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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1991 - Xi Yu’s Departure (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1991: Xi Yu’s Departure (One)

The eyes of the Xi Emperor turned cold. He said frigidly, “You sure have done your calculations well. Let’s just ignore how much longer your ninth prince has been cultivating for the time being. It was your ninth prince that injured our Yu’er first, yet now you propose a battle between Yu’er and your ninth prince as a resolution? Does the life of my daughter pale in value to your ninth prince?” The Xi Emperor’s face was extremely sunken. He was furious. After he had said that, he took a step forward, and his powerful presence as a Chaotic Prime radiated, blanketing the people from the Blood Sun Empire in an extremely brutal method. He growled, “Don’t you even think about me agreeing to your joke of a match. If you don’t hand over the ninth prince today, I’ll make your Blood Sun Empire pay a price you can’t afford.”

The two ancestral emperors of the Blood Sun Empire fell silent. A presence that was no weaker than the Xi Emperor’s radiated from them, protecting their people.

However, from their tightly furrowed brows, it was evident that the two ancestral emperors were internally conflicted. They were stuck in a dilemma.

Although the Xi Emperor had only become a Chaotic Prime recently, such that the two ancestral emperors were more powerful than him in terms of cultivation, they really did not dare to become his enemy.

However, they could not hand over the ninth prince either. They understood the Xi Emperor. Once they handed the ninth prince over, he would be dead for sure.

They did not care about the lives of any of the princes in the empire. Instead, they cared about the humiliation it would bring to the Blood Sun Empire if the Xi Empire executed their ninth prince just like that.

At the same time, if they executed the ninth prince over the matter, the Blood Sun Empire would still take a hit to their pride.

After all, the Xi Emperor’s daughter was completely fine now. She had just suffered some injuries earlier. If their Blood Sun Empire had to pay with the life of a prince, it would mean that their Blood Sun Empire was not as great as the Xi Empire.

This matter was only the Xi Emperor taking revenge for his daughter.

However, to the Blood Sun Empire, this was something important that related to their dignity and status.

At this moment, Xi Yu said suddenly, “Okay, I accept your suggestion. I’ll fight the ninth prince after ten thousand years. I will kill him personally during this match.” There was evident killing intent directed towards the ninth prince in Xi Yu’s voice.

“Yu’er, don’t be impulsive. Your father will decide for you,” the empress pulled Xi Yu’s hand as she looked at her.

The Xi Emperor also turned around to look at Xi Yu. He showed no intentions of condemning her. Instead, his gaze became filled with gentleness. He said, “Yu’er, there’s no need to wait for ten thousand years. Since the ninth prince has injured you, he won’t be able to leave here today. You also can’t agree to this match.”

Xi Yu shook her head. She stared at the ninth prince, who the empress had slapped into a horrible shape, and said through gritted teeth, “I need to dish out this revenge personally. I want to kill him personally during a match.”

The Xi Emperor opened his mouth. He wanted to say something, but when he saw Xi Yu’s determined gaze, he could only sigh helplessly. He could see Xi Yu’s resolution through her eyes. If he continued to try to persuade her, not only would he fail to change her mind, but it might even lead to Xi Yu disliking him. Naturally, the Xi Emperor did not wish to see this.

Just when the ancestral emperors of the Blood Sun Empire had no idea what to do, they suddenly heard Xi Yu accept the match, and their eyes immediately lit up. One of them immediately said, “Since the esteemed princess has agreed to this, let’s just leave it like this. Xi Emperor, what do you think?”

The Xi Emperor was helpless. He did not fear the Blood Sun Empire, nor was he afraid of declaring war against the Blood Sun Empire. However, he needed to take his daughter’s feelings into account. Since she had already decided, what else could he say?

“I’ll let the ninth prince live for another ten thousand years for now because of Yu’er. However, he may have avoided death, but he still deserves punishment.” Towards the end, the Xi Emperor’s eyes sharpened. He extended a finger towards the ninth prince from the distance, and a terrifying pulse of energy shot out and headed directly towards the ninth prince.


The ninth prince produced a painful shriek. He directly fell out of the sky, and a bloody hole had appeared on his forehead.

The Xi Emperor had injured his soul, and the power of laws from the Xi Emperor remained there. Not only would it make it difficult for him to recover from this injury, but it would also make it almost impossible for him to reach the Primordial realm.

“Let’s go!” The two ancestral emperors of the Blood Sun Empire were indifferent to this. They turned around to leave.

“Leave behind the Spiritual Essence of Starry Skies!” The Xi Emperor called out. The Spiritual Essence of Starry Skies was good stuff. It would assist Xi Yu greatly. Even with his current strength, obtaining a drop of it was extremely difficult.

One of the ancestral emperors of the Blood Sun Empire paused. He tossed over the bottle that contained the Spiritual Essence of Starry Skies before leaving.

The emperor of the Blood Sun Empire reached for the ninth prince with a sunken face. Without saying anything, he left with the Infinite Primes of the empire.

In the blink of an eye, all the people from the Blood Sun Empire had departed. Xi Haoming and Xi Haoxuan did not remain for long after they had departed, leaving very soon as well.

In the blink of an eye, the ancestral emperors of the Blood Sun Empire and the Xi Empire were completely gone. Only the Xi Emperor’s group remained.

Although the storm had blown over now, the shock brought onto the people of the Tian Yuan clan from the arrival of the two groups of peak experts was tremendous. Many of them had yet to return to their senses even now.

“Yu’er, it has been tough for you during these years. Come home with mother. Mother will use the rest of her life to make it up to you,” the empress grasped Xi Yu’s hands tightly while her face was filled with motherly love.

The Xi Emperor put the bottle of Spiritual Essence of Starry Skies away before turning around and looking at his daughter deeply. Although he did not say anything, he experienced warmth and happiness greater than he had ever felt in the past.

Two thousand years. He had searched for two thousand years, and he was finally reunited with his daughter today!

“This is my home.” Xi Yu drew her hand back from the empress, and she looked at the ruined Tian Yuan clan. She spoke very softly.

“Yu’er…” The empress choked back sobs. Xi Yu’s coldness broke her heart. Tears pooled up in her eyes, and they almost rolled down her cheeks.

“No matter what, I have to thank you. Thank you for saving our Tian Yuan clan,” Xi Yu took a few steps back slowly and bowed at the empress and the emperor deeply.

The empress finally broke into tears uncontrollably again from how Xi Yu acted, while the Xi Emperor sighed inside. He knew that his daughter was still unwilling to forgive them.

However, since he had found his daughter now, he believed time could change her, that time could make her accept them.

In the distance, the light in the divine king’s eyes flickered. He hesitated, and in the end, he made up his mind. He stood forwards and clasped his hands, “I am the divine king of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Greetings to the Xi Emperor and the empress.”

After bowing towards the two of them, the divine king looked at Xi Yu and became stern. He said, “Your highness, Jian Chen currently faces the pursuit of the vice-leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult, Huai An. His life is in danger.”

When she heard that Jian Chen was being hunted down, Xi Yu’s face changed drastically. At that moment, she had completely forgotten about her parents and the Xi Empire. The divine king’s words boomed through her head.

“Your majesty, what did you say? The patriarch is currently being hunted down by a vice-leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult?” Xi Yu arrived before the divine king with a flash and asked him in disbelief.

The divine king nodded, “Not long ago, Huai An brought three late Godking protectors to deal with Jian Chen. Although I kept Huai An busy, the three late Godkings pursued Jian Chen. Although Jian Chen is a supreme Overgod, he’s definitely not the opponent of the three late Godkings. It has already been quite some time since the three late Godkings pursued him.”

“Also, now that Huai An is no longer entangled by me, he has travelled off in Jian Chen’s direction. With his speed, he has probably caught up already. Jian Chen definitely can’t escape, so he’ll definitely die if nothing happens.”

Xi Yu immediately paled after receiving the confirmation.

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