Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2023 - The Neptunean Divine Palace (One)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2023 - The Neptunean Divine Palace (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2023: The Neptunean Divine Palace (One)

The expressions of Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and master Chanlong all changed suddenly when they saw the Soul-devouring Beast King that charged over from behind. Once it caught up to them, they would definitely encounter a tough battle.

“Hehe. Soul-devouring Beast King, I was just looking for you. I never thought you’d actually come out yourself. How nice.” However, at this moment, the old man in brown robes suddenly appeared. His eyes shone as he stared at the Soul-devouring Beast King with excitement and struck out.

The old man was extremely powerful, far greater than any Godking. With just a wave of his hand, terrifying energy shook up the surrounding space, and the laws of the Primordial realm descended, turning into several powerful energy attacks directed at the Soul-devouring Beasts.

The might that the old man displayed shocked the violet Soul-devouring Beast King. It immediately let out a sharp screech, and it began to shine brightly with violet light. It came to a halt and began to retreat, turning into a blur. It fled into the distance with its greatest speed. In the blink of an eye, it became a black speck. It was about to vanish into the horizon.

As a peak Godking, the Soul-devouring Beast King indeed possessed some ability to escape from Primordial realm experts. However, the eight other Godking Soul-devouring Beasts around it did not possess such ability. The terrifying attacks of the old man struck them, and they all died.

“Hehe, since you’ve come across me, Soul-devouring Beast King, how can I let you escape?” The old man sneered. He opened his hand, and an imprint the size of a fist appeared. He directly pushed out with it.

The imprint broke away from the old man’s hand and swelled to several thousand meters wide in the space. It directly shattered the space there as it shot towards the Soul-devouring Beast King with destructive might. Space rippled wherever it passed by.

On the other side, Jian Chen’s group stopped as well. They looked at the old man deal with the Soul-devouring Beast King sternly as they paid attention to the silver-white spaceship in the distance.

“Looking at the size of the spaceship, it probably belongs to a sect or clan that has even Primordial realm experts. Let’s not make too much contact with them. Let’s go,” said Jian Chen. Although he wanted to ask about his current location very much, the appearance of the Primordial realm expert had made him dismiss such thoughts.

Naturally, Kai Ya had no objections to Jian Chen’s suggestion. Seeing how Kai Ya did not object, master Chanlong went along with Jian Chen’s idea as well after hesitating slightly.

“Hold on, you three fellows!”

However, at this moment, a voice rang out from behind, The middle-aged man on the spaceship arrived before the three of them and clasped his fist with a smile, “I come from the Yun family of the Sky Empire on the Profound Thunder Plane. My name is Yun Lianqing. Seeing that you’re here, you must be proceeding to the Neptunean Divine Palace.”

The three of them frowned when they heard that. They felt confused. What kind of place was the Neptunean Divine Palace? Why did he think that they were going to the Neptunean Divine Palace as soon as he saw them?

Yun Lianqing paused. When he saw how the three of them had no intentions of talking, he continued, “The space where we are right now is extremely far away from the Heniu Plane where the Neptunean Divine Palace is located. If you don’t have a spaceship, it’ll take several decades to get to the plane even with the speed of Godkings. Seeing how you don’t seem to have a spaceship, you are welcome to hitch a ride on our Yun family’s spaceship if you don’t mind. We just happen to be able to take you with us.”

Yun Lianqing spoke extremely sincerely. He had invited them from the bottom of his heart, as he had properly observed their strength from the spaceship earlier. As a result of what he had witnessed, he, a mid Godking, did not act haughty at all before them, treating them as equals.

“You’ve misunderstood, sir Yun. We’re not going to the Neptunean Divine Palace. We just encountered the attack of a powerful space beast, causing us to lose our bearings in outer space. If it’s convenient for you, could you tell us where the closest plane is?” Jian Chen clasped his fist.

This immediately surprised Yun Lianqing.

“Hahaha, it’s all because of the three of you that I was able to capture the Soul-devouring Beast King. If you had not drawn the Soul-devouring beasts out and had not raised out attention when you faced the attacks of the Soul-devouring Beasts, we would have never known that a Soul-devouring Beast King would be hidden in such a small meteorite as we hurried past.” At this moment, the brown-robed old man made his way over with a flushed face. He laughed aloud, as he was in a great mood.

Then, the old man said, “From where we are right now, the closest plane is the Heniu Plane. With the speed of our spaceship, we can reach there in roughly half a year. Without a spaceship, it’ll probably take several decades or even over a hundred years to reach the plane at the speed of a Godking, and that’s only if there are no ambushes from space beasts. Otherwise, it’ll take even longer. Since you’re lost in outer space, and you don’t have a spaceship, why don’t you board our Yun family’s spaceship?”

“If that’s the case, then we can only disturb you,” Jian Chen agreed in the end after some thought.

In reality, Jian Chen had been worrying about the Yun family’s spaceship the entire time because the battle prowess and talent he and Kai Ya had displayed were just too shocking. He believed that the people of the Yun family had clearly witnessed his battle against the Soul-devouring Beasts.

Many large organisations would want to rope in powerful prodigies through various methods so that they could raise a sharp weapon. If they were unable to rope them in, some organisations would even take extreme actions. As a result, boarding the spaceship of the Yun family posed a certain amount of risk to Jian Chen.

However, now that their Primordial realm expert had already appeared, it was impossible for them to escape anyway if the Yun family had any ill intentions.

Since that was already a possibility, he just acted with a broad mind and boarded the spaceship of the Yun family. Naturally, it would be for the best if the Yun family had no ill intentions, as it would save them several decades worth of travelling time. If they did have any other ideas, he could try to befriend them at the very least before they completely fell out.

After a simple introduction, they all boarded the spaceship that was only a few hundred meters in length. The great elder of the Yun family had departed, leaving Yun Lianqing to receive the three of them.

“Jian Chen, Kai Ya, Chanlong, have you ever heard of the Neptunean Divine Palace?” Yun Lianqing asked the three of them.

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