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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1981 - Father’s Here
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1981: Father’s Here

When the Xi Emperor and the empress heard Xi Yu’s last sentence, the plain voice had instead made the two Primordial realm experts shudder inside. Evident sorrow filled their faces.

The Xi Emperor was a vicious person who had created storms of blood and had personally killed half of the Primordial realm experts in his empire. He was a cold-blooded emperor who even turned against his brothers. Yet, his face was filled with an indescribable bitterness right now.

His arm remained extended in the posture where he supported Xi Yu before. It seemed to be frozen there. His beloved daughter’s previous words were like a needle, deeply piercing the Xi Emperor’s heart with pain.

Tears welled up in the eyes of the Xi Emperor. They seemed to roll down the cheeks of the emperor famed for his cold-bloodedness uncontrollably. His stalwart body trembled slightly as he stared at Xi Yu in utter pain. He opened his mouth slightly as if he wanted to explain something. However, when he saw the marks of blood on his daughter, he failed to say anything.

“Child, I’m your mother, the mother who gave birth to you. This is your father, your father connected to you by blood…” the empress broke out into tears. She charged over and embraced Xi Yu tightly regardless of anything. She held her very tightly, where Xi Yu was unable to break free at all. It was as if her daughter would vanish from her if she let go.

At that moment, she was no longer the great empress of the Xi Empire, nor was she a peak expert who had reached the Primordial realm. She was only a mother with a fragile heart.

By now, crowds had already formed around the Tian Yuan clan. The Primordial realm experts of the Heavenly Moon Empire had arrived as well. They stood with the divine king, conversing secretly to ask about the situation here.

However, the surroundings were extraordinarily quiet even though so many people had gathered around. They all watched on silently as they were in turmoil inside.

The ninth prince who the empress had sent flying did not dare to make any sounds at all. He looked at the empress who sobbed while embracing Xi Yu and the heartbroken Xi Emperor beside her. He felt bitter inside.

He would have never thought that the Overgod he randomly came across in the Tian Yuan clan when he came looking for the person who had taken his Flower of Ways would actually be the princess of the Xi Empire of the north. Moreover, this princess had almost died to his hands.

At this moment, the ninth prince experienced deep regret. He also felt extremely victimised. If he had known that Xi Yu was the only daughter of the current emperor of the Xi Empire earlier, he would have never touched a hair on her even if he were a hundred times bolder.

Although the Blood Sun Empire was just like the Xi Empire, a ruler of an entire region, the current emperor of the Blood Sun Empire, the ninth prince’s father, had many children. He was only one of the many children under the emperor.

If the interests of the empire were truly threatened, his status as prince could be removed at any time.

However, Xi Yu was the only daughter of the Xi Emperor. Moreover, from the emotions the Xi Emperor and the empress had shown, there was no doubt that they were willing to give up everything for their daughter.

Xi Yu was unable to break free from the empress’ embrace no matter what, so she just gave up. She allowed herself to be embraced like that. It was just that she clearly struggled to accept these people who had suddenly said they were her parents. She resisted instinctively.

“No, no. You’re not my parents. I don’t have parents. I only have a foster father,” Xi Yu shook her head gently. She spoke very softly, but tears welled up in her eyes.

The empress looked at Xi Yu gently, and she used her right hand to wipe away the blood on Xi Yu’s face softly. The blood had already dyed the empress’ white, soft hands red. She said with a trembling voice, “Dumb child, don’t say dumb things. When mother and father abandoned you, we had no other choice either. Mother knows you resent us, and mother also knows that you cannot forgive us. But since we’ve found you now, mother will use the rest of her life to properly make it up to you.”

The Xi Emperor also walked over. He sighed gently, “Yu’er, it has been tough for you in the past few years. It’s just like what your mother said. When we abandoned you in the past, it was all to protect you. I’ll explain the exact reason later. Right now, tell father just who else has harassed you among the people here? I’ll help you deal with them.”

The expressions of the ninth prince and his henchmen all changed when they heard the Xi Emperor’s words. Even though they were all Godkings, they could not help but tremble inside.

The ninth prince secretly panicked. He had already sent a message, but his father still had not come.

He had no doubts that the Xi Emperor would kill him without any hesitation if the Blood Sun Empire still did not send any people. He would not take his status into account at all.

After all, the Xi Emperor was famed for his viciousness and brutality.

This time, Xi Yu finally broke free from the empress’ embrace. When she thought about the current situation of the Tian Yuan clan, Xi Yu immediately jumped slightly. She stopped wondering if the people before her were her parents immediately and quickly looked around.

“Nubis!” Suddenly, Xi Yu cried out and arrived beside Nubis with a single step.

Nubis currently laid on the ground with his eyes widened. The top of his skull had shattered, and his soul had been removed.

Xi Yu became furious. Fuming hatred filled her eyes, and she said painfully, “Y- you’ve killed Nubis.” Nubis was a close friend of Jian Chen. Xi Yu had no idea how sad Jian Chen would become once he heard that Nubis was dead.

The Godking who had taken Nubis’ soul immediately paled. He added in a hurry, “N- no… Your highness, please don’t jump to conclusions. H- h- he’s not dead. His soul is here.” The Godking’s attitude had undergone a complete reversal. Before he had even finished speaking, he took out Nubis’ soul in a hurry. He passed it in front of Xi Yu carefully as uneasiness filled his eyes.

At that moment, his arms, and even his entire body shook gently. He was filled with fright.

Nubis’ soul was fine. Once he broke free, he immediately returned to his body.

However, his body was severely injured, so he seemed extremely weak right now.

“Yan’er, Yan’er…” Suddenly, Mo Xingfeng’s sorrowful voice rang out.

Only when she heard her foster father’s sorrowful calls did Xi Yu remember that Mo Yan had been standing in the crowd before. Even Deities would struggle to endure the compression of space, so Mo Yan with her Saint Emperor cultivation was…

When she thought up to there, Xi Yu’s face became extremely pale in a single instance. She rushed past everyone as quickly as she could.

However, when she arrived there, she could not find Mo Yan at all. All she saw was a heap of blood and flesh with ripped cloth scattered in between it. It was the clothes that Mo Yan liked to wear the most.

Mo Xingfeng currently knelt before the pile of flesh and blood. He was grief-stricken.

The sight roared through Xi Yu’s head like a bolt of lightning. It stunned her instantly, and she began to totter heavily, almost falling to the ground. She had already become extremely pale.

Xi Yu fell onto her bottom as she stared at the pile of indistinguishable blood and flesh. Her mind was about to collapse as tears flowed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

“Yan’er… Yan’er…” Xi Yu murmured subconsciously. She could not help but think of the mischievous, energetic girl of the past. She was heart-broken.

She and Mo Yan were so close that it was not something anyone else could understand. It could even be said that Mo Yan was the person closest to her in the world. She was even more attached to Mo Yan than her foster father, Mo Xingfeng.

At this moment, the Xi Emperor and the empress made their way over. The Xi Emperor glanced at the pile of flesh before squatting down beside Xi Yu. He placed his hand on her shoulder and comforted her, “Yu’er, don’t worry and don’t feel sad. Father’s here.”

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