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Chapter 1914: Spar

However, the meaning of Jian Chen’s words became twisted when some people in the surroundings heard them.

Many people who doubted that Jian Chen possessed the battle prowess to make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque became even more confident in their thoughts.

“Luo Yunfei of the Sword Sect of the Azure Clothed is famous in the Tai’a Empire. Not only is he a direct disciple of one of the sect’s ancestors, but his talent also makes him a unique existence within the southern region as well. He has even been named the strongest Overgod in the Tai’a Empire. Does Jian Chen know about Luo Yunfei’s strength, which is why he is not brave enough to spar with him?”

“That must be the case. Jian Chen just possesses some unearned reputation. After just some sentences from those people who have no knowledge of the Overgods’ Plaque at all, everyone else has been convinced that he can really make it onto there. In reality, he’s not even senior Luo’s opponent.”

“I’m certain that if Jian Chen accepted the spar, senior Luo would beat him to a pulp.”

The people who watched on in the surroundings all discussed softly. Many people looked at Jian Chen with deep disdain.

On the other hand, the handsome Luo Yunfei who wore azure clothes and held a thin sword earned the cheers from many people. Some of the beauties from a few large organisations would even gaze at him lovingly, having been deeply attracted by his presence. It left them infatuated.

Not only did Luo Yunfei possess extraordinary talent, but he was also a direct disciple of the ancestor of the Sword Sect of the Azure Clothed as well. His status was so great that he even surpassed the princes of the Tai’a Empire.

Naturally, the female disciples from other organisations were closely attracted to Luo Yunfei who had an extraordinary background.

A sliver of arrogance appeared on Luo Yunfei’s face as he heard the discussions aroung him. He looked a Jian Chen from above and said, “So many of us have hurried over from distant lands. Naturally, it’s all for repelling the Empyrean Demon Cult. However, having a spar before the war begins won’t affect the battle at all. Instead, it’ll entertain everyone while they have time to spare.”

Luo Yunfei did not back off at all. Instead, he drew closer as if he would not let Jian Chen pass if they did not spar.

He had already made up his mind. He would defeat the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan before everyone today so that everyone would stop spreading rumors that this fellow could make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque. Moreover, he would let everyone know that making it onto the Overgods’ Plaque was not that easy.

This was because several dozen years ago, he himself had ventured to the central region and attempted to make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque with great ambition. However, he ended up leaving in failure.

He was nowhere near close to making it onto the Overgods’ Plaque.

As a result, he naturally did not wish to see an untested person being labelled as if they had already made it onto the plaque. That would basically mean he, Luo Yunfei, was not as great as them.

“Looks like you’re determined to spar with me,” Jian Chen said. He remained seated on the flying vehicle. His gaze was calm, and his face did not change at all, “If that’s the case, I’ll spar with you. However, the war is of utmost importance, so to avoid any delays, let’s limit the sparring to a single move.”

“Limit it to a single move?” Luo Yunfei frowned when he heard that. Although he was confident that Jian Chen did not possess the strength to make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque, he had still defeated the two protectors of the Earth Spirit sect by himself after all. Achieving victory against him in a single move would definitely be difficult.

“What? Limit it to a single move? Isn’t the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan simply too sly? He knows he’s not senior Luo’s opponent, so he wants to limit the spar to a single move. That way, even if senior Luo is far more powerful than him, it’s impossible to determine victory as they’re both late Overgods after all,” a female protector from the Sword Sect of the Azure Clothed scoffed.

The people in the surroundings nodded to themselves. The woman’s words did make sense.

“If you can move me at all in a single move, it’ll be my loss. How about that?” Jian Chen continued. He slowly rose up and left the aircraft.

“With Luo Yunfei’s strength, there are barely any people who can remain still after he strikes out with his full strength. Jian Chen is going to lose for sure. However, seeing how he defeated the protectors from the Earth Spirit sect, even if he’s not as great as Luo Yunfei, he can’t be too far off. Luo Yunfei will definitely be able to move Jian Chen in a single strike, but he might not necessarily be able to injure him. As a result, Jian Chen won’t suffer a horrific defeat even if he loses,” an Overgod who also came from a large sect said from within the crowd.

“In a prolonged battle, Jian Chen will definitely be reduced to an extremely horrific shape, which was why he set such a condition. He’s just trying to protect his own pride as much as possible, so he won’t have to suffer a horrible defeat. Haha, interesting. It sure is interesting. Even without fighting, Jian Chen who is supposed to be able to make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque is already ready to lose.”

Sacredfeather, Houston, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu all remained seated on the flying vehicle. They stared at Jian Chen calmly. They were all extremely confident in him.

They all understood Jian Chen. They knew that since Jian Chen had made a bet like that, he possessed complete confidence.

“Aright! We’ll set the limit to one move. I hope you don’t disappoint me, patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan,” Luo Yunfei agreed straightforwardly. Although limiting it to a single move had basically removed the chance of teaching Jian Chen a fierce lesson, disproving Jian Chen’s greatness was basically achieving his goals as well.

“Natural Sword of the Azure Clothed Sleeves!”

Sword Qi surged from Luo Yunfei. He lifted his thin sword. After crying out, he began to swing his sleeves wildly.

As he did that, huge gusts of wind were created. The entire world seemed to have come to a halt in that moment.

At the same time, an extremely resplendent sword Qi appeared where his sleeves were. It directly shot towards Jian Chen with a frightening might that was enough to make all the Overgods present turn pale.

Natural Sword of the Azure Clothed Sleeves was a battle skill the founding ancestor of the Sword Sect of the Azure Clothed created. It was extremely powerful. Not only was it the greatest battle skill Luo Yunfei possessed, but it was also one of the peak battle skills from the Sword Sect of the Azure Clothed.

In order to defeat Jian Chen cleanly, Luo Yunfei used the strongest battle skill he knew without any hesitation.

Jian Chen only extended a finger at the sword Qi. Powerful sword Qi condensed, shining with brilliant white light, causing the onlookers to close their eyes involuntarily. The power from the Laws of the Sword disturbed the senses of their souls as well, disabling that too.


Many people failed to see Jian Chen’s move. All they heard was a deafening sound, and sword Qi scattered in all directions like rain. All the Overgods in the surroundings had to fend them off seriously.

When the white light dispersed, Jian Chen and Luo Yunfei remained standing where they were. Both of them were seemingly unharmed.

Jian Chen had not even taken half a step back!

“Impossible. Did the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan really block Luo Yunfei’s strike?” Someone cried out as they struggled to believe what had happened before them.

Clearly, many people found this outcome to be extremely surprising.

“This Jian Chen defeated two late Overgods in the past after all. That’s nothing surprising, but looking at it now, he’s equal to Luo Yunfei. Looks like he’s still quite far from being able to make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque,” an Overgod commented.

“It has been one move. I can pass now, right,” Jian Chen hovered in the sky as his white robes fluttered in the wind. He spoke calmly.

On the other side, Luo Yunfei slowly concealed his presence. He stared at Jian Chen deeply without any expression at all and clasped his hands, “The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan really lives up to his reputation. You have my admiration.” With that, Luo Yunfei turned around and left.

A few of the Overgods present looked at Luo Yunfei as he left. They were suspicious and became doubtful. Why did Luo Yunfei seem like he was cowering?

At this moment, in the luxurious room that belonged to Luo Yunfei within the divine hall from the Sword Sect of the Azure Clothed, Luo Yunfei stood there all by himself. He rubbed his neck and his clean, white hand became covered with blood.

Luo Yunfei entered a daze as he stared at the blood on his hand. Only after quite a while did he murmur, “The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is actually so powerful!”

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