ World,” Jian Chen said. He explained everything that had happened after Kai Ya fell unconscious, without missing any detail at all.

This included the ceasefire between the Tian Yuan Continent and the World of Forsaken Saints as well as the catastrophe with the evil spirit that had happened afterwards and so on. He even told Kai Ya about how he founded the Tian Yuan clan in the Saints’ World.

Not only did Kai Ya share the same homeland as him, coming from the same world as him, but she was also a good friend of his. As a result, he naturally hid nothing from Kai Ya.

Kai Ya fell silent after learning that so many things had happened while she was unconscious.

To her, the hundred years had been a dream. She had no idea when it passed, and now that she had woken up, the world around her had completely changed. Clearly, she needed time to digest and accept this fact.

“I never thought I’d actually be in another world after I woke up,” Kai Ya mumbled. She seemed rather dejected and sad.

She could not help but think about her life back in the sea realm. She thought about her devastated clan and her dead father.

She knew that it would probably be very difficult to return now that she had come to the Saints’ World. Even if she could return, she had no idea how long she would have to wait.

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast flew to Kai Ya’s shoulder, as it sensed her sadness. It rubbed its small head against Kai Ya’s cheek gently, trying to comfort Kai Ya in its own way.

“Thank you for saving me, Jian Chen. I want some time by myself,” Kai Ya said to Jian Chen. Her voice was very gentle, and it possessed a faint sense of sadness.

Jian Chen nodded. He did not disturb Kai Ya any longer, leaving the secret room.

At the same time, in the extremely distant Heavenly Moon Empire, a white-robed old man with white hair sat in the best room within an inn in the imperial capital. He held and studied a palm-sized azure disc.

“Jian Chen is becoming more and more powerful. There’s probably very few people who can match his rate of progress. At this rate, he’ll reach Godking even sooner than me. The Heavenly Moon Empire isn’t small, but it’s just too close to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Looks like I have to travel further away or even leave the Cloud Plane,” the old man murmured to himself as he sat on his bed. He seemed slightly worried.

The old man was master Chanlong.

With master Chanlong’s abilities, even if Jian Chen was more powerful than him, there was no reason for him to fear Jian Chen so much. At most, he could just find an organisation to join and use them to eliminate Jian Chen. It was nothing difficult to him.

However, in the past few years, the trapped soul had constantly mentioned that it could see the future, and it could see the moment when Jian Chen killed him.

If it were someone else and not the trapped soul, master Chanlong would have never believed it. He would snicker at them instead.

However, in all these years, he gradually discovered that the soul really did seem to be able to tell the future. He truly experienced everything it had once mentioned in the past, which gradually affected master Chanlong’s head, making him believe that he really was doomed. Even if he joined a powerful organisation, he would still die to Jian Chen.

As a result, master Chanlong only hoped to be further away from Jian Chen right now. He wished to avoid this calamity.

This was all because everything that the trapped soul had said affected him greatly.

“However, now that the Empyrean Demon Cult is turning on the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, I really do hope tht Jian Chen dies to the hands of them,” said master Chanlong.

“Old man Chanlong, quit dreaming. I can see countless karmic ties Jian Chen has with the Empyrean Demon Cult. It’s so complicated that it has exceeded anyone’s imaginations. The Empyrean Demon Cult is both a blessing and a curse to Jian Chen. Keep dreaming if you want Jian Chen to die to the Empyrean Demon Cult. I can already see your future. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to avoid death,” said the trapped soul. His voice directly drifted out from the Space Ring. It was still sealed within a set of formation banners.


At this moment, the soul suddenly produced an interjection of surprise. It seemed to be experiencing a high, and it loudly said, “It has changed, it has changed! There’s a change! Old man Chanlong, go to the Dong’an province of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. I can see a chance at survival for you. It’s your only hope, so don’t miss it.”

Xi Yu currently stood within the sea of flowers in the gardens of the Tian Yuan clan. Her lonely and black figure seemed to possess a trace of sadness.

She tightly held a jade pendant that was only three fingers wide.

The jade pendant was made from some unknown material. It was extremely tough, and its design was extremely exquisite. It depicted a dragon and phoenix while the two words, Xi Yu, were carved into its centre.

Xi Yu always carried this jade pendant with her. To her, it was the most important object in her life. In the past few years, she took it out frequently and stood in a daze in a quiet place where no one could disturb her. She did not think of anything, remaining in a daze quietly.

She had not been born into the Mo clan. When she was young, the patriarch of the Mo clan had found her outside. She was only a newly-born infant back then.

Even until now, Xi Yu still had no idea who her true parents were and whether they were still alive in the world or not. There was only the jade pendant that was extremely likely to be left behind by her parents.

Her name, Xi Yu, came from the jade pendant as well.

“What are you thinking about?”

When Xi Yu returned to her senses, a familiar voice rang out. Jian Chen had already arrived beside her at a certain time, and he was staring at the jade pendant in her hand curiously.

“Patriarch,” Xi Yu responded politely, but she seemed to be in low spirits.

“Can I see the jade pendant you’re holding?” Jian Chen asked.

Xi Yu hesitated lightly before giving the pendant to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen took the pendant and examined it in his hand. His face gradually grew stern.

Xi Yu said in low spirits, “My foster father said that when he found me outside, this jade pendant was the only thing on me. Perhaps it was left for me by my parents. Patriarch, why do you think they’re cold-hearted enough to abandon their own daughter?”

“This jade pendant is extraordinary. Although I don’t know what has been used to craft the pendant, I can tell with a single glance that it’s precious.” Jian Chen returned the pendant to Xi Yu. He stared at her with mixed feelings and said, “Your parents must have experienced inexplicable reasons for abandoning you. Maybe they were being hunted down by their enemies, so they had no choice.”

Jian Chen sighed gently after reaching there. He said, “In the past, I was the same as you. I too was an infant. I did not know who my parents were, and even until I died, I did not find my parents…” Jian Chen could not help but think of his former life.

In that life, he was alone. He used the incomplete Azulet Swords Law to practise a sword style that was enough for him to dominate the Jianghu. In just his twenties, he became the greatest swordsman in the Jianghu.

Fortunately, the world did not abandon him. In his second life, which was his current life, he had a family, allowing him to experience the warmth of one.

Xi Yu stared at Jian Chen in a daze. She never thought that Jian Chen had actually experienced something just as pitiful as herself. She actually experienced sympathy in that moment.

Jian Chen dismissed his feelings. He took out a single Origin-gathering Flowers he had obtained from the divine king and said, “This flower can gather the energy of the world. Xi Yu, there’ll probably be a great battle soon. Use this flower to cultivate and become an Overgod as soon as possible.

“With your talent and the comprehension of the Laws of the Sword that I’ve engraved, becoming an Overgod shouldn’t be difficult at all.”

Xi Yu was already a late God now.

Ever since Jian Chen engraved his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword, Xi Yu’s strength had soared. She could be described as making great progress every day.

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