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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1967 - Two Choices
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Chapter 1967: Two Choices

At the moment Jian Chen and Mu Ku struck out, the elders around the platform all squinted their eyes. Not only did they pay close attention to the battle, but all of them had even expanded the senses of their souls as well, enveloping the entire platform. They wanted to see the battle between the two clearly. They were unwilling to miss out on any detail.

This was because this was an outstanding battle where an Overgod challenged a Godking. Even with the entire Saints’ World in perspective, a battle like this was extremely rare.

After all, the people who were able to challenge Godkings as Overgods were basically all supreme prodigies who ranked within the top ten of the Overgods’ Plaque.

Even the divine king and the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect stared at the platform without blinking. They wanted to see if Jian Chen possessed the strength he had in the rumors, where he defeated a Godking in the northern region as an Overgod.


Under the close watch of everyone, Jian Chen and elder Mu’s first attacks finally clashed. A violent boom immediately erupted on the platform. Powerful energy wreaked havoc on the platform as a visible current.

Jian Chen and Mu Ku protected themselves with laws. The light around them flickered as they remained still.

Not only had Jian Chen received Mu Ku’s full-powered strike perfectly, but it also seemed like he had managed to match Mu Ku.

Mu Ku’s eyes immediately narrowed after the strike. His gaze towards Jian Chen had finally become stern.

He had truly witnessed Jian Chen’s strength after the clash. He knew that Jian Chen did not enjoy undeserved fame. He truly possessed the battle prowess to face off against a Godking.

Jian Chen’s face was emotionless as his eyes shone with cold light, making his gaze as sharp as swords. He used the Startling Rainbow sword to block Mu Ku’s wooden staff as he formed a seal with his other hand. Immediately, a golden strand of sword Qi condensed above his head, radiating with powerful sword intent.

The sword intent was so powerful that it caused elder Mu’s face to change slightly.

He could clearly sense that the golden sword Qi above Jian Chen’s head was so powerful that it was enough to threaten him.

Elder Mu responded extremely quickly. Just when Jian Chen’s sword Qi had condensed, he bellowed out, and he suddenly shot backwards. At the same time, the wooden staff in his hand danced. The power of laws wove together, rapidly condensing into a huge piece of wood.

The appearance of the piece of wood was accompanied with the might of the world. The energy it contained was so powerful that it was enough to make the expression of any early Godking in the Earth Spirit sect change.

Jian Chen’s Daluo Sword had directly forced Mu Ku to use his battle skill.

“Mu Ku is actually using a battle skill. It looks like Jian Chen really does have some ability. He can actually force a Godking into using a battle skill as an Overgod…”

“No wonder he’s known as someone who can challenge the first place on the Overgods’ Plaque. He is indeed very powerful. Jian Chen’s reputation is deserved…”

“So what if he deserves the reputation he possesses? Although prodigies who rank towards the top of the Overgods’ Plaque can kill Godkings, those are only ordinary Godkings. Mu Ku is no ordinary Godking. He has comprehended the various cultivation methods and battle skills of our Earth Spirit sect. Although his strength isn’t enough for him to rank amongst the top of early Godkings, he’s still extraordinary…”

“That’s right. If Mu Ku did not use a battle skill, Jian Chen would indeed have the power to reach a stalemate against Mu Ku. However, since Mu Ku is using a battle skill, Jian Chen’s defeat is certain…”

The many observing elders of the Earth Spirit sect sighed in amazement. This really was the first time they had seen such a powerful Overgod, where he could hold his ground against a Godking and even force him into using a battle skill.

After all, they had only heard legends of Overgods fighting Godkings.

And these legends were mostly exaggerated.

However, the gaze of the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect could not help but become slightly sunken when he saw how Mu Ku not only disobeyed his orders, but he had even become bolder as the battle went on.


At this moment, Mu Ku called out. As he extended his finger, the huge piece of wood shot off as a streak of green light towards Jian Chen with unbelievable speed.


The huge piece of wood collided with the golden sword Qi, erupting with a deafening sound. The entire platform shook heavily from their strike while even the ground had cracked.

However, Jian Chen’s attacks were as intense as a storm. Before the effects of the previous attack had completely settled down, another attack would come. When the sword Qi collided with the huge piece of wood, he became covered with light. Afterwards, he turned into a bolt of lightning and suddenly shot off with unbelievable speed.

“How is Jian Chen so powerful? He even stopped my battle skill, and he’s only an Overgod,” Mu Ku was amazed by Jian Chen’s strength. He knew that the ancestor had ordered him to throw the battle, but he did not want to lose in such a miserable way.

Originally, he believed he could rely on his cultivation as a Godking to heavily injure Jian Chen in an overwhelming manner before forfeiting before everyone so Jian Chen had ‘defeated’ him.

He wanted to show everyone just how helpless and without a choice he was to choose defeat. He did not want to truly lose to Jian Chen in battle.

However, he had never thought that Jian Chen’s strength would completely exceed his expectations. He was already using his full strength, and he had even used a battle skill, yet Jian Chen still managed to match him evenly, preventing him from gaining the upper hand at all.

However, just when Mu Ku was amazed, his eyes suddenly narrowed. Up ahead, a streak of light suddenly shot over at an unbelievable speed, punching through elder Mu’s body instantly.

It was fast, simply too fast. The streak of light was so fast that even Mu Ku was unable to catch a glimpse of it. He only managed to find it with the senses of his soul, but it was impossible for him to react due to how close and fast the streak of light was.

Mu Ku stood there frozen. He lowered his head and stared at the bowl-sized hole in his chest.

He refused to accept this outcome!

“H- h- how…”

“What secret technique did Jian Chen use earlier to move so quickly…”

The elders observing the battle were all shocked as well. They had never expected something like this.

“It’s Mu Ku’s defeat,” the ancestor stood up and declared the outcome of the battle. At the same time, he finally let out a breath of relief inside.

“Jian Chen, according to our earlier agreement, Mu Ku’s life belongs to you,” the ancestor said to Jian Chen as he removed the barrier around the platform.

“Jian Chen, are you fine?” The divine king appeared before Jian Chen silently and asked in concern.

“Thank you for your concern, your majesty. I’m fine,” said Jian Chen. Then, he looked at Mu Ku. A cold light flickered through his eyes.

Mu Ku turned around in dejection and looked at Jian Chen gloomily. He said, “Jian Chen, do it.” As he said that, he closed his eyes. All his hopes vanished at that moment.

“Brother Jian Chen, please show mercy. We will be eternally grateful if you spare Mu Ku’s life…”

“Brother Jian Chen, please stay your hand. We are willing to make it up to you in different ways as long as you spare Mu Ku’s life…”

All the elders pleaded for mercy.

Even the sect master looked at the ancestor, hoping he would step forward to save Mu Ku.

Godkings were the pillars of support of the Earth Spirit sect. They were extremely important.

The ancestor remained emotionless and said nothing.

Jian Chen stared at Mu Ku. The light in his eyes flickered, and after a while of thought, he said slowly, “Mu Ku, I’ll give you two choices. The first is that I can kill you right now and disperse your soul, reducing your arduous cultivation of countless years to nothing. The second is that you will immediately swear to protect my Tian Yuan clan for ten thousand years. You will recover your freedom after those ten millennia.”

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