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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1936 - Trapped In The Northern Region
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1936: Trapped in the Northern Region

“Princes turning on one another during the struggle for the position of emperor is commonplace, but once a prince becomes an emperor, they’ll always try to look at the bigger picture in an attempt to maintain the strength of the empire. They’ll let go of some past grievances, dish out some light punishments, or exile them to some remote lands of the empire. However, it sure is the first time for me to see something like the Xi Emperor hunting down every single one of them, unwilling to let any of them go,” said fairy Hao Yue.

“Whatever. That’s the matters of the Xi Empire. It has got nothing to do with our Xuandao Empire. Fortunately, we turned down the princes who had come to our Xuandao Empire to ask us to take part in the hunt. Otherwise, the Xi Emperor would never let us go,” Tian Shuang said with some lingering fear. She felt extremely fortunate. Even she feared the current Xi Emperor somewhat.

“Enough. Xi Ziyun, when are you going to stop this madness? Are you only going to be satisfied if you watch the Xi Empire crumble in your hands?”

At this moment, a thunderous voice boomed out in the sky. The old voice possessed an irrefutable sense of dignity.

This was the furious bellows of the ancestral emperor of the Xi Empire.

In the sky, the Xi Emperor continued to fight his father, the ancestral emperor. The power of laws from the Primordial realm formed chains, and whenever they collided, they would erupt with devastating might, causing the space there to crack.

“Father, I’ve sworn in the past that I will reduce anyone who took part, regardless of who they are, to dust. I will not spare any of them, and I will not show any mercy. Father, if you want to obstruct my revenge, I’ll severe our relationship today and leave the Xi Empire. I’ll have nothing to do with the Xi Empire from today onwards. And I will still kill those people. If the Xi Empire tries to stop me, I will become enemies with the Xi Empire.”

Another dignified voice boomed out, ringing through outer space with the powerful laws of the Primordial realm.

This was the Xi Emperor’s voice. It was dignified and filled with power. The voice also contained furious resentment and an extremely sturdy resolve.

“Y- you… Ziyun, how can you say something like that? D- d- do you want to be the death of your father? Your brothers, those senior members, and those subjects, you’ve already executed so many of them. Are you still unwilling to stop? Do you really want to destroy this empire,” the ancestral emperor said in great distress.

“Karma in the past will be resolved today. Wasn’t this all caused by how you just abdicated and stopped caring? If you stood forward and stopped this in the past, why would all this happen today? Father, it doesn’t matter what you say now,” the Xi Emperor said coldly. He was extremely determined.

Below, Tian Shuang became stunned as she stood on the floating gardens. She said in shock, “Just how great is this grievance that’s enough for the Xi Emperor to even leave the Xi Empire just so he can kill all his enemies? What happened when he was being hunted down back then to make him become so mad?”

Finally, the battle between the Xi Emperor and the ancestral emperor came to an end after several hours, leaving the matter unsettled.

They were father and son. As a result, although their battle seemed intense, it was nothing of that sort. It was naturally impossible for them to harm each other.

The battle between Chaotic Primes in outer space came to an end, but Jian Chen continued to stare up. He was unable to calm down even after quite a while.

The tremendous power of laws that had been invoked during the battle between the two Chaotic Primes interwove and radiated with devastating might. It had created a deep impression in Jian Chen’s heart.

Jian Chen had never witnessed such a shocking battle. Only after seeing the battle between two Chaotic Primes did he truly understand devastating.

That was truly worthy of being labelled as devastating. Space had ripped several times because of their battle.

If it were not for the fact that they were far enough away from the Cloud Plane, Jian Chen even suspected the northern region would crack from their battle.

Jian Chen finally returned to his senses after who knows how long. He looked around and discovered that fairy Hao Yue and Tian Shuang had already sat down, eating their spiritual fruits leisurely.

The various changes in the situation permanently ended the competition on the several dozen platforms below. The host for the competition spoke to the divine king then announced that the competition would continue some other day.

Jian Chen glanced past Yaxi Lian subconsciously and immediately thought of something. His face changed all of a sudden, and he looked at fairy Hao Yue, “Fairy Hao Yue, the Xi Emperor’s formation has sealed up the northern region and all the teleportation formations are down as well. Doesn’t that mean that I can’t return to the southern region anymore?” Jian Chen seemed to understand that he was no longer in the southern region by now. Instead, he was in the distant northern region.

If the southern region was the Blood Sun Empire’s world, then the northern region was the Xi Empire’s world.

Fairy Hao Yue glanced at Jian Chen and said, “That’s right. You can’t go back right now. Unless you have a formations master whose skill surpasses the formation, it’s very difficult to breach the seal. Even a teleportation god artifact like the Disc of Heavenly Ways is useless.”

Jian Chen’s face immediately became ugly when he heard that. He was panic-stricken. Sacredfeather, Houston, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu were still in the war on the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. With their strength, accidents could happen at any time on a battlefield where even Overgods would struggle to protect themselves.

Back then, even a Godking from the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds had tried to ambush and kill him. If he was not there, probably no one would look after them from the divine kingdom’s side.

Although he was known as a supreme Overgod who could make it onto the Overgods’ Plaque, Jian Chen could already tell that no one would give him any special treatment if he did not stand on their side. They might even be looking forward to any accidents that befall on him.

This was because none of them wished to see the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian truly rise up, as it would get in the way of their own interests and shift their status. Although the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian possessed a Primordial realm expert, so they did not dare to move against Jian Chen openly, they could easily just ignore any pleas for help.

They could even make horrible situations worse!

“Is there any other way to return to the southern region quickly?” Jian Chen persisted. He was very worried. He really could not stop worrying about Sacredfeather, Houston, and the others when he was not personally there.

Fairy Hao Yue glanced at Jian Chen and ate her fruit casually. She scoffed, “Even the people on your side turned against you, and they even sent a Godking. If I had not made it in time, you probably would have been reduced to a shriveled corpse by this little whore. You can’t even protect yourself, yet you’re still in a hurry to go back, to go die.”

“I will settle this debt myself. However, I have many friends on the battlefield. The white tiger, Houston, senior Rui Jin, and so on are all there. If something happens to them…” Jian Chen paused as he felt frantic inside.

Fairy Hao Yue was surprised. She knew how Jian Chen was related to these people. As such, after hesitating for a while, she replied seriously, “I don’t have any method to take you to the southern region while the northern region has been sealed up by the Xi Emperor. However, you can ask sister Tian Shuang. As an ancient empire, the Xuandao Empire naturally has regional teleportation formations.”

“Sister Hao Yue, please don’t make things difficult for me. Sealing off the teleportation formation was the Xi Emperor’s personal request. There are barely any people who dare to not respect the Xi Emperor. Moreover, you too have seen the forcefulness and viciousness of the Xi Emperor,” Tian Shuang said painfully. She felt very troubled.

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