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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2010 - The Three-eyed Demon King
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2010: The Three-eyed Demon King

The sudden chill Jian Chen had experienced while he had been comprehending and Kai Ya’s sudden sense of unease made him feel an ill omen. He was in no mood to drink with Chi Xiang, but just when he wanted to turn him down, a noisy clamor rang out.

“An apology? Hahahaha, you’ve run into this king, and you want to make it up by apologising? Are you two looking down on me? Would I still have any dignity left if I just let this slide?”

“Sorry senior. It’s my younger sister’s fault. I hope senior can take my younger sister’s age into account and be the bigger person and forgive my younger sister’s disrespect earlier.”

Jian Chen could not help but gaze over at where the clamor had started. The two females he had met on the deck of the battleship were currently talking to a burly man with a third eye that grew vertically on his forehead.

A heavy presence wrapped around the burly man as he gave off a heavy pressure. His gaze was vicious as he glared at the two females viciously.

The older lady among them was slightly flustered. She apologised to the three-eyed burly man constantly.

As for the young girl, she understood that she had accidentally caused trouble again. Her face paled in fright as she clung onto the hand of the woman next to her. She trembled pitifully.

At this moment, the three-eyed man sneered. He suddenly looked at the young girl’s chest, and before they could react, he grabbed the pendant around the young girl’s neck. He studied it for a while in his hand and said, “Since you’ve run into me, give me the pendant as your apology. I won’t pester you any longer seeing how you’re young.” As he said that, the burly man had already gripped the pendant tightly.

“Ah! My mother gave me that before she passed away. Give it back, give it back. Give it back, please. I beg you, don’t take what my mother gave me before she died.” Like a cat that someone had stepped on its tail, the little girl leapt up now that her pendant was taken. She forgot about her fear and dread, and she lunged at the burly man angrily. She wanted to take her jade pendant back.

However, the young girl had only begun cultivating, so it was impossible for her to approach the man. The thin layer of origin energy around the man forced her back.

“Senior, the pendant is the only item that Xiao Man’s parents left for her. It holds great significance for Xiao Man. Moreover, it’s not like the pendant is anything valuable, so I beg senior to return it to Xiao Man,” the lady forced back her anger and said submissively.

The eyes of the burly man turned cold from that. When he saw more and more people direct their attention over here, he could not help but have a sliver of killing intent appear in his eyes. He said coldly, “You ran into this king, and this king didn’t punish you for the sake of this king’s dignity. This king only wanted this pendant that would only be a low grade saint artifact at most as an excuse to forgive you. Yet not only do the two of you have no idea what’s best for you, but you even want more than that. Do you really think I can be provoked? This king will give the two of you a choice right now. Do you want the jade pendant or your lives? Choose.”

The burly man definitely would not return the jade pendant. His third eye possessed a special ability that allowed him to see the reality of many things. The jade pendant seemed simple, but he discovered that it was extraordinary through his third eye.

He had decided that the jade pendant would definitely be a treasure.

In order to scare the people who paid attention to prevent anyone from interfering, the man let out a powerful presence when he reached there. He was a mid Godking.

The young girl was blown away like a broken kite from the eruption of the presence. She could not resist at all.

If it were not for the fact that fighting was forbidden on the spatial battleship apart from the arena of life and death, which made the burly man fearful, he could have used his presence alone to crush the girl who only seemed to be at the Mortal realm.

The older lady was only a late Overgod. Under the presence of a mid Godking, she struggled to protect herself, so she had no effort to spare to protect the girl.

Just when the girl was about to hit the ground, Jian Chen immediately took a step forward as he watched on from a distance. He crossed several hundred meters like he had teleported and directly arrived behind the girl. He caught her gently.

Jian Chen placed her on the ground softly and asked in a voice filled with concern, “Little sister, are you alright?”

The girl’s eyes were red and tears pooled up. She seemed pitiful, and she said, “I’m fine. Thank you for saving me, big brother.” The little girl looked at the burly man, and her innocent eyes were filled with helplessness. It was a heartbreaking sight. She sobbed, “That’s the old thing my mother left me before she passed away…”

“Don’t worry, big brother will get it back for you,” Jian Chen comforted the young girl before looking at the three-eyed man. He said, “Sir, you’re a might Godking, yet you’re openly taking a little girl’s things. That doesn’t suit your identity at all. Why don’t you return the pendant?”

Even though the three-eyed Demon King had already reached mid Godking, Jian Chen felt no fear at all. In the three years of comprehension, his strength had increased significantly even though he had not reached the major achievement of Sword Spirit.

Moreover, he had grasped the power of the ancient Skywolf’s bloodline.

Jian Chen only knew that the howl emitted from the power of the bloodline possessed extremely surprising might, but even he himself did not know just how great it was.

As a result, he wanted to find a mid Godking to test his current strength.

Jian Chen sticking his nose into the matter seemed to trigger the burly man. A terrifying presence radiated from him as he glared coldly at Jian Chen with killing intent, “Kid, who are you? Are you sick of living for getting in the way of my matters?”

“He seems to be that Jian Chen who killed the captain of the Swordswolf adventurers as a late Overgod in the arena of life and death.”

“Hmm? That really is Jian Chen. It has been three years. I never thought he’d actually appear on the deck.”

Many people recognised Jian Chen in the surroundings and cried out his name.

“So you’re that Jian Chen? I don’t care who you are. Even if you rank first on the Overgods’ Plaque, this king won’t let you have it easy if you stick your nose into my matters. If you’re smart, leave immediately. I can forgive you for your rudeness earlier,” said the three-eyed Demon King.

“Hmph, you sure talk big. I would like to see just what ability you have as the so-called three-eyed Demon King,” a sneer rang out. Chi Xiang made his way over from nearby, and a Godking basically followed him closely the entire time.

“And who are you?” The three-eyed Demon King’s face sank. Killing intent shone coldly in his eyes. However, when he saw the Godking beside Chi Xiang, he could not help but become stern.

“I’m Chi Xiang.”

The three-eyed Demon King’s face immediately changed. He said in surprise, “Chi Xiang? Are you from the Chi family of the Blood Sun Empire from the southern region of the Cloud Plane?”

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