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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1949 - The Xi Emperor Has Children
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1949: The Xi Emperor Has Children

“Shuixian, what did you just say? My uncle lost her daughter when he was hunted down in the past? Why haven’t I ever heard my uncle mention he had a daughter?” The fifth prince stared at princess Tai’an in doubt.

The Xi Emperor had no descendants. Everyone knew that! The fifth prince became rather confused now that princess Tai’an had suddenly mentioned he had a daughter.

“T- this… don’t ask about this anymore, okay? If aunt learns that I disclosed this, she would never forgive me.” Princess Tai’an became rather flustered. A sliver of panic appeared on her face. She knew extremely well just how great of a mistake she had made by accidentally disclosing this secret.

The fifth prince and Jian Chen realised the severity of the matter when they saw how frightened and flustered the princess had become, so they no longer asked about it.

However, they, as sharp-minded people, could draw many conclusions from that small detail.

“Jian Chen, Xi Hao, don’t tell this to anyone else, okay? This is one of the greatest secrets in the empire. There aren’t many who know.” Princess Tai’an was no longer able to remain as composed as before. Panic filled her face as she pleaded to Jian Chen and Xi Hao.

“Don’t worry. Shuixian, we’ll never tell anyone about this. Right, Jian Chen?” The fifth prince swore.

Jian Chen nodded as well, promising to not disclose the secret.

Princess Tai’an was no longer in the mood to stay in the Xuandao Empire anymore after this had happened. She bid farewell to Jian Chen in a hurry before leaving uneasily.

With princess Tai’an’s departure, the fifth prince naturally did not stay behind all by himself. He gave Jian Chen a jade talisman as a method of contact before leaving the empire as well.

The fifth prince was extremely clever. He knew that the chances of roping in a supreme prodigy like Jian Chen were almost non-existent, so he did not dare to mention the matter at all before Jian Chen. He only wanted to establish a friendship.

If they could become friends, everything would become far easier!

Jian Chen accompanied the prince and princess out of the imperial capital before returning to his residence. He thought about how the Xi Emperor possessed a daughter.

“I never thought the Xi Emperor was only taking revenge for his daughter by killing off so many Primordial realm experts. When is this vengeance going to end, so I can return to the southern region sooner?” Jian Chen thought. He sat in his residence as he felt very worried.

However, Jian Chen’s body suddenly jolted at this moment. A rather unbelievable thought had suddenly crossed his mind. He immediately thought it through and analysed the matter quickly.

“Right now, basically no one in the Xi Empire knows that the Xi Emperor and his wife had a child. Even the authoritative Imperial Protectors of the Xi Emperor don’t know. Then it’s certain that the empress did not fall pregnant in the Xi Empire. Otherwise, it would be impossible to hide it. It would have become public knowledge long ago.”

“As a result, the empress’ pregnancy probably happened when they were being hunted down. It has been over two thousand years since then…”

“Also two thousand years ago, the patriarch of the Mo clan picked up an infant girl outside and she possessed a jade pendant with the words ‘Xi Yu’ on her, with nothing else. I’ve seen this pendant. It’s made from extremely tough material and is extraordinary. Even I would not have been able to damage it at all in the past. As a result, the person who managed to carve words into the pendant must have been extremely powerful.”

“The time matches, the surname matches, and the gender matches as well. Surely Xi Yu isn’t…”

Immediately, Jian Chen felt extremely surprised when he thought up to there. He felt disbelief.

After hesitating slightly, Jian Chen suddenly turned towards the direction in which princess Tai’an and the fifth prince had left. He chased after them with his full speed.

Outside the imperial capital, a luxurious carriage nine exotic beasts towed quickly shot through the air.

Several dozen guards with powerful presences stood close to the carriage. The leader was a Godking.

Princess Tai’an and the fifth prince currently sat in there.

“Shuixian, can you tell me everything in detail? Since when did my uncle have a daughter? Why don’t I know about it?” The fifth prince asked out of curiosity.

The luxurious carriage was also a treasure that had an extremely great defence. It was covered in formations, so it was impossible to eavesdrop on any conversations happening inside.

“I need to start from when my uncle and aunt were being hunted down by people.”

“Back then, when they were being hunted down, the empress accidentally discovered that she was pregnant. After giving birth to the child, my aunt made up her mind to abandon her, as she was out of choices and was unable to protect her newly-born daughter. She hoped this could allow her daughter to survive,” princess Tai’an said slowly.

“Is that the case? I never thought that I, Xi Hao, would actually have a younger sister. What about afterwards? What happened to my sister? Is there any news?” The fifth prince was greatly surprised before questioning in concern.

Princess Tai’an shook her head. Her face was gloomy, “The pursuit had forced aunt and uncle to extremely dire straits. They fled across the entire Cloud Plane, where they were so heavily injured that they almost lost their lives many times. The situation was so dangerous that they did not even know where they had abandoned their daughter. They don’t know about her situation right now.”

“It’s just that after uncle became the emperor, he offended far too many people for his revenge, so they never dared to make the fact that they had a daughter public. They were afraid that their enemies would find their daughter first. As a result, they could only send trusted subordinates to scour the entire Cloud Plane secretly. However, it has been so many years, and there’s still no news.

Princess Tai’an looked at Xi Hao after speaking up to there. She said, “Xi Hao, you understand how important this matter is, right? You can’t tell anyone about it.”

Xi Hao nodded sternly, “Shuixian, I understand. I never thought there would be a secret side to the story of why my uncle changed so much and became so merciless. Now, I don’t feel like my uncle has gone overboard at all.”

At this moment, a guard’s voice rang out from outside, “Fifth prince, princess Tai’an, Jian Chen has come running. He says he wants to see princess Tai’an due to something important.”

“Jian Chen has come running? What does he want to do?”

The fifth prince and princess Tai’an were doubtful.

Very soon, the carriage came to a halt and the prince and princess dismounted. They hovered in the air as they stared at Jian Chen who had come running after them.

Jian Chen clasped his fist towards the fifth prince before telling the princess, “Princess Tai’an, can we step aside to talk about something?”

The princess nodded before immediately flying to somewhere far away with Jian Chen.

The fifth prince stood with his arms crossed. He stared at them from afar and was filled with doubt. He mumbled to himself, “That’s strange. Jian Chen is suddenly looking for Shuixian. Why?”

In the distance, Jian Chen cast down a barrier that isolated sound before taking out an embroidered box from his Space Ring. He said sternly, “Princess Tai’an, there’s something I must request you to do for me. Please directly give this box to the empress or the Xi Emperor.”

Princess Tai’an accepted the box curiously. She examined it in her left hand and asked in confusion, “Jian Chen, what is this?”

“Just treat it as a little gift for the empress and the Xi Emperor from me. They might like it. However, you must get the empress or the Xi Emperor to personally see what is inside,” Jian Chen said extremely solemnly as if he was telling her to do something extremely important.

“Okay, I’ll personally deliver it to aunt and uncle,” said the princess before returning to her carriage and leaving with the fifth prince.

Jian Chen did not leave. He hovered in the sky as he stared in the direction that the carriage had disappeared off to. He thought, “Although I also crafted that pendant on a whim, both the appearance and engravings are exactly the same as the pendant I saw from Xi Yu, apart from the fact that the material is nothing special. If Xi Yu really is the lost daughter of the Xi Emperor, they’ll naturally recognise it once they see the pendant.”

“If not, there’s nothing for me to lose. It’s not like the Xi Emperor and the empress will be offended.”

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