Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1979 - The Xi Emperor’s Daughter (Two)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1979 - The Xi Emperor’s Daughter (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1979: The Xi Emperor’s Daughter (Two)

At the very front of the group was a middle-aged man. He wore dragon robes while his resolute face gave off an undeniable sense of dignity. Even though his presence was completely concealed, he seemed to be treading on top of the world as he appeared.

Behind the middle-aged man were two women. One seemed to be in her thirties. She was graceful and charming, and she also possessed a sense of dignity. However, worry and excitement filled her face.

The other woman only seemed to be in her twenties. She was beautiful and gave off a noble presence as if she led a luxurious life. People could tell that she possessed an extraordinary birth with just a single glance.

Behind them were two ruddy old men. They concealed their presences such that no one was able to sense their existence, much less see through their cultivation.

The group consisted of the Xi Emperor and the others who had hurried over a tremendous distance from the northern region.

As soon as they arrived in the air above the Tian Yuan clan, the Xi Emperor and the empress looked down.

Although many people had gathered in the Tian Yuan clan today, both of them were Primordial realm experts, and the Xi Emperor had even reached Chaotic Prime. As a result, as soon as they arrived, there was a calling of their bloodline that clearly appeared in their hearts. The couple’s feelings surged from the calling, and following it, their eyes locked onto Xi Yu.

However, when they saw what was happening, the couple became utterly enraged. Their eyes became extremely bloodshot at that moment, and killing intent erupted like a tsunami. The world darkened as the sun in the sky trembled. Suddenly, the temperature of the entire Divine Kingdom of Pingtian plummeted.

The divine king and the vice-leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult remained engaged in an extremely intense battle in outer space.

However, when they sensed the terrifying killing intent that frightened even them, they could not help but stop and look towards the Dong’an province.

“Chaotic Prime!”

The divine king and Huai An both cried out. They became stern. A Chaotic Prime had appeared in the southern region and in the Dong’an province of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian in particular. The divine king was unable to remain calm about this, so he immediately rushed back to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. He no longer bothered about keeping Huai An busy.

On the tallest peak of the three thousand spiritual mountains within the Earth Spirit sect, the eyes of the ancestor, Sang Tu, suddenly snapped open. Surprised filled his face as he looked in the direction of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian grimly.

“What a powerful killing intent. This killing intent originates from a Chaotic Prime. Is it that woman?” Sang Tu became extremely stern. Now that a Chaotic Prime had suddenly appeared in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, he subconsciously connected it to the woman in white clothes who had infiltrated his secret room silently.

“No, it’s not her. The presences differ too much. Just which expert has come to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, and why is his killing intent so strong?” Sang Tu could no longer remain where he was. Immediately, he hurried off to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

At the same time, this matter also alarmed the Primordial realm experts of the imperial family of the Heavenly Moon Empire and the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds that stood equal to the Earth Spirit sect. They all emerged from seclusion and hurried off to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

A Chaotic Prime had appeared in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. This was a significant matter, so they had to investigate.

The killing intent that had suddenly appeared in the Tian Yuan clan also made the ninth prince’s face change drastically. Suddenly, he looked at the sky as disbelief filled his face.

He felt his soul tremble before the killing intent. The killing intent was so powerful that it was enough to annihilate the surroundings. It made the ninth prince feel like his soul had frozen over.

Since even a peak Godking like the ninth prince experienced that, what happened to the Godkings who had come with the ninth prince was obvious. Fright filled all of their faces.

Mo Yan stopped stripping Xi Yu’s clothes. As if a cold bucket of water had been poured over him, his nefarious flames were completely extinguished.


The Xi Emperor and the empress both cried out sorrowfully. The Xi Emperor directly sent out a palm strike that contained terrifying energy towards Mo Yan.

A Chaotic Prime’s strike created just too great of a disturbance. It was world-shaking. The Xi Emperor’s furious strike directly annihilated space, creating black spatial cracks in the sky that spread towards Mo Yan at a speed greater than lightning.

From the distance, a black crack seemed to stretch towards the ground; it was like a black streak of lightning.

The ninth prince and the other Godkings felt like they were suffocating at that moment. Their hearts throbbed heavily as all the hairs on their bodies stood up. They felt a chill run down their spines, from their heads to their feet.

“Ch- Chaotic Prime!” The ninth prince lost his composure. His face changed drastically, and he immediately pressed his hand onto his Space Ring.

A jade talisman laid quietly in a corner of his Space Ring. It had been crushed to dust silently at that moment.

Mo Yan had been silently reduced to nothingness. He disappeared from the air, and not even a single dust particle remained. Only the shattered space that slowly closed up remained where he stood before.

A mighty Godking had just vanished before everyone like that. Had he been reduced to the simplest particles from the Xi Emperor’s strike, or had the crack in space sucked him away?

However, it was certain that even if Mo Yan was a Godking, it was impossible for him to survive a furious strike from a Chaotic Prime that also contained killing intent.

The Xi Emperor’s control over his power was extremely great. His furious attack only targeted Mo Yan such that no energy surged out. As a result, his attack resulted in no energy shockwaves, and it also failed to reach anyone in the surroundings. Not even the surroundings were damaged.

However, the pressure and terrifying disturbance the attack caused mentally shocked everyone present.

“Yu’er. Yu’er.” The Xi Emperor silently appeared before Xi Yu. His stalwart body trembled uncontrollably as tears filled his eyes. He called out emotionally.

“My daughter. My daughter, mother has finally found you. Mother has finally found you.” The empress ignored the blood on Xi Yu and embraced her tightly. She began to sob as tears flowed from her eyes uncontrollably like a fountain. She was unable to stop crying.

She had just found her beloved daughter that had been lost for many years. It should have been something delightful, but when she saw her own flesh and blood end up in such a miserable state, her heart shattered.

When she thought about how her own daughter would be completely doomed if she arrived just a little later, the empress became filled with angst.

“Who did this? Who injured my daughter like this?” The empress said through gritted teeth, emphasising every single word. Fury filled her eyes, and just a single, terrifying glance from them was enough to make people shiver.

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