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Chapter 202: The Violet and Azure Sword Qi

The parents of these two swords were basically the Yin and Yang itself along with the special ingredients used to make the sword. Therefore, these two swords came to be known as the Yin Yang Swords. Qing Suo as the Yin and Zi Ying as the Yang; these two swords were an absolute pair. When the violet and azure swords came together under one, the Yin and Yang energies would flow together and have an absolutely terrifying power of destruction. These swords were even rumored to be able to split the heavens and sunder the earth with a power like no other.

Although the violet and azure swords together were capable of splitting the heavens and earth. However, since the swords were Yin and Yang, they naturally fought against each other like water to fire, making it difficult for them to harmonize. If in the process of mixing the two and there was an imbalance of Yin or Yang, there would be chaos that would devour all. Not only would they harm the enemy, but the owner as well.

In the best case, only a small amount of injuries would be gained. However, in the worst case, the person would die.

Long time ago, the violet and azure swords had been utilized by their owner in a massive war. In the end, the owner had failed to harmonize with the two and caused tremendous damage to both him and the swords. Ultimately, the swords had been destroyed and left behind two pieces of primal chaos. The remaining amount of Yin Yang Qi that had flowed in the world had formed the two to become a pair of Sword Spirits who hid in a spiritual vein underground to recover.

This piece of information had been transmitted to his head by the violet and azure Sword Spirits by a mysterious method almost as if by some sort of mental communication.

At the same time, Jian Chen also knew that the violet and azure Sword Spirits had suffered a tremendous injury that they didn’t fully recover from after failing to harmonize. At the moment, the two were tremendously weak and before Jian Chen was a Great Saint Master, they were utterly incapable of communicating with him. It was only when he had made that final breakthrough into the Great Saint Master realm that they were able to make a strong effort to create a line of communication.

Jian Chen slowly sifted through the newfound information he had been given. The two violet and azure colored lights within his dantian had unexpectedly been two Sword Spirits capable of self awareness and thought. This type of end result was something that Jian Chen found hard to believe.

However, he wasn’t like the average person. Despite this being something most people wouldn’t believe, Jian Chen quickly calmed himself down.

Jian Chen sat cross-legged on the ground with his eyes shut tight as he meditated. His inner mindscape appeared within his head and there was no longer any dizzying tremors. Even the Saint Weapon that was trying to break away from him had been stabilized and was levitating in a docile manner like a sheep. The only difference was that the two glows of light that had been floating in his dantian had migrated over to where his Saint Weapon was. Rotating and revolving slowly, the two glows of light were moving in the pattern of the Yin Yang symbol peacefully.

Although the violet and azure lights were still residing within Jian Chen’s body, his mind was now free of worry since he had nothing unknown to fear. The lights were controllable in comparison to before when they were a topic of mystery. When he didn’t know anything about them, Jian Chen had been constantly on the edge of fear, but since that was over, he could finally say he understood the mystery and could now focus on something else.

At this moment, Jian Chen was incredibly relieved. This was the first time since he had become a Saint that he felt so relaxed about the two lights in his dantian.

Slowly opening his eyes, there was a faint smile on his lips. He raised his right hand slowly only to see a violet and azure light appear within the palm of his hand before being swallowed back into his hand. The two lights spiraled and coiled around each other like old lovers, yet they never touched. No matter how much Jian Chen moved his hand, the two glows of light never made contact.

The two glows of light were the representatives of the Sword Spirits. At the moment, Jian Chen was able to bring out a small portion of the Sword Spirits’ power.

Although the power in his hand from the two Sword Spirits didn’t seem very remarkable, Jian Chen could sense that these two glows had a terrifying amount of Sword Qi accumulated inside. It was only a small sliver of the Sword Spirits’ true power, but it was more than enough for Jian Chen to shiver in awe.

The Sword Qi of the Sword Spirits had already regained its original nature. From the outside it couldn’t be sensed, but the violet and azure glows were actually formed out of pure Sword Qi.

“With the help of the Sword Spirits, my strength has improved once more. Even if I were to fight against an Earth Saint Master, I would be able to fight for over three hundred blows with the assistance of the Sword Spirits.” Looking at the violet and azure Sword Qi surrounding his hand, Jian Chen spoke to himself happily.

The appearance of the Sword Spirit made Jian Chen happy since not only were his questions answered, but he now had a new source of strength to improve himself.

Jian Chen continued to mutter happily to himself in his room before calming down after some time. Patting down his clothes, he stood up to walk out of the room.

Fifty meters away from the room, the entire village was all gathered around and listened carefully in case something could be heard. At the urging of Rosco, not a single person had uttered a loud sound and began to get a little farther away to avoid Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s display of strength today had completely opened the eyes of the entire village to a whole new horizon that was the Tian Yuan Continent. It was only now that they had realized how amazing a Saint from the outside world was. Jian Chen may be young, but he was an idol in their eyes.


At that moment, the doors to the room suddenly opened as the villagers gathered outside the room suddenly went quiet and stared at the emerging Jian Chen.

Seeing the group of people around him, Jian Chen had a small smile. It had only been an hour since he had gone into the room.

“I’m fine now, everyone can rest assured. Seeing everyone come here because of me, this one is truly sorry and hopes that everyone understands.” Jian Chen cupped his hands together in an earnest apologetic manner.

The moment after Jian Chen finished talking, Rosco immediately broke the silence from the villagers.

“Kid, everything is okay if you’re fine.” He spoke with relief.

Smiling, Jian Chen said, “This one thanks uncle for his concerns. At this point I’ve resolved all the issues, so there is nothing to fear now.”

“Brother Jian Chen, please forgive me for asking, but did you breakthrough into a higher realm?” The village elder asked.


Next, Jian Chen was assaulted with questions by the villagers who surrounded him. With every question, Jian Chen diligently answered.

Jian Chen continued to answer questions for an hour before finally being escorted away by Rosco. Following him, Jian Chen was led back to where Rosco’s wife and two children were.

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