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Chapter 194: Falling From A Cliff

“Hmph, like I said, this old man will not be as easy as those Great Saint Masters.” Seeing the Light Wind Sword fly at him, the elder’s face sneered. His hands that were previously heading toward Jian Chen moved directions and slapped against the sword.


The elder’s palm slapped firmly against the sword, causing it to veer away 10 meters in a perpendicular direction.

At the same time, the elder’s face had an expression of shock as he looked at his palm only to see that the Light Wind Sword had caused several cuts that filled his palm with blood.

Seeing the injuries on his palm, the elder became distracted and had a look of disbelief. With another deep breath, he stared at Jian Chen with another curious look, but before he could say anything, the Light Wind Sword that had been knocked away came flying back at the elder with a lightning fast pace.

The elder’s face changed once more as he swayed his body to dodge 3 meters to the side. The Light Wind Sword itself had merely stabbed through the position where he last was.

Suddenly, the Light Wind Sword immediately made a revolution as it passed by the elder and flew straight back at the elder’s new position.

The glare in the elder’s eyes intensified as his hands filled with a blue colored Saint Force as a hammer appeared.

The steel hammer wasn’t large–it was roughly the size of an adult human’s chest. It was covered with blue tipped barbs with a two foot handle that had a strange pattern engraved on it.

The elder waved his hammer and smashed it against the Light Wind Sword.


The steel hammer smashed against the Light Wind Sword with a tremendous force that caused the sword to fly far away with a large sound.

At the same time, Jian Chen let out a small grunt from his throat as his already pale face lost even more color, resembling a piece of paper in whiteness.

“Wu Yun, I’ll ask you one last time. Hand over the battle skill. The next time you fight me, I will not hold back.” The elder glared firmly at Jian Chen as he spoke.

In actuality, the elder wasn’t sure if there really was a battle skill on Jian Chen. So in the beginning, he didn’t dare try and kill Jian Chen since he knew that as long as Jian Chen was alive but wasn’t willing to hand over the battle skill, he could still force him back to the clan where they could force it out of him. If he were to kill him, then there would be no chance of retrieving the battle skill.

Jian Chen stared back at the elder and bit his lip with anger, “Harido clan, I will remember this, do you dare tell me your name?”

The elder sneered with disdain at Jian Chen’s words, “What? You still wish to seek revenge? Hmph, for someone who hasn’t even reached the Great Saint Master level to want to take revenge on my Harido clan, you are an imbecile. To think you want to know my name, then there’s no harm in telling you. Remember this, this old man is called Yan Kaizer.”

“Yan Kaizer. I will remember this.” Jian Chen spat venomously. Just as he finished speaking, the Light Wind Sword finally came back straight toward the elder once more.

Seeing that Jian Chen had no plans to hand over the battle skill, the glow in the elder’s eyes grew cold as he finally lost his final shred of patience. The hammer in his hands exploded with a blue colored Saint Force as he brought it down onto the Light Wind Sword to smash it.

Just as the Light Wind Sword and the steel hammer were about to make contact, the Light Wind Sword’s trajectory suddenly made an inconceivable turn almost as if it was a python. Avoiding the hammer, the Light Wind Sword flew straight toward the elder’s throat.

At the same time, Jian Chen flew forward like a bullet shot out of a rifle as he continued to run away.

“Hmph, an insignificant achievement.” The elder sneered as he brought the hammer back to block the Light Wind Sword. He brought his entire body to the side half a meter and allowed himself to dodge the sword.

In this small moment, Jian Chen had already moved 50 meters away before using his spirit to call the Light Wind Sword back to his hand.

Seeing Jian Chen already 50 meters away, the elder’s eyes finally released a large amount of killing intent. A mere Saint Master was nothing more than a weak ant in comparison to an Earth Saint Master; a person who he couldn’t be bothered to look at in the eye. Seeing that this ant of a person was running away, this was a disgrace.

“When I capture you you’ll be begging to die!” The elder cried out as he chased Jian Chen.

The speed of an Earth Saint Master was faster than that of Jian Chen. In a short moment, 50 meters of distance had been shortened down to 20 meters.

Then, Jian Chen threw the Light Wind Sword in his hand back at the elder with a stunning speed.

Regarding this attack of Jian Chen, the elder had the strength of an Earth Saint Master, but he still didn’t dare disregard it anymore. His body swayed to the side and dodged the sword, but with that action, his speed had been slowed briefly.

The Light Wind Sword turned around in midair and shot straight at the elder once more.

The elder had a look of anger now, the steel hammer in his hand burst with Saint Force as he slammed the hammer down behind him to break the Light Wind Sword.

The Light Wind Sword changed directions once more to avoid the elder’s blow.


The strength behind the elder’s blow was tremendous and since he was unable to recall the hammer, the weapon struck against the ground firmly. The accumulated Saint Force within the weapon exploded out and left a two meter wide crater in the ground.

Jian Chen recalled his Light Wind Sword and continued on.

Afterward, Jian Chen would repeat this process. As he ran forward, he would control his sword so that it would delay the elder’s forward progress.

This continued for almost two hours up a large mountain, but ultimately, Jian Chen had no other option but to stop since he had reached the edge of a cliff.

After this wild dash to escape along with using his spirit to delay the elder with his sword, Jian Chen was utterly exhausted. If it were not for his tremendous willpower to support him, he would have long since collapsed. After all, using the Spirit Sword consumed a large amount of his energy.

Right now, Jian Chen’s clothes were already wet with his sweat and the back with his blood. because of this waste of spirit, Jian Chen was beginning to feel dizzy almost as if he hadn’t slept for a week, at the moment, he wanted nothing more but to sleep.

“Damn it all, this is a cliff!” Forcing himself to stay upright, Jian Chen looked beyond the cliff with a heavy heart. In his eyes, there was already a look of despair.

Death he was not afraid of. It was just that he didn’t wish to die like this. Besides, in this world, he still had a mother he loved dearly and his two siblings that cared deeply for him, Changyang Hu and Changyang Mingyue.

“Disgraceful being, you can die already!”

At this moment, a thunderous voice boomed out from behind him. Turning around, Jian Chen could only see the elder come straight at him with the steel hammer right about to collide with his back.


Since Jian Chen was utterly exhausted, he had no energy to dodge the elder’s blow. In the end, he could only be sent flying over the cliff and into the abyss below.

Seeing Jian Chen disappear from sight, the elder’s face suddenly became blank. The anger in his head suddenly cleared away as he gained clarity over his situation. At this moment, he had finally taken notice of the steep cliff side in front of him,

“There was a cliff here?! I…I hit him down the cliff! It’s over…my…my battle skill…” Seeing the terrain below, the elder’s expression turned remorseful.

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