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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1912 - Charging To The Front Lines
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Chapter 1912: Charging to the Front Lines

“You just naturally grasped the laws!” Jian Chen was stunned and amazed. It was of the utmost difficulty for other people to comprehend laws. It was extremely difficult for even Jian Chen to make any progress with his Laws of the Sword.

However, from Kai Ya’s words, it seemed like comprehending laws for her was an extremely easy matter that did not require any effort at all.

Even the prodigies raised with the full support of great sects and clans were not able to do something like that.

“Kai Ya, since you have such talent, there’s even more reason for you to cultivate arduously. Any extra strength you have is power that you can use to protect yourself. The Divine Kingdom of Pingtian won’t be peaceful for the next period of time,” Jian Chen said to Kai Ya seriously. He took out a large number of divine crystals and handed them all to her.

Moreover, he still had three Overgod level cores left over after he broke through to the eleventh layer. He gave her one of them.

Kai Ya’s situation was unique. Everyone else’s cultivation was higher than hers, but due to their limited comprehension of the laws of the world, they were unable to breakthrough.

However, Kai Ya’s comprehension of laws had already reached the level of Gods, while her cultivation was simply too lackluster in comparison. It was only at late Reciprocity. If she had enough resources, she could become a God in a single breath.

As a result, Jian Chen gave Kai Ya quite a lot of divine crystals this time. It was more than enough for her to become a God.

Kai Ya wanted to decline instinctively when Jian Chen gifted her things selflessly. However, after a period of hesitation, she accepted them in the end.

Everyone talked some more afterwards before they directly arrived at the main topic. Shangguan Mu’er said to Jian Chen sternly, “Jian Chen, the three armies of the Empyrean Demon Cult have already arrived at the fortress on the border. The divine king has already led all the experts to the front lines. Before he left, the divine king sent a messenger, telling you to immediately go and provide support once you emerge.”

Jian Chen immediately became sterner, “Is the war starting?”

“Brother, I’ll go with you,” Sacredfeather arrived beside Jian Chen while his eyes shone with battle intent.

Jian Chen frowned slightly. He said, “The Empyrean Demon Cult has sent three large armies this time, so they’re clearly serious. It’s extremely dangerous this time. I think even Godkings will die, and Overgods will struggle to protect themselves. As a result, I don’t want you to take part in the battle this time. I will go to the front lines by myself.”

“No. Brother, I must participate. I have comprehended the Ways of Slaughter. Going through difficult battles of life or death are only beneficial to me. Moreover, I’m already a God now and a peak God at that. Coupled with my natural abilities, I believe I can even put up a fight against Overgods,” Sacredfeather said firmly. Battle intent surged from him as his blood seemed to boil.

“Jian Chen, all of us have witnessed much blood and death. Although we understand that you don’t want us to take part because you’re concerned about us, the battle this time will also be a type of training at the same time,” said Houston.

“Jian Chen, ever since I came to the Saints’ World, I haven’t been able to exercise my body in battle at all. This time, you have to let us get some exercise in battle. At the same time, you can show off the strength of the Tian Yuan clan,” Hei Yu said as well. He immediately obtained Rui Jin and Hong Lian’s support with his words.

“I want to go this time as well. With my current strength, I can help you at crucial times. Moreover, my zither will be even more effective in large scale battles,” Shangguan Mu’er said as well. She was extremely skilled with the zither, and she could use sound and music to disorientate the souls of people. She could even change the course of a large scale battle.

“There must be someone who remains in the clan. Mu’er, your existence hasn’t been revealed yet, so don’t come with me this time. It’s best if you stay and protect the clan. We should display our clan’s strength when we need to and hide it when we don’t have to. It won’t be good if other people understand the exact strength of our Tian Yuan clan,” said Jian Chen.

In the end, Jian Chen only left with a fraction of the people present. Ando Fu, Mo Ling, and the other regular elders all stayed behind. He only took Sacredfeather, Houston, Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian with him.

As for Shen Jian and the other elders from the World of Forsaken Saints, they all remained in the clan.

Nubis and Xi Yu remained in seclusion. Jian Chen did not disturb them.

The next morning, a huge flying vehicle slowly rose up from the Tian Yuan clan. It carried many experts in the Dong’an province and shot off at full speed.

Below, there were countless people in the city who bid farewell to them. They wished them good luck as they prayed inside.

Shangguan Mu’er and the others also stared at the flying vehicle that gradually travelled away from the forbidden grounds of the Tian Yuan clan. They remained gathered for quite a while.

“Let’s hope they can return safely,” everyone prayed inside. Although the people going to the front lines were not weak, the battle this time was just too great after all. There were quite a few Godkings taking part, so even Overgods could not necessarily protect themselves.

In the sky, the flying vehicle shot off at full speed. The endless stretch of clouds formed a boundless carpet of white. The fierce wind whistled, but a light screen around the vehicle stopped all of it. No matter how fierce the wind blew, it was unable to shake the vehicle at all.

Jian Chen sat at the very front of the vehicle in white clothes. His eyes were closed as he meditated like an old monk.

A powerful presence would emanate from Jian Chen and pass through the light screen around the vehicle, directly filling the surroundings and scaring off the beasts that roamed the wilderness.

Behind him, Houston, Sacredfeather, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu sat like that as well. They were just like statues.

Aside from them, there were over a dozen Gods on the flying vehicle. They were all the ancestors of the powerful clans in the provincial city.

At this moment, all the ancestors gazed towards Houston and the others who sat in front of them. They studied them carefully as they secretly felt surprised.

“I heard there’s an extremely mysterious forbidden grounds in the Tian Yuan clan. These people should all be from there. The Tian Yuan clan really is hiding their strength,” the ancestors of the powerful clans thought to themselves. Whenever they saw Houston and Sacredfeather, they would shiver.

They understood very well that Houston and Sacredfeather were no ordinary Gods.

After several hours of flying, Jian Chen and the others finally arrived at the fortress on the boundary. Before them, the black city walls stood like a slumbering dragon, creating a grand and imposing sight. Countless complicated and profound formations were carved into the wall, flickering with light. An extremely tremendous amount of energy pulsed from the walls, shaking up the surroundings and even making space ripple.

There was an extremely dazzling light screen that stretched from the ground towards the clouds before the city walls, forming a barrier. It separated the place into two worlds.

Within the walls, the sun illuminated the place and shone brightly, filling it with a righteous spirit.

Beyond the walls, black clouds and demonic auras filled the skies, sending the whole world into darkness. It gave off a cold presence that was just chilling.

They were separated by just a single wall, yet it seemed like two completely different worlds.

Everyone opened their eyes on the flying vehicle and stared down sternly.

Jian Chen’s eyes shone brightly. He seemed to be able to directly see through the darkness and look beyond the city walls. He clearly saw the three armies that had gathered at three bases.

“State your identities!”

Just as Jian Chen’s flying vehicle approached the fortress, over a dozen women and men in azure clothes arrived to block them.

They all possessed extraordinary strength, with the weakest being Gods and the leader being an Overgod.

They stood in the sky and encircled the flying vehicle that Jian Chen rode. Their cold eyes were filled with caution.

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