Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1944 - Shocking Battle Prowess
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1944 - Shocking Battle Prowess
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1944: Shocking Battle Prowess

“What a powerful Overgod!” Fei He felt secretly shocked. The strength that Jian Chen had displayed filled him with disbelief. In an open confrontation against him, Jian Chen had failed to lose the upper hand and even managed to draw blood.

Fei He’s face sank when he saw the blood on his hand. This wound was nothing to him, but the disgrace would be permanent.

“This person must rank within the top three on the Overgods’ Plaque. Only people as great as them can possess such unbelievable battle prowess,” Fei He thought quickly. However, his movements did not slow down. As his hand changed between seals, the sword immediately began to spin rapidly before his chest.

Rings of powerful, spiral sword Qi appeared as the sword spun. It radiated with powerful pulses of energy as well as a might that belonged to the world.

As a mighty Godking, Fei He was actually using a battle skill against an Overgod’s attack.

“World Shattering, Form of the Mountain Splitter!”

Fei He bellowed out. The sword that spun around stabbed out with lightning speed along with a strand of powerful, spiral sword Qi.

The strike was extremely powerful. As the sword tore through the air, the spiral sword Qi shook, causing the space in the surroundings to pulse and gently tremble.

The might of the world had caused the distant crowd to retreat rapidly once again.

The might of a Godking’s battle skill was extremely shocking. To many of the people who were not even Overgods, it was almost impossible for them to witness a Godking using a battle skill.

As a result, the pressure naturally made many of them feel like the world was ending.

General Jin’s expression changed drastically. He was in a hurry to stop Fei He. He knew who stood behind Jian Chen, so once that terrifying Primordial realm expert behind him became angered from Jian Chen’s injuries, the consequences would be unthinkable.

He had heard that the powerful Primordial realm expert had even gone as far as to spend a valuable three-colored divine crystal on the Disc of Heavenly Ways to venture to the distant southern region. The expert even captured a commander of the nine armies, humiliating her before everyone.

However, Fei He ignored him. As a mighty Godking, an Overgod had injured him. If he did not make the Overgod pay a certain price, he would never be able to quell his anger.

“There’s going to be a lot of trouble,” general Jin swore inside. He was already too late to stop Fei He.

He had witnessed Jian Chen’s strength and understood he possessed the battle prowess to fight Godkings in an open confrontation.

However, the battle skill of a Godking was on a completely different level compared to the casual strike of a Godking.

Moreover, the battle skill was of an extraordinary grade. It was one of the most powerful battle skills from the Skycloud sect. Even general Jin would have to take it on seriously if he was on the receiving end of the attack.

Everything happened in a split second. There was a deafening boom, and Jian Chen’s Taiyi Sword Technique had already collided with Fei He’s battle skill.

The observers all sensed the eruption of a terrifying energy. The ground shook violently, and they lost sight of Jian Chen and Fei He completely.

The violent energy shockwaves had completely drowned out their figures.

“I hope Jian Chen doesn’t become too heavily injured, or how can I supposed to resolve everything?” General Jin silently prayed for Jian Chen. Everything had happened just too quickly, where he did not have the time to stop it at all.

“Linear Lightning Release!”

However, a bellow suddenly rang out from the violent storm of energy.

Everyone only saw a streak of white light shoot through the storm of energy at an unbelievable speed before disappearing into the distant sky.

It was just too fast. Countless people failed to see it clearly at all. Even general Jin only managed to barely see a blurry, elongated figure in the streak of light through the senses of his soul, even though he was a Godking.

A while later, the rampaging energy dispersed and revealed Fei He.

Currently, Fei He’s face was rather pale, and he was filled with shock. He stared at his chest in a daze.

His chest had already been dyed red with blood. A fist-sized hole had appeared, stretching from his chest through to his back. All his organs had been destroyed already.

Meanwhile, Jian Chen had vanished.

General Jin stared at the hole in Fei He’s chest in a daze. His face was also filled with shock as his heart churned.

Immediately, he cast his gaze into the distance afterwards. He saw that in the direction the white light had vanished off into, Jian Chen stood on the Startling Rainbow sword as he travelled back towards here like a comet. He moved extremely quickly.

In just a few seconds, he had returned.

“What happened? How did that young man suddenly run off to such a distant place?”

“How did that young man leave?”

Among the countless observers, quite a few of them stated their confusion.

“Oh my god. Sister Lan’er, look, look. Senior Fei He of the Skycloud sect has been injured,” Xing’er also stared at Fei He’s wound in shock from nearby as she shook Lan’er’s arm.

Lan’er was also stunned. She rubbed her eyes firmly while her cherry lips were agape. She was extremely shocked.

“Even against an Overgod who’s much weaker than you, you must be reasonable even if you are a Godking. Although Overgods are much weaker than Godkings, they’re not people you can just harass,” Jian Chen stared at Fei He as he stood on his sword in the air.

Fei He raised his head all of a sudden. He glared at Jian Chen, and there was even heavy killing intent in his gaze.

He was a mighty Godking, yet an Overgod had injured him like this. The humiliation coupled with Jian Chen’s cold tone made the shame he experienced multiply. Gradually, it turned into killing intent.

Jian Chen’s face remained the same when he sensed the killing intent from Fei He. He said coldly, “There is no reason for you to feel humiliated after being injured by my hands because you are not the first Godking to be injured by me. Before you, I’ve personally killed a Godking while I was injured.”

Fei He’s eyes immediately became filled with shock when heard that. He was speechless.

Even general Jin became stunned by Jian Chen’s words.

An Overgod had actually killed a Godking while he was injured. If this feat made it out, it was enough to spread across the entire Saints’ World.

This was because it was just too shocking!

In the end, Fei He shot a sharp glance at Jian Chen. He snorted coldly before leaving with Zhou Chu, who laid there like mud.

This Overgod’s strength had left him deeply shocked. He knew that even if he remained here, he probably would not be able to benefit. The matter at hand was for him to hurry back to the sect and report it to the higher-ups.

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