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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1929 - Fairy Hao Yue In The Northern Region
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Chapter 1929: Fairy Hao Yue in the Northern Region

Jian Chen sneered and scoffed, “You said you would save me, but you’re still going to kill me in the end. Is this what the commander of the seventh army from the Empyrean Demon Cult does?”

Yaxi Lian giggled. She rested half of herself on Jian Chen and gently wriggled her body. Her seductive movements were enchanting as lust appeared in her eyes. She slowly stroked Jian Chen’s face with her slender hand as she said sweetly, “You can’t talk to me like that, little brother. I really do want to save you when I said that, so how can I kill you? After all, you’ll bring me so many benefits that I’ll never mistreat you. All I need to do is absorb your power. It’ll only cost you some of your vitality.”

“Moreover, the method I’m going to use on you will definitely be different from other people. Do you know how I used to absorb the vitality of other men?”

Before Jian Chen could reply, Yaxi Lian stared into Jian Chen’s eyes and continued, “When I absorbed the vitality of other men in the past, I directly planted my head against their heads. However, all of them died without any exception. However, I’ll use a gentle method with you. I’ll guarantee you that not only will you feel no pain during the process, but you’ll even feel great pleasure instead. I’ll let you truly experience the joys of being a man.”

Yaxi Lian’s voice was extremely seductive as if it was filled with glamor. Anything she did or said was enough to provoke the flames of desire in a man.

Even Jian Chen found it rather difficult to endure Yaxi Lian’s charm now that the powers of his soul were completely drained. Her words seemed to become a bewitching voice in his head, booming through there and attacking the last portion of clarity he protected as if it wanted to destroy his rationality.

In his body, his blood flowed extremely quickly. At the same time, a flame that he had buried extremely deeply burned brighter and brighter.

“Little brother, you’re the first man I’m treating like this. Do you think I’m good to you? But you don’t have to worry too much. I can tell that your body is extremely tough, where your regeneration is far greater than anything I’ve seen before. As a result, you won’t die after I absorb your vitality. And if you perform to my satisfaction, I’m even willing to make an exception and take you under me as the only person who serves me,” Yaxi Lian giggled as her eyes shone while staring into Jian Chen’s.

With Jian Chen’s extremely great regeneration, he could become an exceedingly great human cauldron that could assist her cultivation.

“Yaxi Lian, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Since you can tell the energy I use is extremely powerful, you should naturally understand that no regular body can endure it. Do you believe that you’ll fail to benefit at all if you try to absorb my energy, and you’ll become heavily injured instead? You’ll only end up harming yourself in the end,” said Jian Chen. At the same time, he began to panic inside.

He had sent the remaining power of his soul into his Space Ring when Yaxi Lian carried him away, crushing the jade talisman that fairy Hao Yue had given him.

This was Jian Chen’s only chance at surviving.

Now, Yaxi Lian was about to do things to him, yet fairy Hao Yue still had not appeared. Jian Chen struggled to keep his composure, so he could only use any ideas he could think of to waste time.

The tremendous land of the Cloud Plane was split into five major regions. They were the northern, southern, eastern, and western regions, along with the central region. Each region was a huge expanse.

The Xuandao Empire was one of the few ancient empires in the northern region. The land they occupied was richly endowed, and their territory was extremely large. Even among all the ancient empires in the northern region, the Xuandao Empire could make it into the top three without any difficulty.

Right now, the imperial capital of the empire was holding a martial competition that was held once every ten thousand years. People had gathered from all regions of the empire such that the imperial capital became extraordinarily busy. The competition’s location was extremely crowded as well. Several dozen platforms surrounded by barriers supported the intense battles between Godhood experts.

A piece of land ten kilometers wide hovered above all the platforms. It was covered with precious herbs and orchids, where every single one of them was worth cities. They gave off lovely fragrances, so it seemed like a floating garden.

A middle-aged man stood in the garden. He wore dragon robes, and he appeared dignified. His eyes shone as he looked around, vaguely giving off the presence of a Godking.

He was the emperor of the Xuandao Empire.

Beside the emperor were two women who possessed otherworldly beauty. They were not old, only in their twenties.

The two women sat there casually as they ate the precious fruits. They conversed as they paid attention to the competition below, directly ignoring the emperor.

The emperor of the Xuandao Empire was not seated. Instead, he stood beside the two women quietly while reverence filled his face. He did not dare to speak.

“Sister Hao Yue, how do you feel about the performances of this generation’s juniors from my empire?” One of the women took a bite out of her fruit as she giggled at the woman before her.

Fairy Hao Yue glanced down casually and said, “Quite impressive. There are a few talented people who might become Godkings in the future.” At this moment, fairy Hao Yue paused. She looked at a young man in the sea of people and said, “But sister Tian Shuang’s disciple is extremely outstanding. There are barely any Overgods who can match up to him. He probably already possesses the strength to make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque.”

The woman referred to as Tian Shuang smiled, “Naturally. You need to keep in mind whose disciple it is. In all these years, I’ve accepted a few disciples, but all of them were disappointing. Only this disciple called Man Ye satisfies me slightly.”

At this moment, Tian Shuang said to the emperor beside her, “Call Man Ye over!”

“Yes, ancestor!” The emperor replied politely and immediately ordered people to call for him.

Very soon, a burly young man flew to the garden. He bowed at Tian Shuang and Hao Yue and said, “Greetings to master! Greetings to senior!” There was reverence from the bottom of his heart on his face.

“Man Ye, after the competition, go attempt the Overgods’ Plaque. Remember, I want your name to be engraved on the plaque,” Tian Shuang said to Man Ye indifferently. She did not leave any room for objection, just like a mighty monarch. She did not treat him with any of the warmth and closeness she had shown fairy Hao Yue.

“Yes, master!” Man Ye replied politely. However, he spoke out once again after hesitating slightly, “Master, I have a personal request. I heard that a person who also possesses the battle prowess to make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque has appeared in a small divine kingdom in the southern region. His name is Jian Chen, and he’s rumored to be extremely powerful. As a result, I wish to fight Jian Chen before I go to the central region.”

“I don’t believe someone like that can appear in a backwater divine kingdom, so I want to try him out.”

Man Ye was very much against Jian Chen. He had not made it onto the Overgods’ Plaque, yet his name had already reached the northern region. He, Man Ye, also possessed the strength to make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque, but he was basically unknown in the southern region.

“Oh, really?” Tian Shuang was surprised. She immediately agreed, “I give you permission!”

Fairy Hao Yue raised an eyebrow. She did not even look at Man Ye and said indifferently, “There’s no need for you to go to the southern region. Jian Chen and you are on two different levels.”

“Hmm?” Tian Shuang produced an interjection of surprise when she heard that. She stared at fairy Hao in surprise and asked out of curiosity, “Sister Hao Yue, have you seen this person called Jian Chen before? And when you said that he’s on a completely different level, are you saying that my disciple Man Ye is on the higher level, or is he on the higher level?”

Just when fairy Hao Yue wanted to say something, her expression suddenly changed. She said, “Oh no, the jade talisman I left with him has shattered. The southern region is just too far away. It’s impossible to reach there in a short amount of time. Sister Tian Shuang, lend me your Disc of Heavenly Ways.”

Fairy Hao Yue spoke rather worriedly. She understood Jian Chen. Since he had crushed the talisman she had left with him before, he must have encountered life-threatening danger.

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