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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2016 - Surviving In The Tower
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Chapter 2016: Surviving in the Tower

The fate of the three-eyed Demon King made Jian Chen fear the temporal vortices. Once caught in one, the individual would still face certain death even if they had reached the peak of Godhood. Their tremendous vitality would be completely drained away in just a few seconds.

It was rumored that people at Godhood would break free from the limits of age and would be able to survive with the world forever.

However, Jian Chen had roughly understood from all his cultivation that people at Godhood could live as long as the world around them because they absorbed and released origin energy when they cultivated. Basically, they were replenishing their vitality at all times. Moreover, their souls had comprehended the laws of the world, making it transform. As a result, Godhood experts could claim that they could live on as long as the world.

Basically, there were no records in the entire history of the Saints’ World of a Godhood cultivator dying from old age.

However, it was impossible to absorb any origin energy at all in the temporal vortex. As the diminishing vitality could not be replenished, the people at Godhood would die from losing all their vitality once they had spent enough time in the temporal vortex. Even their souls would not be able to escape that fate.


Suddenly, a sound rang out, and the energy streams that passed by Jian Chen were affected by the distorted space, causing them to rebound without any signs. They struck Kai Ya’s back heavily while they were unaware.

Kai Ya vomited a mouthful of blood as she was knocked forwards.

Jian Chen’s face changed as he rushed over as quickly as he could. He only managed to grab Kai Ya’s hand.

At the same time, master Chanlong hurried over immediately as well, grabbing Kai Ya’s other hand.

However, without any land or place to push off of within the chaotic spatial crack, Jian Chen and master Chanlong were pulled along by Kai Ya because she was moving just too quickly. She could not stop at all.

Spatial storms, streams of energy, and vortices of time filled the spatial crack. There just happened to be a huge temporal vortex before the three of them, stretching as wide as several dozen meters.

The three of them rapidly approached the temporal vortex uncontrollably. They were unable to stop at all.

Jian Chen’s face changed. The temporal vortex that had destroyed the three-eyed Demon King was just a few meters wide, yet the temporal vortex before them was several dozen meters wide.

Without hesitating at all, Jian Chen immediately took out a large pile of medium and low quality saint artifacts from his Space Ring, and he tossed them out. He controlled them to explode before him.

Master Chanlong also took out some saint artifacts to throw before him. He also made them explode.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

With a string of explosions, the force from the saint artifacts exploding finally allowed the trio to stabilise themselves. Without any hesitation, they moved away from the temporal vortex.

Even though the three of them were in a messy shape, at least they had managed to avoid falling into the temporal vortex.

However, the explosion of so many saint artifacts caused a chain reaction in the spatial crack. It formed even more streams of energy that wreaked havoc in the surroundings as well as terrifying storms of various sizes, causing the entire place to distort with great instability.

The expressions of Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and master Chanlong changed drastically. Many streams of energy and spatial storms had appeared around them, rapidly approaching them.

Moreover, the space where they stood distorted as well. Even when they fled as quickly as they could, they discovered that not only was it useless, but they were even being swept towards a huge spatial storm.

They felt like they boats moving against the current. No matter how hard they rowed, the boat would not be able to advance forwards at all. Instead, it would be swept backwards by the water.

Clearly, this was what they were experiencing right now.

The three of them became extremely stern. The spatial storm up ahead was several tens of thousand meters wide. It possessed a frightening power of destruction. Just a single glance at it made them sense death.

If they were sucked into the storm, the three of them would definitely die.

“Quick, enter the tower.” At such a critical time, Jian Chen decisively took out the Anatta Tower, which he had not used for quite some time.

The Anatta Tower belonged to the Anatta Grand Prime after all. It was a famous god artifact of great quality. There were just far too many matters that involved it, so ever since Jian Chen came to the Saints’ World, he had always been worried that the many powerful people of the Saints’ World would discover it once he took it out. As a result, he had always kept it hidden well.

After all, he knew that many supreme experts in the Saints’ World possessed the ability to peer into the past and predict the future. He did not want these supreme experts to find him through the Anatta Tower, which would expose his secret of the twin swords.

However, now that he faced danger, he was out of options apart from the Anatta Tower. As a result, Jian Chen could not care too much about it.

Even though the Anatta Tower was damaged, Jian Chen was confident that it could hold up against the storm.

A sliver of confusion appeared in Kai Ya’s eyes with the appearance of the Anatta Tower. She stared at the unfamiliar, damaged tower in a daze as she experienced a sense of familiarity from the very depths of her soul.

Master Chanlong was also stunned. He stared at the damaged tower. This was the first time he had seen it, but he felt like he had seen it in the past before.

This feeling was just like when he had met Kai Ya for the first time in the provincial city of the Dong’an province. They had clearly just met, yet they felt like they had already known each other for a long time.

Before they could think too much about it, Jian Chen had already pulled the two of them into the tower.


When they disappeared from the interior of the spatial crack, the huge spatial storm collided with the Anatta Tower heavily, unleashing a deafening sound.

However, the Anatta Tower stood unmoving. The huge spatial storms several tens of thousand meters across that had made the three of them pale were unable to shake up the Anatta Tower at all.

Afterwards, streams of energy bombarded the Anatta Tower constantly. However, the chaotic streams dispersed by themselves.

The Anatta Tower did not move at all!

Inside, Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong observed what was happening outside nervously. When they discovered that the chaotic streams of energy and the spatial storms were unable to do anything to the tower, they finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Jian Chen, what’s this place?” Kai Ya asked as she constantly looked around. The confusion and bewilderment in her eyes became heavier and heavier.

Everything about the Anatta Tower gave Kai Ya an extremely great sense of familiarity, and the feeling was growing stronger.

The trapped soul emerged from master Chanlong’s Space Ring as well. He turned into a huge snake through the formation banners as he constantly studied the miniature world of the first floor. He felt puzzled inside, “Where is this place? I haven’t been here before, but this feeling is a little familiar, but it also seems so distant…”

“This is a god artifact a paramount expert left behind after their passing. We’re currently in the world within the god artifact. There are a total of nine floors, and each floor is its own world. We’re currently in the world of the first floor,” said Jian Chen. Then, he looked into the distance and vaguely saw that in an extremely far away place, the surroundings were complete darkness. Four huge swords hovered there, suppressing everything.

“It’s a pity that all nine floors were damaged, and they were unable to recover due to the suppression of another paramount expert. As a result, this is only a temporary refuge for us,” Jian Chen sighed gently.

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