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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2012 - Nebula Beast Emperor
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2012: Nebula Beast Emperor

The deck of the spatial battleship became filled with people very soon. The cultivators who remained in their cabins originally made their way to the deck as quickly as possible, crowding the huge deck to the point where movements were almost impossible.

There were many people injured among them. Clearly, the sudden halt of the spatial battleship had made of them collide against the battleship even when they were in their cabins.

At this moment, even though the ship deck was packed, it was deathly silent. Everyone looked up at the huge, planet-like space beast that hovered above the spatial battleship. They were deeply stunned.

Jian Chen became extremely grim as he stared at the space beast. His heart had sunken completely.

Although he was unable to detect the exact strength of the space beast due to the protective formations around the spatial battleship, he still felt like a single breath from it was enough to blow them away.

“It’s actually a Nebula Beast Emperor. We’re in deep trouble now.”

Among the three elders of the spatial battleship, Mu He growled.

Hong Mo’s face also sank. Immediately, he passed down orders, “Activate all the defensive formations. Pour all the energy for the killing formations into the movement formations. Use the divine crystal reserves on the spatial battleship and pour them all into the movement formations. Use the greatest speed the battleship can achieve to charge through.”

“Yes, sir!”

With that, a disciplinary Godking below replied politely and immediately entered the hold of the ship.

In just a few seconds, a tremendous energy pulse was emitted from the spatial battleship. The ship had activated all its defensive formations, pushing its defences to the limit.

The defensive formations on the spatial battleship were extremely powerful. Let alone Infinite Primes, even Chaotic Primes would require several strikes to get through them.

Although its defences were strengthened, the spatial battleship expended its energy extremely quickly as well.

As soon as the defences were pushed to the maximum, the movement formations of the battleship were activated as well and pushed to the limit. Immediately, a great acceleration caused many people on the deck to stumble, and the spatial battleship had already rushed off as a streak of light.

“Activate the energy-drawing formation. Everyone on the battleship, immediately pour your origin energy into the deck. Whether we can escape or not will depend on that,” Hong Mo’s voice rang out again. This time, he was clearly speaking to everyone on the battleship.

With that, a huge formation immediately appeared below everyone’s feet on the deck.

This was the energy-drawing formation on the spatial battleship. It could direct all the energy it received into any formation.

Everyone knew that they faced a crisis right now. At this moment where their lives were threatened, none of them hesitated. They all poured their origin energy into the formation without holding back at all.

All the origin energy was directed into the movement formation of the battleship. With this, the battleship’s speed suddenly exploded. At that moment, it widened the distance between the space beast drastically.

Immediately, this sight made many people feel relieved. They felt fortunate.

However, their faces froze very soon. They stared above in a daze.

The spatial battleship had already unleashed its full speed, and it was much faster than before. However, the space beast moved even faster. In less than two seconds, it caught up from behind. It appeared above the battleship with its dark body, and a huge talon as large as a mountain suddenly fell down. It ripped through space and struck the spatial battleship with tremendous, terrifying pressure.

With a great boom, the spatial battleship was like a leaf, swept far away by the Nebula Beast Emperor’s talon.

All the people on the deck collided with each other in horrible shapes. Even Godkings struggled to stabilise themselves.

In the blink of an eye, only two people remained standing on the entire deck aside from the three elders.

One of them was the old woman who had appeared in the convention, while the other was a young man in embroidered robes.

However, the two of them were extremely grim.

“The Nebula Beast Emperor has already reached early Chaotic Prime. It’s impossible to escape using the battleship,” the old woman said. Her feeble voice possessed a tinge of exhaustion.

When the old woman spoke, the spatial battleship shook violently once again. The formation on the very outside had shattered, destroyed by the Nebula Beast Emperor.

Although there were countless defensive formations on the spatial battleship, these formations interwove and stacked upon one another, forming three powerful formations in the end.

One of the three formations had been shattered. Only two remained.

The young man in embroidered robes was extremely grim. He stared at the Nebula Beast Emperor and growled, “The defensive formations on the spatial battleship can’t last for long against Chaotic Primes. Elders, please open the formations so that we can flee.”

The young man was also a Primordial realm expert!

“Hong Mo, what do we do?” The two other elders looked at Hong Mo.

Hong Mo’s gaze gradually sharpened as a powerful battle intent rose up from his body. He said, “Although the Nebula Beast Emperor has reached Chaotic Prime, it only seems to have broken through recently from its presence. I’ll go try it out. If I can keep it busy, immediately leave here with the spatial battleship.

“Hong Mo, that’s too dangerous…” The two elders wanted to persuade him, but Hong Mo had already vanished.

In the next moment, powerful Primordial realm laws descended. The entire space shook heavily as powerful pulses of spatial energy radiated outwards. Clearly, Hong Mo had already engaged the Nebula Star King in battle.

Just when the two remaining elders were about to pass down orders for the battleship to leave, it suddenly shook. The Nebula Beast Emperor suddenly extended its mountainous talon and swung it at the ship.


The second defensive formation on the spatial battleship had shattered as well.

“Oh no!” The faces of two elders on the spatial battleship twisted horribly.

“The Nebula Beast Emperor is far too powerful. It’s impossible to escape. Give me healing pills. Once I recover a little, I’ll fend off the Nebula Beast Emperor with you. Maybe there’s a chance to survive,” said the old woman.

“Here!” At this moment, the two elders no longer cared about the value of the healing pills. They each produced a God Tier healing pill and passed it to the old woman.

The old woman inspected the two pills quickly before consuming them as quickly as possible.

It was also at this moment that the Nebula Beast Emperor’s five talons fell simultaneously, striking the last defensive formation with terrifying force.

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