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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1997 - Bloodline Of The Ancient Skywolf
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Chapter 1997: Bloodline of the Ancient Skywolf

Including the captain, there were a total of three Godkings among the Swordwolf adventurers. Just when the captain started fighting Jian Chen, the two other Godkings struck out as well.

Naturally, Kai Ya and Chanlong would not watch on idly. They struck out as well, keeping a Godking busy each.

Although Kai Ya was only an Overgod, and she had only reached Godhood recently, her battle prowess was no worse than Jian Chen’s. Her control and usage of laws even amazed Jian Chen.

As a result, as soon as Kai Ya began fighting the Godking, she was equally matched with him, and she even gained the upper hand from time to time.

The three Godkings of the Swordswolf adventurers were not particularly powerful. They were no prodigies, and they were all just early Godkings. As a result, when Jian Chen and Kai Ya faced off against them, it was different from when they were being hunted down by the three protectors of the Empyrean Demon Cult. At that time, they basically could not fight back at all.

Compared to Jian Chen and Kai Ya’s ease, master Chanlong suffered much more. He had completely lost the upper hand. If it were not for the assistance from the soul trapped in the formation banners, which had materialised into a giant python, master Chanlong probably would have become heavily injured just from the Godking’s attacks.

After all, he was a formations master. He specialised in casting down formations and attacking people like that.

Master Chanlong held a simple, azure disc. He worked with the trapped soul against the Godking as his hands constantly changed between seals. He tossed out formation banners one after another to cast down formations as quickly as possible.

In an open battle, master Chanlong would probably struggle to defeat opponents of the same cultivation realm, but if he could cast down his formations, he could kill Godkings easily.

As they fought in the arena of life and death, violent booms rang out constantly. Powerful pulses of energy ravaged the arena, surprising many of the people who had gathered around it.

As the news that Godkings were fighting in the arena of life and death spread, more and more people gathered around it.

However, without any exception, all the observing people were stunned and shocked.

Three Overgods were fighting against three Godkings, and two of them were even equally matched with their Godking opponents, seemingly gaining the upper hand from time to time. This sight brought unimaginable shock to all the people watching.

“To be able to fend off Godkings as Overgods, the three of them must be supreme Overgods from the Overgods’ Plaque.”

“The young man and woman are especially impressive. I even suspect them to be ranked first on the Overgods’ Plaque.”

“We don’t know just how powerful the person ranked first is, but I am confident that the young man and woman are ranked within the top ten, no, the top three.”

Many people were amazed as they sighed in surprise around the arena.

At this moment, a great wolf howl rang out. The Wolf King and Jian Chen’s battle had reached a level of great intensity.

The Wolf King was already doused in blood. Vicious slashes covered his body, and out of the nine bone swords on his back, only six remained. Jian Chen had cut off three.

However, Jian Chen’s clothes were torn as well and splashed with blood. It was no longer possible to distinguish whether the blood was his or the Wolf King’s.

At this moment, at the very top of the spatial battleship, three old men sat within a well-decorated room.

The three old men seemed extremely simple. Their presences were concealed, making them seem like ordinary people. However, their eyes were extraordinary. Their simple-looking pupils would become as vast and profound as the universe from time to time.

“Three Overgods against three Godkings. Hehehe, this is extremely rare. I never thought that something as interesting as this would happen on our spatial battleship, the Sunlit Dawn,” a white-robed, ruddy old man chuckled.

Beside the white-robed old man, there was another wrinkly old man in linen robes. He nodded in agreement and sighed in amazement, “Just the three Overgods that they’ve encountered randomly are actually so powerful. Not only does that woman’s usage of the Laws of Destruction and Laws of Fire make me admire her in particular, but the young man who uses the sword is extremely outstanding as well. I wonder what cultivation method he practises. I can sense a brutal power different from the Laws of Destruction from him. As for that old man, although there’s nothing outstanding about him, the formations he casts down are extremely impressive. Sigh, it has been quite a long time since I’ve moved around in the world. Are all the juniors of this generation this impressive?”

“Not all of them are this outstanding. There just happens to be a few of them together,” said the last old man in red robes. He was the old man who had repelled Huai An for Jian Chen and destroyed one of Huai An’s arms.

“Hehehe, it’s quite rare to see such a fascinating show where three Overgods fight three Godkings at the same time. Hong Mo, Mu He, if we don’t have some fun when there’s something so interesting going on, it’ll be too great of a pity. Why don’t we have a bet?” The white-robed, ruddy old man chuckled. He continued, “They seem to be some Swordswolf adventurers. Out of the three Godkings, only the swordswolf is barely eye-catching. He possesses a shred of the bloodline of the ancient Skywolf. In particular, his last bone sword has condensed a sliver of the bloodline’s power. As a result, once it erupts, he’ll be able to kill almost all early Godkings. Only those prodigies can stop it. Let’s bet on who will emerge victorious between the swordswolf and the kiddo with the sword.”

“Do we still need to gamble? The young man with the sword matches the swordswolf evenly and gains the upper hand from time to time, but that’s only because the swordswolf hasn’t used the power of his bloodline. Once he uses that, even if the kid survives, he’ll be left half alive. Of course, that’s given that the woman with the Laws of Fire and Destruction and the old man with the formations don’t provide assistance,” the wrinkly Mu He in linen robes shot a glance over and said in some displeasure.

The red-robed old man who had saved Jian Chen, Hong Mo, smiled faintly. He said, “Since the battle is still ongoing, we naturally don’t know who will win. Let’s bet. Let’s see who will win. I’ll isolate the three of them so that they can’t work together against the swordswolf. Please place your bets.”

“I’ll bet a piece of True Metal of Buddha on the swordswolf.”

“I’ll bet a first grade God Tier healing pill on the swordswolf as well.”

The two old men placed their bets very soon. They both chose the swordswolf.

Hong Mo smiled faintly and said, “Since you’ve both chosen the swordswolf, I naturally can’t copy you. I choose the young man with the sword. I’ll bet that he will win.”

“Haha. Hong Mo, it’s your loss for sure this time. That sliver of power from the bloodline of the ancient Skywolf cannot be underestimated.”

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