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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2020 - Another Brush With The Primordial Realm
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Chapter 2020: Another Brush with the Primordial Realm

Jian Chen stared at the strand of sword Qi that the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt had left behind as he felt pity.

Right now, his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword had reached the peak of the partial achievement of Sword Spirit. He only needed a single step to reach the major achievement, but this step was not so easy to take. Although the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt’s sword Qi lingered both inside and outside of the Anatta Tower, they came from a Sword God. To the current Jian Chen, it was too high of a realm such that he could not even attempt to comprehend the sword Qi.

The main purpose of the sword Qi was to suppress the Anatta Tower, so they were filled with great offensive power. Without a certain level of strength, forcefully comprehending it could even result in a severe backlash from the sword Qi, leading to no benefits at all.

The backlash would be so powerful that Jian Chen believed even Godkings could die.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya departed from there. Jian Chen immediately controlled the Anatta Tower to quickly move through the spatial crack in search of a way out.

Due to the protection of the tower, Jian Chen went from his previous cautious behaviour to complete recklessness. He rampaged through the spatial crack whilst controlling the Anatta Tower, directly colliding into powerful streams of energy and spatial storms on purpose.

Only the temporal vortices made Jian Chen fearful, and he would avoid them from afar whenever he encountered them.

The damaged Anatta Tower drifted through the spatial crack. In the chaotic space there, it was impossible to tell just how far he had travelled, nor was it possible to sense how much time had passed. However, Jian Chen still failed to find a way out.

Along the way, Jian Chen discovered a group of floating corpses instead. Basically all of them were incomplete.

Jian Chen also encountered a few living people and personally witnessed the deaths of a Godking and several Overgods. They all fell into temporal vortices and experienced the reversal of time. In just a few seconds, they turned into newly-born infants before vanishing completely.

At the same time, Jian Chen discovered some mere Origin realm cultivators in the spatial crack as well. They struggled to survive.

Surviving in the spatial crack completely depended on luck. If one’s luck was poor, even Primordial realm experts would face great danger, let alone Godkings.

This was because the space there was very unstable. It would warp and distort often, where the directions would become a great jumbled mess. People could fly past chaotic streams of energy from very far away and have them suddenly appear before them due to the messy space around them, catching them off-guard. Even Godkings would not be able to avoid it all the time.

However, if their luck was good, even Origin realm cultivators and people with cultivations even below that could survive for quite a long time in such an area. They might even find a way out.

However, at this moment, Jian Chen, who controlled the Anatta Tower from the first floor, changed in expression. Immediately, he moved to the side as quickly as he could.

A huge hand condensed from energy appeared where the Anatta Tower was before, reaching over with terrifying might.

If it were not for Jian Chen’s speedy reaction, the Anatta Tower probably would have fallen into the hand already.

“A Primordial realm expert!” Jian Chen shivered inside as he immediately controlled the Anatta Tower to flee.

“Hmm? It actually avoided it,” a surprised voice rang out. An effeminate young man appeared where the Anatta Tower was before. He stared at the tower in the distance and murmured, “Looking at how damaged that tower is and how it’s still able to rampage about fearlessly, it’s a god artifact at the very least, and it is of quite great quality as well. Hehe, this god artifact is mine.” Before he had even finished speaking, the young man pursued with a flash.

Naturally, the Anatta Tower did not move as quickly as an Infinite Prime. Very soon, the effeminate young man had caught up.

Jian Chen became grim as he controlled the tower. His direction suddenly changed as he charged towards the extremely distorted space nearby. There were powerful streams of chaotic energy and spatial storms everywhere in this area. The laws of the world were in a complete mess.

When the young man saw the Anatta Tower charge towards a region of danger, he could not help but hesitate. However, he gritted his teeth and pursued.

In the heavily distorted space, there was a spatial storm tens of thousand meters wide. Just like a huge tornado, it rapidly revolved on the spot. It wreaked havoc uncontrollably, giving off a frightening power. Over a dozen smaller spatial storms revolved around it as chaotic streams of energy ravaged the surroundings. They would collide from time to time, erupting with devastating might.

Jian Chen made the Anatta Tower fly directly into the largest spatial storm. He completely ignored its terrifying appearance, directly passing through it. At the same time, he tossed out a huge, two-handed sword from the Anatta Tower.

He had found this sword in the Space Ring of the captain of the Swordswolf Adventurers. It was a supreme quality saint artifact.


As soon as he tossed the sword out, it blew up loudly. Although the explosion of a supreme quality saint artifact was unable to cause any harm to an Infinite Prime, it still disrupted the peace there.

Immediately, all the spatial storms and streams of energy became extremely violent in that region of distorted space. It unleashed devastating power, where even Jian Chen who hid in the tower shivered as a chill ran down his spine.

The eyes of the pursuing Infinite Prime narrowed as well. He immediately retreated. Even as an Infinite Prime, he did not dare to get too close. The laws were a mess in the spatial crack, so even he was unable to use the laws of the world, which greatly affected his strength.

“Do you think you can escape from me like this? Person in the tower, if you’re smart, hand over the tower obediently. I can even take you out with me. Otherwise, I’ll slaughter you mercilessly,” the effeminate young man said coldly. After seeing how the Anatta Tower hovered safely in the terrifying spatial storm without budging at all, he desired it even more.

Jian Chen ignored the young man. He immediately controlled the tower to fly off into the distance while the young man’s path was still blocked. He wanted to escape beyond the range of his senses before the space had stabilised.

However, as soon as the Anatta Tower began to move, it halted. It did not drift off. Instead, it turned around and charged towards the centre of the storm.

On the first floor of the Anatta Tower, Jian Chen revealed much surprise and delight.

He had discovered that when the storm had erupted, it actually ripped through the space there, creating a crack that led to the outside world.

The Infinite Prime had clearly discovered the crack as well. His face suddenly changed, and he became frantic. He had also been searching for a way out for a very long time, but he had never thought the spatial storm would rip open one here.

However, there was a terrifying spatial storm before him. Even though he wanted to pass through the crack and return to the Saints’ World very much, he did not dare to approach it.

What made him even more frustrated was that the tower-shaped god artifact completely ignored the devastating storm that he feared, rapidly approaching the crack.

“God dammit!” The young man became red-faced from anger. He sent a powerful strike towards the devastating storm in an attempt to stop the Anatta Tower from leaving, but his strike was unable to penetrate it at all. Instead, it made the storm before him even ferocious and violent, forcing him to retreat some more.

In the end, the Anatta Tower charged through the crack and vanished under the unwilling gaze of the young man.

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