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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2021 - A Soul-devouring Beast Herd
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2021: A Soul-devouring Beast Herd

After passing through the spatial crack, Jian Chen returned to the outer space of the Saints’ world. He sensed the rather familiar landscape of outer space around him as he felt uncontainable joy. At the same time, he was filled with amazement.

Jian Chen struggled to remain calm when he thought about how he had drifted through the spatial crack, encountering dangers several times as he basically walked on the edge between life and death.

He was able to survive so long in the spatial crack and make it through so many dangerous regions not due to his own strength, but because he had the tough Anatta Tower.

Without its help, Jian Chen was not even sure he could make it back to the Saints’ World alive with Kai Ya and Chanlong.

With a flash, Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and master Chanlong appeared silently in the endless depths of outer space. Master Chanlong had emerged from seclusion recently and left the Anatta Tower with Jian Chen.

Both Kai Ya and master Chanlong felt like lucky survivors when they looked at the familiar landscape. They sighed emotionally.

“Master Chanlong, can you tell where we are right now?” Jian Chen looked around and asked Chanlong. Although they had escaped the spatial crack, Jian Chen had completely lost his bearings in outer space.

He had stowed the Anatta Tower away as soon as he emerged. There were just far too many matters that involved the Anatta Tower, so he could not expose it. He was only bold enough to use it in the abnormal space within spatial cracks. Once he returned to the Saints’ World, he did not dare to take it out with his current strength.

Master Chanlong stared at the boundless space in confusion and shook his head, “It’s the first time I’ve left the Cloud Plane as well. I don’t have any star charts on me, so I don’t know where we are either.”

Jian Chen sighed gently with that. He said, “If that’s the case, we can only choose a direction and hope we come across someone we can talk to.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen and Kai Ya entered a carriage that master Chanlong had taken out. It was powered through formations, and after choosing a direction, it shot off.

This journey would be a long one in outer space. The carriage was not even one ten-thousandth of the spatial battleship’s speed. Even after several days of riding the carriage, the stars around them did not seem to move at all. It formed a stark contrast to when the stars shot past in the surroundings on the spatial battleship before.

However, the three of them were prepared for this. As a result, they cultivated in the carriage while they moved along.

Several days later, Jian Chen and Kai Ya opened their eyes at the same time. They looked into the distance and saw over thirty huge space beasts appear. The space beasts’ eyes were red as they shot towards the carriage.

“There’s one early Godking. The rest of them are Overgods and Gods,” Jian Chen stared at the space beasts in the distance.

Space beasts were different from magical beasts. They only thrived in space and hunted and bred there. They absorbed the cosmic energy in space to strengthen themselves, and they basically never approached the planes or planets people inhabited.

This was because the boundless outer space was where they belonged. It was there home, just like how a few human experts were used to living on land. Even if the seas and oceans drowned out the land, they would not go live in the water.

However, perhaps due to an innate deficiency, the space beasts suffered from slight imperfections. As a result, they were unable to assume human forms. No matter how powerful they were, they were unable to change their appearance, and their intellect would remain low.

Even though some powerful existences possessed impressive intellect, it was nowhere close to the schemes that humans could come up with.

“Let’s go deal with them as quickly as possible,” suggested Kai Ya.

Jian Chen nodded and immediately charged out of the carriage with Kai Ya, killing their way towards the space beasts.

Such a small group of space beasts was naturally no problem for Jian Chen and Kai Ya. Very soon, Jian Chen slew the Godking space beast and collected its energy crystal.

Kai Ya also slaughtered the remaining space beasts. At the same time, she took away their energy crystals before returning to the carriage with Jian Chen to continue on their way.

Time passed silently. Unknowingly, the three of them had already drifted through the deathly silent outer space for over a year. It was not too peaceful along the way. Space beasts regularly attacked them such that the carriage they used had already been destroyed, forcing them to fly by themselves.

Across that time, countless space beasts died to their hands. Even Godking space beasts amounted to over a dozen. They had even encountered a late Godking space beast once.

The three of them had fought through that battle with great difficulty, and they all suffered injuries of varying degrees. In the end, Jian Chen and Kai Ya took on the responsibility of keeping the space beast busy while master Chanlong cast down his most powerful killing formation. They only managed to defeat it under the assistance of the killing formation.

Moving through outer space was extremely dangerous. If it were not for Jian Chen and Kai Ya, two people with extraordinary battle prowesses, they would probably be dead. Probably even many Godkings would not be able to survive the threats they faced and would end up dead in the mouths of the space beasts.

Just when the three of them passed by a meteorite, there was a sudden deep buzz. A large black mass surged out from the meteorite, forming a cloud that quickly began to surround the three of them.

Their faces changed at this sight. They could already see that the black cloud was composed of winged space beast around half the size of a human. Although their individual strength was not great, the number of them made their scalps tingle.

In just a few seconds, the number of space beasts that had flown out reached over a million, and the number continued to increase at an extremely terrifying rate.

“Let’s go!” Jian Chen called out before fleeing quickly with Kai Ya and master Chanlong.

There were just far too many space beasts. Once they were completely surrounded, it would be very difficult to break free.

However, they still ended up underestimating the small space beasts that were not so powerful. Their wings buzzed, and they moved extremely quickly like streaks of light. They surrounded the three of them very soon.

With a wave of his hand, Jian Chen produced a great streak of light and killed several dozen of them instantly before attempting to charge out with Kai Ya and master Chanlong.

However, just when the three of them had been surrounded, a silver-white streak suddenly shot over from the distance. It was a spaceship only a few hundred meters long, and it moved extremely quickly.

The spaceship was originally just passing by, but when it passed by the space beasts, it suddenly slowed down before stopping in the distance.

“I never thought I’d encounter a herd of Soul-devouring Beasts here. Since there’s a herd, there must be a Soul-devouring Beast King,” an old voice suddenly rang out from inside the silver-white spaceship. There was quite some joy and surprise in the voice.

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