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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2014 - The Might Of A Howl
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2014: The Might of a Howl

The two strands of Profound Sword Qi moved extremely quickly. It overcame the distance and arrived before the foreheads of the two Nebula Beasts in the instance it was shot out.

Spurt! Spurt!

The two early Godking Nebula Beasts were unable to react at all as the two strands of sword Qi punched through their huge heads.

Immediately, their powerful presences rapidly declined, and their vicious eyes became hollow. All signs of life had vanished from their bodies.

After sending out the two strands of sword Qi, the power of Jian Chen’s soul decreased by half.

Fortunately, his soul had reached the level of Godkings, so it was quite a lot more powerful than before. Shooting out two strands of Profound Sword Qi was unable to drain all the power of his soul anymore.

Looking at the two dead Nebula Beasts, Jian Chen’s eyes lit up. He discovered that after his soul had reached the level of Godkings, the might of his Profound Sword Qi had increased by quite a lot as well. Otherwise, if he had sent out two strands of Profound Sword Qi that were on the same level of power as before, it would only drain a third of the power of his soul.

However, he ended up consuming half of it. The remaining portion had gone to strengthen the Profound Sword Qi.

Jian Chen did not stop. He used sword Qi to cut the heads of the Nebula Beasts to pieces and removed two fist-sized energy crystals from them. At the same time, he formed a seal with his right hand and used the Daluo Sword against a Godking Nebula Beast Kai Ya was fighting.

The Nebula Beast was locked in an intense battle against Kai Ya with the other Nebula Beast of similar strength. Its tremendous body was covered in wounds, with many places burnt by the Laws of Fire and pulsing with the Laws of Destruction. Clearly, it was heavily injured.

With Jian Chen’s entry, the Nebula Beast became even less of an opponent. With a flash of golden light, the sword Qi sliced its head off effortlessly.

At the same time, Kai Ya’s hand struck the fourth Godking Nebula Beast’s head. Her slender, white hand possessed unbelievable power. The Laws of Destruction surged, directly reducing the head to pieces.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen and Kai Ya had killed off all four of the Godking Nebula Beasts.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya collected an energy crystal each. Without hesitating, they called master Chanlong and immediately charged outwards.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya did not hold back at all. The Laws of Destruction, Laws of Fire, and Laws of the Sword mingled in the surroundings, mercilessly killing the Nebula Beasts that were Overgods at most and Deities at the very least.

With their battle prowess that matched Godkings, slaughtering the Nebula Beasts was naturally effortless. Corpses of Nebula Beasts formed whole flocks wherever they went while blood had already filled the surroundings.

However, Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong did not relax at all. Instead, they became grimmer.

This was because they had all noticed that a large number of Nebula Beasts had already surrounded them. They formed a huge sphere around them, locking them in as they attacked them from all directions. No matter how many Nebula Beasts they ended up slaughtering, they remained trapped in the sphere, unable to break free.

As time went on and cultivators from the spatial battleship died constantly, more and more Nebula Beasts were freed up, which all charged over to fight the remaining cultivators.

As a result, even though the three of them had already slaughtered many Nebula Beasts of various strength, the encirclement did not weaken at all. Instead, the number of beasts increased.

Jian Chen did not even have the time to collect the energy crystals of the Overgod Nebula Beasts they had slaughtered. All he could do was watch them float in outer space quietly.

Suddenly, a few tremendous roars rang out from the distance. Seven enormous Nebula Beasts charged towards Jian Chen’s group. Even though they were injured to varying degrees, their presences were extremely powerful.

Surrounded, the expressions of the three of them changed. The seven Nebula Beasts were all Godkings, and two of them were mid Godkings.

Before they could think too much about it, the seven Godking Nebula Beasts had already arrived with lightning speed. They attacked Jian Chen without any hesitation. Two of the early Godking Nebula Beasts looked at master Chanlong, and the pressure they gave off made his body sink suddenly.

Master Chanlong was extremely grim. He was a formations master. If he had cast down his most powerful formations, he was confident about killing these two early Godking Nebula Beasts.

However, he faced the disruption of the many other Nebula Beasts around him right now. He did not have the time to cast down formations that could kill Godkings.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya’s hearts sank as well. With so many Godking Nebula Beasts and two at mid Godking, they felt extremely pressured.

Moreover, they had clearly sensed that if they continued to waste time like this, more Godking Nebula Beasts would hurry over.

Suddenly, a gleam of light flashed through Kai Ya’s eyes. In the next moment, her presence changed, and she raised both of her hands. The Laws of Destruction gathered in her right hand as the Laws of Fire transformed into dazzling flames in her left. Between her hands, three inches above her head, the power from the Laws of Creation gathered.

At that moment, the Laws of Creation, Destruction, and Fire had all gathered around Kai Ya. As soon as the three laws appeared, they seemed to create a bridge connected to the universe, making Kai Ya give off a sliver of the universe’s presence. It was profound.

However, ordinary people could not sense this presence. Only the powerful existences who had deeply comprehended the mysteries of the world could sense it.

As a result, even Jian Chen was unable to sense it as he stood beside Kai Ya.

Suddenly, Kai Ya extended both of her hands. With that, the Laws of Destruction, Fire, and Creation all surged out, striking one of the mid Godking Nebula Beasts with the presence of the universe.

Her simple-looking gesture contained unbelievable power. The mid Godking’s tremendous body actually silently disintegrated from it. Let alone its body, but even its energy crystal did not remain, turning directly into nothingness.

Kai Ya shuddered heavily after the strike, and her face rapidly paled.


At basically the same time as when Kai Ya sent out her terrifying attack, Jian Chen unleashed a howl. It sounded exactly like a wolf’s howl.

With the howl, the power of the ancient Skywolf’s bloodline in Jian Chen’s body was completely drained.

A visible sound wave with a terrifying might that even the countless Nebula Beasts in the region feared expanded in all directions.

Wherever the sound wave passed by, countless Nebula Beasts let out painful shrieks. The Nebula Beasts below Godking all bled from their facial orifices before ceasing all movement. All signs of life drained from their bodies at that moment. They were reduced to corpses.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen’s howl shook the countless Nebula Beasts around the trio to death. Even the early Godking Nebula Beasts stopped attacking the three of them and let out painful shrieks.

Only the mid Godking Nebula Beast was left dazed and confused. It had become temporarily stunned.

Just a single howl had claimed the lives of tens of thousand Nebula Beasts. This sight stunned Jian Chen as well.

In the distance, the Primordial realm experts who battled the Nebula Beast Emperor paused as well. Their eyes widened as they suddenly looked in Jian Chen’s direction.

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