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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1902 - Jian Chen’s Might (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1902: Jian Chen’s Might (One)

The roles of each of the five protectors were extremely clear. The two most powerful protectors dealt with Jian Chen, while one of the remaining three protected the other two injured protectors. The final two protectors would directly make their way towards the Tian Yuan clan in an attempt to destroy it.

The formations of the provincial city had been activated long ago. It formed an energy screen that protected the entire city.

Although the Tian Yuan clan had spent a great effort in reinforcing the formation of the city, elevating it to the level of Overgods, it could only block attacks from early Overgods. Under the teamwork of the two mid Overgods, it was naturally unable to stop them, and it crumbled without much effort at all.

The two women from the Earth Spirit sect gave off icy presences with killing intent as they made their way towards the Tian Yuan clan aggressively.


A deafening sound rang out beyond the provincial city. Jian Chen had already engaged in an intense battle against protectors Gong and Wu. His golden sword Qi collided with protector Wu’s golden thread that had been materialised from his battle skill. The golden thread exploded instantly, while the powerful origin energy and Laws of Metal expanded as an extremely great storm of energy that wreaked havoc in the surroundings. The terrifying pressure caused the ground to sink.

The violent storm of energy struck the city walls as an extremely terrifying wave, immediately causing the great walls to crack.

If it were not for the fact that the walls themselves were extraordinary, constructed from extremely tough material and engraved with countless complicated formations, just the wave of energy alone would have been enough to cause it to collapse.

Protector Wu shone with dazzling golden light as the Laws of Metal revolved around him. He used it to fend off the incoming energy storm.

However, his eyes suddenly narrowed at this moment. A sliver of disbelief appeared on his face. Right before him, a golden strand of sword Qi tore through the air, directly cut through the energy storm, and headed directly towards him.

“How is this possible? The battle skill I used couldn’t even stop a strand of sword Qi?” Protector Wu was extremely shocked. The golden sword Qi had already locked on his presence, so he could not avoid it. He could only take it head-on.

However, time was tight. It was already too late for him to strike out. All he could do was place his huge sword across his body while pushing the Laws of Metal around him to the limit. A set of armor condensed from origin energy appeared on his body. It combined with the Laws of Metal that wove into his armor.


There was a second sound. After tearing through protector Wu’s battle skill, the golden sword Qi struck his huge sword with great force.

Protector Wu only sensed the shocking force pass onto him from the golden sword Qi. His body shook violently, while his hands became numb. The powerful force had pushed him into a constant retreat.

Moreover, an extremely sharp sword intent surged over. It enveloped protector Wu completely while the power of the Laws of the Sword faced off against the Laws of Metal on him. It produced an oppressive sound.

The Laws of the Sword were one of the most offensive laws. It was even greater than the Laws of Metal that protector Wu had comprehended. The Laws of Metal around him dispersed rapidly, forcefully ground away by the Laws of the Sword. It left behind lashes on his body, almost causing his armor to collapse.

After personally witnessing the power of the Daluo Sword, protector Wu could not help but gasp. He was filled with shock.

“H- how is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan so powerful?” Protector Wu’s face changed, and he became extremely stern. In an open confrontation, just a single sword Qi from the patriarch had almost injured him. He found this difficult to believe.

Although the patriarch had beheaded two early Overgods before him, protector Wu did not take it to heart because he was confident that he could also do something like that if he caught them by surprise.

Everything had happened extremely quickly. The clash between the Daluo Sword and protector Wu had only lasted for a split second.

At the same time, Jian Chen fused with his sword and collided with protector Gong’s Adamant Seal of Flames that transformed him into a sun as a huge sword Qi. A loud explosion rang out.

Loose sword Qi filled the air. The Startling Rainbow sword shone brightly as it tore through the air as a beautiful streak. It directly punched through protector Gong’s sun.

The sun shook violently. It flickered, but soon enough, strands of Laws of Fire condensed from the surroundings, consolidating it again.

“First transformation, Hand of the Adamant!”

Protector Gong’s voice rang out. The sun that he had transformed into burned vigorously. The temperature in the surroundings suddenly skyrocketed. After he spoke, a huge hand completely condensed from fire reached out from the sun. A layer of golden flames covered it, and it swung towards Jian Chen with the might of the world.

When the hand fell, a mysterious power appeared. It interwove with the laws and resonated with the world, sealing off the space around Jian Chen such that he became isolated.

Jian Chen shone with dazzling white light. Using it as protection, Chaotic Force rampaged through his body. A strand of Chaotic Force curled around his Startling Rainbow sword as well, transforming its glow.

At that moment, his vitality was pushed to his limits. He seemed to fuse with the sword in his hand completely. As he swung it, sword Qi shot out like rain. They all shone brightly, forming a chain that landed on protector Gong’s hand.

It had to be said that both protector Gong and protector Wu were extremely powerful. The battle skills they used were of high grade. The strength they displayed at that moment had completely exceeded Yang Kai’s. Very few people would be their opponent with the same level of cultivation.

However, Jian Chen cultivated the Chaotic Body. Coupled with the Laws of the Sword that were known to possess the most offensive power, he was even more powerful than them. With a single slash, the world paled before it. The seal protector Gong’s hand created shattered loudly before the strike, and the sword Qi directly slashed through the hand.

Protector Gong’s sun shook violently. There seemed to be a faint grunt from within there. Clearly, after the hand was cut off, protector Gong was affected as well.

On the other hand, even though Jian Chen was protected by his glow that obscured his appearance, the presence he gave off did not weaken at all. Instead, it grew stronger, and he became bolder and bolder as he fought.

“How is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan so powerful? With the strength he is displaying right now, he can easily make it onto the Three Thousand Overgods’ Plaque. How can this tiny land with such poor resources produce such an expert,” protector Gong was secretly surprised. He and protector Wu did not manage to gain the upper hand at all when they decided to work together against the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan; this had surprised him.

After cutting off the hand in a single strike, Jian Chen did not continue to entangle with the two late Overgods. He turned into a streak of light and shot towards the two women with surging killing intent.

At this moment, the defensive formations of the Tian Yuan clan had all been activated. All the elders had already emerged from seclusion, and they had now gathered together sternly.

In the forbidden grounds, Houston, Sacredfeather, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, and the others from the World of Forsaken Saints had all emerged as well. They stared outside the city sternly.

Shangguan Mu’er had also emerged from seclusion. Her powerful presence as an Overgod was being charged up. It was only increasing now so that she was ready to strike out at any time.

“Where do you think you’re going? Stay here, you’re our opponent,” protector Wu bellowed out. Origin energy surged on his huge sword as he slashed out several times with the Laws of Metal. He formed a huge net that wrapped around Jian Chen to block his path.

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