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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1908 - Elders Of The Earth Spirit Sect
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Chapter 1908: Elders of the Earth Spirit Sect

In the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen called for a meeting with all the elders in the clan. He passed down orders for rebuilding the city and to provide relief before passing the Space Ring he had received from the Grand Imperial Protector to Mo Ling, Ando Fu, and Nanyun Tong so that they could handle the reconstruction. All the losses suffered by the stores this time would be repaid using the divine crystals from the Grand Imperial Protector.

Also, even the injured people received healing pills. All of them were covered and different numbers of pills were given out depending on the injury suffered.

In short, the items that the Grand Imperial Protector had given to Jian Chen had all been handed down. There was nothing left of it, and the Tian Yuan clan had to take out quite a lot of divine crystals and pills themselves.

The Tian Yuan clan had displayed meticulous concern for the citizens of the city as they handled the matter, so they immediately received much praise from the people. Everyone in the city felt respect and admiration for the Tian Yuan clan from the bottom of their hearts.

At the same time, the news of the battle between the Tian Yuan clan and the protectors of the Earth Spirit sect, one of the two great sects of the Heavenly Moon Empire, had spread like wildfire. It led to quite a few discussions in many neighboring divine kingdoms and even reached the Heavenly Moon Empire before spreading even further than that.

Many people found the news to be just too shocking. Not only had an Overgod clan from a divine kingdom repelled the attacks from seven protectors of the Earth Spirit sect, but they had even achieved a glorious result and a fantastic victory.

The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen, was particularly impressive. He took on two late Overgods from the Earth Spirit sect all by himself. Not only did he gain the upper hand, but he even achieved victory in an overwhelming manner. He had defeated his opponents without suffering any injuries at all.

Many people believed that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan already possessed the strength to make it onto the Three Thousand Overgods’ Plaque. As a result, Jian Chen gradually gained influence in the surrounding region.

The Overgods’ Plaque recorded the three thousand strongest Overgods in the entire Saints’ World. It went across the forty-nine great planes and the eighty-one great planets. Once someone made it onto the plaque, they would directly soar to stardom. Many large organisations and sects would want to rope them in. Even a few extremely ancient organisations would be interested in recruiting them.

Without any exaggeration, making it onto the Overgods’ Plaque would allow people to gain influence across the entire Saints’ World. Their name would appear on all the plaques on the forty-nine great planes and the eighty-one great planets. Everyone would know about them.

Now that Jian Chen was rumored to possess the strength to make it onto the Overgod’s Plaque, he naturally attracted quite a lot of attention and discussion. Even a few large organisations had already taken note of him.

However, in regards to the disturbance he had caused, Jian Chen had no idea about it. He had locked himself up in a gloomy room underground as he held a fist-sized monster core. He constantly absorbed the energy inside.

This was one of the few Overgod monster cores he had obtained from the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair. Furthermore, he possessed a few cores from plants he had killed there, and they were also at the level of Overgods.

Jian Chen expected the future to no longer be as peaceful as before after he heavily injured the protectors of the Earth Spirit sect. Now that he had enough resources on him, he would naturally use the spare time he had to increase his own strength so that his Chaotic Body could break through as soon as possible.

While Jian Chen was in seclusion, the reconstruction of the city progressed extremely smoothly. Many Origin realm cultivators personally took part and even a few Deities helped out as well. They used their special techniques, so the city was repaired extremely quickly. In just three short days, seventy percent of the city had been repaired.

At the same time, the royal palace welcomed three special guests. They were personally received by the Grand Imperial Protector, who smiled from ear to ear as he invited them in, settling them down in the well-decorated palace.

“Esteemed guests, I’ll trouble you for now by having you stay in the Evergreen Palace. If there is any part that inconveniences you, you must bring it forward,” the Grand Imperial Protector clasped his fist at the three of them. He smiled and spoke extremely politely.

“Thank you, Imperial Protector,” the three people also clasped their fists back at the Imperial Protector. They behaved in an approachable manner, and they did not put up a haughty air at all.

After leading the people to their residences, the Grand Imperial Protector left, while the three people entered the well-decorated palace.

They saw the seven protectors of the Earth Spirit sect standing there politely as soon as they entered the palace. Six of them were still injured. Moreover, due to their souls, they were all pale and haggard. They gave off a sense of weakness.

Apart from the seven of them, Wayner Yan was also present. He stood with the seven people.

“Disciple greets master, elder Ma, and elder Fang.”

The seven protectors and Wayner Yan all bowed. They were extremely polite, but there was also a sense of uneasiness within all that.

Seeing them, the three elders from the Earth Spirit sect stopped being as amiable as when they faced the Grand Imperial Protector. Their faces sank rapidly, and they seemed furious.

At the same time, they seemed to give off extremely tremendous presences. The eight Overgods before them all became frightened.

“Hmph, you’re all useless,” the middle-aged man to the left said coldly. He stared at them with a sunken face and said in exasperation as if it was directed at their failure, “There is a total of eight of you. Eight Overgods, each possessing the powerful battle skills from the sect. That is probably enough for you to even stand up to all the Overgods in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, yet you were defeat by a mere Overgod clan. Our Earth Spirit sect has been completely humiliated by you.”

“Even the sect master has learnt of this. He’s furious. Tell me, how should I explain this to him? Do I tell him that I’m useless? Or do I tell him you’re useless? Or do I tell him your opponent was just too powerful?”

The faces of the protectors reddened with shame under the scoldings of the middle-aged man. They were just too ashamed, and they stood there in a daze without talking back at all.

They knew themselves that not only had their failure humiliated themselves, but they had also humiliated the entire Earth Spirit sect as well as their master.

“Elder Mu, it has already happened. There’s no use getting so angry. Moreover, your disciples are still wounded. You better have them recover first,” elder Ma, who stood in the centre, spoke out for the disciples. The three elders were all middle-aged men, but elder Ma seemed to be the leader among them.

“Tell me, is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan really that skilled, that he can injure you like this,” elder Fang said as well. He spoke extremely gently, as gentle as the spring breeze.

“Elder Fang, Jian Chen is indeed very strong. Although protector Gong and I clashed with him several times, we completely failed to injure him at all. He basically completely overwhelmed our teamwork, and I feel like he didn’t even use his full strength,” protector Wu said whilst bowing.

“Senior Wu is right. Jian Chen is indeed very strong. I couldn’t even take on a single attack from him as a mid Overgod. Moreover, junior Yan could not even take on a single strike from him, even though he had just broken through to mid Overgod and comprehended the Laws of Strength,” this time, the woman with the fan spoke. After that, she looked at elder Mu as if she wanted him to help them. She said pitifully, “Master, Jian Chen is completely loathsome. He pinned me to the city walls with his sword. You have to stand up for us. Please destroy Jian Chen and the Tian Yuan clan, master. Although he’s very powerful, he’s only an ant before master. Master would be able to crush him without any effort at all.”

“Please master. Please avenge us and redeem the Earth Spirit sect,” the other female protector asked as well. She understood very well that she was not Jian Chen’s opponent at all with her strength. She could only ask their master to help them now.

Elder Mu snorted coldly with a sunken face, “And you still don’t think you haven’t embarrassed yourselves enough? You can’t beat them yourself, so you want me, a mighty Godking, to deal with an Overgod. There’ll be people criticizing us probably as soon as I wipe out the Tian Yuan clan. Do you think that can redeem our Earth Spirit sect? Idiots.”

Elder Mu’s chest heaved heavily from anger. He had even begun to regret taking them in as his disciples.

A while later, after elder Mu slowly calmed down, a vicious light suddenly flickered in his eyes. He said coldly, “However, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan defeated you after all, and he made a joke out of our Earth Spirit sect, while he himself is benefiting from all of this. Since he’s bold enough to trample over the Earth Spirit sect to elevate his personal fame, we have to make him pay a price. We just need to use a different method. The current Divine Kingdom of Pingtian is no longer the same as the past.”

Elder Fang nodded in agreement. He crossed his arms and said leisurely, “That’s right. With our statuses, it’s inconvenient for us to directly make our way to the Tian Yuan clan. There’ll be people making fun of us if we wipe out the Tian Yuan clan like that. And the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian won’t allow something like that to happen.”

“We should use a method that does not involve becoming a laughing stock to wipe out the Tian Yuan clan. After all, we’re a famed sect in the southern region. How can we just let a nobody take advantage of us to propel his own renown?”

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