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Chapter 201: The Sword Spirits of the Azure and Violet Swords

Jian Chen continued to sit down with his eyes closed as his body trembled. Inside his dantian, it was almost as if there was a giant earthquake violently shaking the place. The violet and azure glows continued to flicker wildly and send their light throughout the entire dantian. Floating in middle of the dantian, even the Light Wind Sword had been affected and was shaking uncontrollably.

The first time he had seen the violet and azure glow in his dantian was back in Kargath Academy when he first condensed his Saint Weapon. At this moment, the two glows of light were releasing a brilliant luster while coiling around each other in the shape and manner of the Yin Yang symbol.

Feeling the change within his body, Jian Chen’s elation from becoming a Great Saint Master had begun to die down. For the first time since taking residency in his dantian, the twin glows were finally causing him trouble once more.

Although the matter of the problem in his dantian had caught Jian Chen off guard, he was not too frantic. From this morning, he had long anticipated that something would happen, so he had made preparations in advance.

The violet and azure glows in his dantian continued to coil around each other like the Yin Yang symbol endlessly. Even the floating Saint Weapon within his dantian felt as if it was slowly trying to break away from the invisible bindings that bound it to Jian Chen. At the same time, Jian Chen could faintly feel that the twin glows of violet and azure were feeling some sort of excitement within his head. This sensation had left Jian Chen in disbelief and confusion.

There was confusion within Jian Chen’s thoughts. Just what could have happened to his dantian in order for him to feel such a strange emotion? This has only happened once, back when he had come across the strange white stone back in Wake City. This feeling was rather fierce and Jian Chen also thought that it seemed very deep.

Although his mind was baffled, Jian Chen simply didn’t have any time to sit around and ponder. From his seated position, he began to try to suppress his Saint Weapon that was trying to remove his control over it. As of right now, he was completely powerless to do anything else but try to restrain the objects within his dantian. Because of the rebellion of his dantian, Jian Chen had no other choice but to try to withstand it. While sitting, he had begun to pray that the effects would not be too disastrous.

The two glows within his dantian began to spin faster and faster as the glows began to emit an even stronger light. In the end, the fierce light from the glows ultimately speared through his body and were sent flying outside.

Right now, Jian Chen’s entire body was basked in the rich glow of violet and azure light. The twin lights spread out 30 meters away from him as the fierce glows lit up the sky above, completely eclipsing the color of the normal sky light.

“Hey, look! Jian Chen’s body is glowing…”

“How strange, how is there light coming from his body?”

“Could he have made a miracle somehow while cultivating…?”


Seeing the current condition of Jian Chen’s body, every villager there opened their eyes in shock. Each person pointed at Jian Chen as they talked; this sight was something that not a single person had ever witnessed before.

Then, the twin lights within Jian Chen’s dantian flew out completely from his body, bringing about a torrent of light as they flashed through Jian Chen’s chest.

“Crap!” Jian Chen’s face became shocked. However, the violet and azure light were far too fast for him; the very moment he had become aware of the lights’s movement, they had already disappeared from his dantian and passed through his body.


Jian Chen could only hear a boom ring through his head as it began to spin uncontrollably. Even his own vision had begun to blur as if he were on the verge of losing consciousness.

In the depths of his mind, Jian Chen felt as if he had arrived in a strange new world. An endless chain of mountains spread out far beyond what his eyes could perceive from the enchanting scenery. The amount of World Essence was incomparably abundant and flowed along with the coiling dragon like river through the mountains. Even the trees near the river were growing in abundance as each tree covered the sky with their canopy. The vision was the picture perfect scene of a land of paradise.

At that moment, a violet and azure colored light shot through the sky like a falling star leaving a trail of dazzling light. The speed it was traveling at covered countless miles in a single second. The lights were still twisting and coiling around each other as if they were lovers in the sky.

In the midst of the violet and azure light, the faint outline of two mysterious swords could be seen. One was a violet color and the other was a azure color.

“Zi Ying Sword, Qing Suo Sword!” Upon seeing these two spiritual swords, Jian Chen somehow instantly exclaimed the names of the swords.

From this strange world Jian Chen was in, he could feel a major difference in his body on the outside. His body continued to emit the two violet and azure glows of light, before forming the two swords ten meters above his head.

From far away, it was almost as if two incomparably large swords had stabbed into Jian Chen’s head. At the same time, a strong amount of Sword Aura condensed outside of his body and covered the sky, yet it was also transparent enough to look like a cloud.

A hundred meters away, the villagers were all looking sluggish once more. No one dared to blink and instead stared at the violet and azure colored spiritual swords above his head. To the villagers, this sight was far too mystical.

A far distance away from Huang Village in a large palace, a crane haired elder floated 3 meters above the ground in a sitting position with his eyes closed.

At this moment, the elder suddenly opened his eyes in a single instant. Two mysterious glows of light flashed outward as if penetrating the space in front of him with a chilling stare. As if he could see through the building he was in, his eyes stared out at the outside scene.

“What a strong Qi. Just what is this and why haven’t I seen such a thing before?” The elder furrowed his eyebrows as his mind raced with his thoughts. “Could it be that somewhere, another Peak Expert has appeared?”


Within a small mountain village, a patched robed elder suddenly lifted his head up from his farm fields and looked off in the direction of Huang Village with a calm look.

“This is Sword Aura, an abnormally strong Sword Aura. Who could have reached such a pinnacle in the way of the sword and yet remain unknown to me? Could I have lived in seclusion for far too long in the Tian Yuan Continent to miss the arrival of a new expert?” The elder murmured with some shock.

At the same time from every corner of the Tian Yuan Continent. Many Peak Experts began to feel the unbelievably strong amount of Sword Aura with astonished looks.

At Huang Village.

Jian Chen had already been sitting in his current position for two hours. Everyone in the village had already gathered a hundred meters within the area and were talking about the two violet and azure colored swords above Jian Chen.

“Everyone, look! There’s movement!”

Suddenly, someone within the crowd cried out. Everyone turned to look only to see the violet and azure sword above Jian Chen’s head gradually dim before completely disappearing from sight.

Not too long after, Jian Chen slowly opened his shut eyes and had a look of utter disbelief on his face.

Taking in another deep breath, Jian Chen slowly stood up. Although only 2 hours had passed, he had somehow managed to learn of many things during this time. After all this time, he had finally figured out the existence of the violet and azure lights in his dantian, a problem that he had been perplexed by ever since they first appeared. However, Jian Chen found the truth of the situation hard to believe. Even though it was something he had decided, he was still momentarily unable to accept it.

Rosco slowly approached Jian Chen after observing him from afar before speaking with concern, “Kid, are you fine now? What exactly made you so shocked?”

Jian Chen slowly shook his head, “I’m fine, uncle, just a little tired. Could you possibly find me a spare room to sleep in for a moment?”

Hearing Jian Chen’s words, Rosco let out a breath of air. At the very least, he had confirmed that Jian Chen wasn’t injured in any noticeable way.

“As long as you’re fine, then that’s no problem. I’ll have the village prepare another room for you by the edge of the village so no one will disturb you. It’ll be peaceful as well, come on now.”

After that, Rosco brought Jian Chen to another house by the side of the village. Inside the house, there was no furniture at all, not even a bed.

Declining Rosco’s suggestion of getting a bed, Jian Chen hurriedly thought of an excuse to have Rosco leave along with the other people.

The light within the room wasn’t all that bright, but Jian Chen sat on the ground and began to digest the information he had learned today.

After that miraculous display, Jian Chen had finally understood the meaning behind the violet and azure colored lights. They were in fact the Sword Spirit of the Deity Swords; the “Zi Ying Sword” and the “Qing Suo Sword”. Both sword had the power to cause mass destruction.

These two Sword Spirits were the equivalent to the primal state of chaos. From the leaking amount of Yin Yang Qi in the world, they had eventually evolved to finally attain a sentient form.

Then after using the power of an immortal, they had gathered the richest amount of Yin Yang Qi to refine themselves into the violet and azure Soul Swords. Even after that, they took the endless amount of World Essence and poured it into their own blood to fully refine the Soul Swords.

After the completion of the swords, the world began to shake and the heavens started to rain thunder as if to announce the advent of these Weapon Deities.

The parents of these two swords were basically the Yin and Yang itself along with the special ingredients used to make the sword. Therefore, these two swords came to be known as the Yin Yang Swords. Qing Suo as the Yin and Zi Ying as the Yang; these two swords were an absolute pair. When the violet and azure swords came together under one, then the Yin and Yang energy would flow together and would have an absolutely terrifying power of destruction. These swords were even rumored to be able to split the heavens and sunder the earth with a power like no other.

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