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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1896 - Kai Ya And Chanlong
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1896: Kai Ya and Chanlong

People constantly poured in and out of the great city gates of the provincial city in the Dong’an province. A large number of armored soldiers were stationed at each city gate, and Deities were watching over the operations secretly.

As one of the six great provincial cities in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, the Dong’an province was also the base of the Tian Yuan clan. It was so renowned that it attracted countless people to come in admiration. Of course, many people had obviously come to trade or avoid problems. They wanted to borrow the anti-violence rules of the provincial city to avoid their enemies killing them.

However, everyone who entered the provincial city had to pay a certain amount of divine crystals to the guards at the city gates in exchange for a medallion. They would buy the time they could spend in the city through the medallion.

Not only did the provincial city strictly forbid fighting, but origin energy was abundant as well. Cultivating within the city was much faster than doing so outside, and there was completely no need to worry about attacks from powerful beasts.

As a result, many people were extremely happy with cultivating in the provincial city.

Although some people would ignore the rules the Tian Yuan clan set down in the Dong’an province and directly hurt people, such occurrences were extremely rare. In other words, it was still far safer than the wilderness outside.

Today, Chanlong, who was known as a formations master, was squeezed together with all the people who were about to enter the provincial city. He wore white robes and completely concealed his presence, slowly approaching the east city gates with the crowd.

Right now, Chanlong only seemed like an ordinary old man. He did not stand out at all in the crowd, making it very difficult to imagine that he was a late Overgod and a famed formations master in the surrounding divine kingdoms.

It was even more difficult to imagine that with his strength and status, he would actually choose to line up with the ordinary people when he made his way into the city. He could only set foot inside after paying up the divine crystals for a medallion, which was used to stay in the city.

“I’ve already entered the provincial city, and I’ve hidden my presence with a secret technique. Even if Jian Chen’ is in the city, he can’t find me. Where is my chance at survival that you were talking about?” Master Chanlong strolled through the streets leisurely as he secretly communicated with the trapped soul.

Master Chanlong’s feelings became rather mixed as he stared at the scenery of the provincial city. Thinking back to the past, he had ambushed Jian Chen here. He cast down a huge formation to lock down the entire city in an attempt to kill Jian Chen here.

Unfortunately, Jian Chen sensed him beforehand and managed to escape from the provincial city. In the end, he engaged in an intense battle a hundred kilometers away from the city with Jian Chen.

Master Chanlong almost managed to kill Jian Chen in that battle, but at the same time, he had almost lost his life to Jian Chen.

Now, he had returned to the provincial city again, and his intentions were not to kill Jian Chen but to find the chance of survival the trapped soul mentioned.

Jian Chen’s talent was too great, and he grew too fast. Coupled with the constant mutterings of the trapped soul, he was gradually influenced. “Old man Chanlong, you better treasure the last few years of your life. I can already see your future. You won’t be able to live for another hundred years. Old man Chanlong, I can already see your forehead being pierced and your soul being wiped out by Jian Chen. I can already see when Jian Chen cuts off your head,” he said. As a result, master Chanlong began to firmly believe the words of the trapped soul. In order to avoid dying to Jian Chen’s hands in a few decades, he had hurried back here from the Heavenly Moon Empire.

Master Chanlong deeply understood just how powerful the trapped soul was after what he went through in the past years. He basically possessed the power to tell the future. Everything he mentioned would happen in the end.

“The fortune of the provincial city is a mess. A layer of mist seems to cover it. I can only see that your chance of survival lies here. I can’t see exactly where though. Old man Chanlong, it’ll be up to your luck next. I won’t be able to help you out,” said the trapped soul.

Master Chanlong said nothing. Before long, he entered an inn and reserved an average room to avoid attracting attention. He ordered some dishes on the first floor of the inn and began eating in an inconspicuous corner.

Of course, this was all just a cover. People moved about in places like inns often. Such places were very convenient for learning about things.

He firmly believed that if the provincial city possessed a chance for his survival, the city definitely would not be peaceful. Something abnormal or special would definitely happen.

Master Chanlong’s words and actions had become cautious now that he was here. He maintained an extremely low profile. He did not even show himself in public much at all, and he was not even bold enough to use the senses of his soul. He was afraid that Jian Chen was still in the city and would discover his existence.

If someone exposed the fact that he had entered the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, the Grand Imperial Protector would hunt him down.

Otherwise, it would have never been so difficult for him to obtain information as a late Overgod.

At the same time, Kai Ya wandered through the streets of the provincial city aimlessly. She would look at the surroundings sometimes and the sky at other times. Confusion filled her face.

She had already moved around like this for two whole days. Of course, let alone two days, even walking for two years was nothing to a Saint Emperor like her.

Just when Kai Ya walked by an ordinary inn, she seemed to sense something that drew her gaze over. She suddenly glanced at the inn and could not help but enter it.

When a person entered an unfamiliar environment, the first thing they would do would be to look around subconsciously and observe the environment.  However, when Kai Ya entered the inn, she did not look around to learn the environment at all. Something clearly attracted her gaze, so she directly looked towards an inconspicuous corner.

To no surprise, that was where master Chanlong sat.

Kai Ya’s gaze directly landed on master Chanlong. She stared at him blankly as a sliver of confusion gradually appeared in her eyes.

At the same time, master Chanlong raised his head and stared at Kai Ya calmly.

He was no longer able to shift his gaze after that.

As a late Overgod, he would have never paid any attention to a mere Saint Emperor. Even if the Saint Emperor looked at him, he would not pay any attention to them at all.

However, the moment Kai Ya entered the inn, master Chanlong actually could not help but raise his head as if it was beyond his control. His gaze landed on Kai Ya.

“What a weak level of cultivation. Strange. Who is this person? Why do I feel a sense of familiarity when I glance at her?” Master Chanlong stared at Kai Ya as his old eyes revealed suspicion.

“Hmm? Old man Chanlong, have you noticed that girl? Who is she? Why do I feel like I know her as soon as she has appeared? But I’ve clearly never seen her before,” at the same time, the trapped soul spoke doubtfully.

At this moment, Kai Ya moved. She arrived before master Chanlong at a steady pace and stared at him in confusion. She asked gently, “Who are you? Have we met somewhere before?” As she said that, Kai Ya would look towards master Chanlong’s Space Ring from time to time.

Kai Ya clearly experienced the same feeling from the trapped soul as master Chanlong. The three of them felt like they knew each other.

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