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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1959 - The Fear Of The Vice-leaders
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1959: The Fear of the Vice-leaders

Around five minutes later, Houston finally resurfaced from the sea of blood. There was explicit excitement and joy on his face as he stared at his hands.

There were nine, thumb-sized, red blood beads in his hands. Each bead was translucent and extremely bright, shining with dazzling red light. It seemed like pieces of red quartz.

However, each bead pulsed with extremely powerful energy that was enough to surprise Overgods and even make the expressions of Godkings change.

The energy within the nine beads was just too powerful. If it erupted at that moment, it would be enough to unleash devastating might, easily killing Overgods.

Jian Chen, Shen Jian, and Sacredfeather all noticed the nine blood beads in Houston’s hands. They all became very stern.

“These nine beads should be the blood beads condensed from the essence of blood that fairy Hao Yue mentioned. The Empyrean Demon Cult has put in so much effort into condensing these blood beads, but they’ve all been taken away by uncle Xiu, so there’ll definitely be a great disturbance from the Empyrean Demon Cult.” Jian Chen’s heart was rather heavy. He could tell just how important this place was to the Empyrean Demon Cult from the formations here.

Or in other words, he could tell just how important this place was to the great elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult.

If the great elder personally came to the Cloud Plane, he would not be able to imagine the outcome.

After taking the nine blood beads, Houston was just about to leave. Suddenly, he froze slightly and looked at the sky. He looked at the tremendous swirl formed by the chilling winds.

After hesitating slightly, he slowly flew up into the sky while the red light from the Empyrean Demon Orb protected him. Very soon, he disappeared into the tremendous swirl.

When he appeared again, another nine beads of similar sizes had appeared in his hands. They were dark beads.

Inside the dark beads was an extremely powerful and pure energy of souls.

Now, all nine soul beads and blood beads had ended up in Houston’s hands.

At this moment, there was a flash. Fairy Hao Yue had returned to their side. When she saw the eighteen beads in Houston’s hands, her eyes narrowed as well. She said grimly, “The true upper echelons of the Empyrean Demon Cult will definitely be alerted now that they’ve lost the blood and soul beads. It might even alarm the great elder directly. We can’t stay here for long. We must leave as soon as possible. The Empyrean Demon Cult will probably do something big afterwards.”

Houston also understood the severity of the matter. After taking away the nine blood beads and soul beads, he directly flew out, passing through the formation just like before, where it was frightening but not dangerous.

However, passing through the formation was extremely difficult for Houston. When he emerged, the terrifying killing intent in there had almost made him collapse. His face was ashen.

Fairy Hao Yue was stern. With a flip of her hand, the Bright Moon Divine Hall appeared, and she said, “Enter the divine hall quickly. We need to leave as soon as possible.”

The four of them did not hesitate at all and immediately entered the Bright Moon Divine Hall.

Fairy Hao Yue stowed the divine hall away and used the laws of the Primordial realm to erase the presences and traces they left behind. Then, she disappeared with a flash, making her way out of the castle with lightning speed.

All the formations in the castle had been activated by now. Countless formations stacked upon one another, interlocking together into one, causing the security of the entire castle to become virtually impenetrable.

Fairy Hao Yue’s face was cold as her eyes shone with a sharp light. A terrifying presence enough to frighten the world emanated from her. A layer of moonlight covered here as she directly collided against the formation with the power of laws from the Primordial realm.


The entire castle trembled from that. Even though the killing formation in her way had combined with all the formations, it still cracked before fairy Hao Yue’s powerful strike, directly collapsing.

Fairy Hao Yue did not slow down at all. She continued to give off a soaring presence, ramming her way through layers upon layers of formations that blocked her way like she was unstoppable. She retreated from the castle quickly.

Even though the castle’s defences had made it virtually impregnable from both the inside and the outside, there were no killing formations that could stop fairy Hao Yue in the entire castle apart from the ones that protected the pool of blood.

Even when all these formations interlinked with one another, resulting in a drastic increase in strength, it was still unable to stop fairy Hao Yue.

At that moment, the headquarters of the Empyrean Demon Cult that all the Infinite Primes on the Cloud Plane feared and did not dare to approach was like the back garden of her own house to fairy Hao Yue. It was unable to stop her at all.


At this moment, a heavy sound suddenly rang out through the entire castle. Fairy Hao Yue formed a seal with her hands, using a technique to smash through the many layers of formations with her full strength, creating a hole in the castle. Afterwards, she emerged from there and completely vanished.

At the same time, shackles condensed from Moonlight Force trapped the three vice-leaders in there. Their bodies were bound, completely immobilizing them.

At this moment, the demonic aura around the three of them pulsed violently. They roared out at the same time, and under their full strength, they finally reduced the shackles around them to pieces. Then, they vanished from there silently.

When they appeared once again, they had arrived before the hole that fairy Hao Yue had created. The three of them stared at the hole, and their faces became extremely sunken.

“This castle is a god artifact with extremely great defences. Only Chaotic Primes can smash through this!”

“Once we activate all the formations in our headquarters, even Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes can’t escape, yet we were unable to stop this person at all. Which Chaotic Prime is this person?”

“Let’s go to the forbidden grounds quickly. The Chaotic Prime who intruded on our headquarters stayed there for quite a long time.”

With that, the three of them vanished at that moment. When they appeared again, they had arrived beside the blood pool. They stood outside the formations.

“Fortunately, the formation is fine.”

“The great elder cast down this formation after all. Even if that person possesses the strength of a Chaotic Prime, it’s still impossible for them to smash through it.”

The three of them all let out a sigh of relief when they saw that the formation was completely fine.

They could ignore the fact that a Chaotic Prime had infiltrated their headquarters and killed so many Godkings.

They could even ignore the fact that there was a huge hole in the castle now.

This was because all they needed to do was report the matter, and the higher-ups would send someone to deal with this Chaotic Prime.

The only thing they could not allow was for anything to happen to the blood beads and soul beads in the forbidden grounds.

However, when Huai An subconsciously glanced at the depths of the blood pool, his face suddenly froze. It began to pale instantly as he felt intense disbelief. He cried out, “W- why are the blood pearls gone?”

The two other vice-leaders were greatly surprised as well. They all glanced at the pool of blood.

With that, blood instantly drained from their faces. They had almost been frightened to death.

“Oh no, the s- s- soul beads are gone as well!”

Yi Huayue said with a trembling voice.

At that moment, the three vice-leaders all felt rather light-headed. They had almost lost their footing and tripped. Fear filled their hearts.

“How? The blood beads and soul beads are all gone. H- how do we explain this to the higher ups?”

“Q- quick! Report to the grand elder!”

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