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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2011 - The Vicious Beasts Of Space
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2011: The Vicious Beasts of Space

“That’s right,” replied Chi Xiang. Even though he was only a late Overgod, he showed no fear at all when he faced the three-eyed Demon King who was a mid Godking.

After confirming Chi Xiang’s identity, the three-eyed Demon King’s gaze towards him immediately became filled with deep fear.

The three-eyed Demon King had stayed in the imperial capital of the Blood Sun Empire for a while, so he understood the major sects and clans in the Blood Sun Empire slightly. The Chi family was one of the major clans, and even the imperial family had to show them some respect.

To the three-eyed Demon King, the descendants of these major clans could never be provoked.

Even though he had already left the southern region and the Cloud Plane now, his fear of these major clans remained the same. This was because he understood that once he offended these major clans, they could easily take teleportation formations across planes to kill him even if he had fled the Cloud Plane.

Most importantly, a Godking followed Chi Xiang.

Any young master who a Godking protected would definitely hold a significant status.

Jian Chen slowly made his way towards the three-eyed Demon King, and his presence increased. He gave off a powerful battle intent and said, “Sir, you better return the item to the girl. Otherwise, it’ll probably turn out ugly. We might end up meeting on the arena of life and death.”

Jian Chen’s presence directly crushed down on the three-eyed Demon King. He felt a tinge of desire, a desire for a powerful opponent to challenge so that he could test his current strength and the might of the power from the ancient Skywolf’s bloodline.

The three-eyed Demon King was immediately enraged from Jian Chen’s naked threats. Killing intent surged in his eyes. Even though he had heard about Jian Chen and knew that he could kill Godkings as an Overgod, they were only early Godkings. There was no need for him to fear.

The difference between early and mid Godkings was extremely great. It could be described as heaven and earth.

If Jian Chen was an early Godking, the three-eyed Demon King believed he could challenge those stronger than him, such as late Godkings. However, Jian Chen was still an Overgod right now.

The three-eyed Demon King stared at Jian Chen viciously with killing intent. Just when he was about to agree to Jian Chen’s challenge to the arena of life and death, Chi Xiang’s voice rang out.

“Brother Jian Chen’s matters are my matters as well. Three-eyed Demon King, if you don’t do what brother Jian Chen wants you to do, I can only try you out in the arena of life and death as well.

Chi Xiang’s words were like a cold bucket of water poured over the head of the three-eyed Demon King. It sent chills running through his body.

He did not treat Chi Xiang’s strength with any significance, but there were no rules at all in the arena of life and death. He was certain that once Chi Xiang really entered the arena, the expert from the Chi family would follow him in as well.

“I won’t look any further into this matter for the sake of young master Chi.” The three-eyed Demon King understood it was no longer possible for him to keep the jade pendant. He glared at Jian Chen before tossing the jade pendant back to the girl reluctantly. He left with a sunken face.

The girl was especially overjoyed when she regained the pendant. She clutched it in her hand tightly as she thanked Jian Chen gratefully.

The older lady walked over as well. She clasped her fist at Jian Chen and said gratefully, “I am Zi Yun. This is my younger sister, Xiao Man. Thank you for retrieving the jade pendant for my sister.”


Just when Jian Chen was about to respond, a deafening sound suddenly rang out. The entire spatial battleship shook violently, and it seemed to come to a halt along with the great sound. The inertia caused all the people on the deck to lurch forwards uncontrollably. Even Godkings struggled to gain their footing under such speeds.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

Immediately, a series of collisions rang out. All the people on the deck smacked into the railing or directly onto the barrier around the ship at that moment.

Many people vomited blood. The collision was just too powerful. Even Overgods could not avoid being injured. There were even many people below Overgod who directly had their souls dispersed.

Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and master Chanlong were unable to avoid this either. They slammed towards the railing of the ship with lightning speed. At this critical moment, master Chanlong directly used his azure disc to protect himself, while the Laws of Destruction permeated Kai Ya’s surroundings. As for Jian Chen, he filled every inch of his body with Chaotic Force in that split second, unleashing the defences of the Chaotic Body.

However, even with that being the case, Jian Chen still ended up seeing stars after the collision. He felt like the world was spinning around him.

The collision was simply too strong. With how the battleship had suddenly stopped at such a great speed, the inertia was imaginable. They all lurched forwards faster than comets.

The deck became filled with the heavy smell of blood. Many people died on the spot with their bodies torn to pieces. Blood dyed the deck red.

Jian Chen recovered very quickly. When he gained his bearings again and found that Kai Ya and master Chanlong were fine, only shaken up slightly just like himself, he could not help but feel relieved. He looked around and discovered that some Godkings had also crawled to their feet in horrible shapes. Many Overgods suffered varying of different degrees.

Chi Xiang had a defensive supreme quality saint artifact, so he was fine.

Zi Yun was also unscathed. She had hugged her younger sister as soon as the sudden halt had happened, so Xiao Man did not suffer any wounds either. She had only fallen unconscious from the impact.

“What happened?”

“What is happening? Has something happened to the spatial battleship?”

A disturbance immediately erupted as more and more people recovered.

However, in the next moment, three extremely terrifying presences radiated from the spatial battleship. It passed through the protective barriers and directly permeated the surrounding space, causing it to ripple like water.

Three old men silently appeared above the deck. They looked up as they were extremely grim.

The three old men were the three elders Jian Chen had met at the top of the spatial battleship.

“Space beasts are attacking. Everyone be on guard!”

Hong Mo, who stood in the centre, growled. His voice was old but filled with energy, directly passing through the formations of the spatial battleship and resounding across every nook and cranny.

“Space beasts!” Jian Chen was stunned, and he suddenly looked up. With that, his eyes suddenly narrowed.

An extremely great shadow hovered above the spatial battleship. It was like a tremendous dark cloud that crushed down, obscuring the radiance of the suns and stars.

As it was black by itself and extremely close to the color of space, it was difficult to discover its existence without looking carefully.

“What kind of space beast is this? It’s huge!” Jian Chen was deeply shocked. The spatial battleship was several dozen kilometers long. It was already enormous in his eyes, yet when it was compared to the space beast that hovered above, it was like an ant to an elephant.

The space beast was truly the size of a planet.

At the same time, the grey-haired old woman slowly opened her eyes in a high class cabin. An evident sliver of exhaustion was in her eyes as she sighed gently, “I never thought a Nebula Beast Emperor would appear here. I can’t stay on this spatial battleship any longer. Sigh. I’ve fled for so many years already. I just wonder whether I can escape this.”

The old woman slowly put the damaged armor placed beside her away as she said that. She opened the cabin door and walked towards the deck steadily.

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