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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2028 - The Divine Palace Opens (Two)
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Chapter 2028: The Divine Palace Opens (Two)

A mere Overgod had actually managed to injure him, a mighty Godking, in an open confrontation. Moreover, the Overgod emerged unscathed. This would definitely become a permanent stain to his name.

“How bold,” Yun Weifeng was immediately infuriated. A powerful presence radiated from his body, enveloping Jian Chen.

The presence had clearly reached late Godking.

Yun Weifeng was one of the only two late Godkings in the entire Yun family.

Jian Chen became stern. He could not deal with late Godkings right now. He could only fend them off when working together with Kai Ya and master Chanlong.

Before Chanlong had broken through, the three of them were able to reach a stalemate against regular late Godkings.

Now that Chanlong had become a Godking himself, Jian Chen was completely confident that they could kill late Godkings if they worked together.

Of course, that was given that the late Godkings were not prodigies with great battle prowess or supreme Godkings from the Godkings’ Throne.


At this moment, a cold snort rang out. The great elder of the Yun family appeared on the deck silently as he glared at Yun Weifeng.

Yun Weifeng’s heart shivered from the glare while his surging presence immediately collapsed as well. He immediately bowed politely, “Greetings, great elder!”

“Greetings, great elder!”

Afterwards, all the people of the Yun family bowed at the old man politely. They respected him from the bottom of their hearts.

“Greetings, senior!” Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong clasped their hands as well.

The great elder looked at the three of them and said with an energetic voice, “My dear friends, if the people of my Yun family have offended you in any way, I hope you don’t take offence.”

“How can senior say that? It’s just a small misunderstanding,” said Jian Chen.

The great elder smiled amiably and looked at the people of the Yun family, “Jian Chen and his friends will be going with you in this journey into the Neptunean Divine Palace. Once you’re in there and you find that the three of them are in danger, you must assist them with all you have, understand?”

“Yes, great elder!” The people of the Yun family looked at Jian Chen with mixed feelings. Since the great elder had said that, they did not dare to show any disrespect towards Jian Chen’s group on the spaceship anymore.

Jian Chen understood inside that the great elder’s words were actually for them to hear. It was something he said to maintain their relationship and could not be taken seriously.

After all, no one outside would know what would happen in the Neptunean Divine Palace. Once they entered the Neptunean Divine Palace, they would be fortunate if the people of the Yun family did not turn against them at a critical moment, let alone relying on their help.

The great elder’s voice rang out again, “Although the Neptunean Divine Palace opens once every ten thousand years, it’ll vary by several months or even years. Remain on the spaceship and wait for the opening. Do not leave the spaceship during this time.”

“Organisations of various sizes from the nearby planes have gathered in this region of space now. Our Yun family cannot afford to offend many of these organisations, so do not provoke them. Don’t stick your noses in unwanted business either. I’ll be going to the Heniu Plane to visit an old friend, so I won’t be able to watch over you in the next period of time.” With that, the great elder left the spaceship and disappeared into the endless cosmos in the blink of an eye.

“Are we really at the Neptunean Divine Palace?” Jian Chen was surprised when he watched the great elder leave. He looked around and discovered that they were still in outer space. There was not a palace in sight at all.

“You may not know, brother Jian Chen, but when the Daoist Sect of Neptunea still existed, the Neptunean Divine Palace was indeed located on the Heniu Plane. However, when the Grand Exalt from the other world destroyed the sect, the Neptunean Divine Palace was struck into outer space. Our current location is roughly where the Neptunean Divine Palace is.” Seeing Jian Chen’s doubt, Yun Lianqing immediately explained, “Due to formations, the Neptunean Divine Palace is always hidden in space, making it difficult for others to find its exact location. It’ll only be exposed when it opens.”

Jian Chen understood. He slowly arrived at the bow of the ship and stood there. The landscape around him suddenly opened up, and immediately, he felt like he could see all of space.

However, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed soon afterwards. He suddenly gazed into the distance and discovered many spaceships parked in the surroundings.

Every single spaceship was extremely far away from one another such that even when Jian Chen expanded his soul on par with Godkings, he was unable to approach the other spaceships.

Jian Chen could even see some figures in the distance, but due to being too far away, he was only able to barely make out a blurry figure.

Even further away, Jian Chen discovered a hand-sized piece of land floating in the endless cosmos. He could see a few bodies of water stretched across it, dividing the land into several regions.

Jian Chen knew that the Heniu Plane only seemed like the size of a hand because it was just too far away.

But in reality, to Jian Chen’s shock, the Heniu Plane was several times larger than the Cloud Plane in area.

Jian Chen and the other Godkings of the Yun family began to wait for the divine palace’s opening.

Due to his conflict with Yun Shan, the Godkings of the Yun family understood Jian Chen’s strength. As a result, the Godkings did not try to provoke him during this waiting period. Clearly, they had begun to accept Jian Chen.

Even the young lady of the Yun family had shut her mouth obediently. However, she still felt much displeasure seeing how Hua Qi, Tang Ling, and Zhou Xiaoqian, which she had spent so much effort to convince her father to come along, had been replaced. Naturally, she did not have a good opinion of Jian Chen’s group.

Although it could be said that Jian Chen had gained a stable footing here, the other people of the Yun family kept their distance from him and did not make any contact or conversation with him, aside from Yun Lianqing.

Jian Chen did not care about this at all. He cast down a simple formation with Kai Ya and Chanlong before sitting down on the deck to continue his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword.

“Hmph, you can be complacent now. I’d like to see whether you’re still able to act so arrogantly once you enter the Neptunean Divine Palace,” Yun Xin glared at the three of them in resentment as she snorted inside.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had already waited for three months. He still did not break through in those three months of comprehension. Instead, he witnessed quite a few battles. They were extremely intense and even Infinite Primes took part.

More and more people gathered in the region of space, where the number of spaceship gathered there had reached above a thousand. There were even more people on those spaceships.

At this moment, Jian Chen suddenly opened his eyes, and a gleam of light shone through them. He stared at the space ahead.

At the same time, Kai Ya and master Chanlong seemed to sense something as well, opening their eyes along with Jian Chen. Kai Ya called out, “The Neptunean Divine Palace is opening!”

With that, an extremely terrifying pulse of energy suddenly erupted with tremendous pressure in space. Like a tsunami, it flooded the surroundings in an overwhelming manner. The entire region shook from the terrifying energy, creating ripples in space.

Suddenly, the space ripped open and formed an extremely huge crack. A huge, dark blue hall over a hundred thousand meters long and several tens of thousand meters high gradually appeared from the crack.

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