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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2029 - Zi Yun And Xiao Man
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Chapter 2029: Zi Yun and Xiao Man

The huge divine hall hovered in outer space and radiated with a pressure so great that not only did it fill the experts gathered around with angst, but the entire region of space trembled and shook as well.

It was as if the divine hall reigned over the region, where its appearance had directly suppressed the world. It seemed to give off a paramount presence.

“The Neptunean Divine Palace has appeared…”

“It has been ten thousand years. I am finally able to see the Neptunean Divine Palace again…”

“I wonder if the three remaining Grand Prime legacies will go to anyone now that the Neptunean Divine Palace has opened again…”

With the appearance of the Neptunean Divine Palace, discussions immediately began to ring out in space. The eyes of many people who were prepared to enter burned with desire. They rubbed their hands eagerly as they radiated with battle intent.

The Godkings of the Yun family looked at the Neptunean Divine Palace as well. All of them were eager. They anticipated the various legacies in there eagerly.

Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and master Chanlong stared at the huge Neptunean Divine Palace instead. They were different from the Godkings of the Yun family, as their faces were completely stern.

In the eyes of others, the Neptunean Divine Palace may have been a land of fortune, but to the three of them, it was also a cruel battlefield.

With a flash, the great elder of the Yun family arrived before everyone. He had returned from his visit to his old friend already. He stared at the Neptunean Divine Palace deeply and said with his back to everyone, “The Neptunean Divine Palace has opened. Be prepared for entry. I’ve already told you what I need to say, so I won’t repeat it.”

The great elder turned around and looked at the people present sternly. He said, “You are the hope of the Yun family as well as the future of the clan. Remember, you must walk out of the Neptunean Divine Palace alive. I will be waiting for your return.”

“Don’t worry, great elder. We will definitely do everything we can such that you won’t be disappointed,” said the Godkings. They spoke loudly and with much energy. They were all at their peak conditions.

As for Yun Shan’s broken arm, it had already recovered. An injury like that was not heavy at all to a Godking.

The great elder nodded. He looked at Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong and said, “I’ll be troubling the three of you to look after the descendant of my Yun family for a year.”

“Don’t worry, senior. We will protect miss Yun Xin with our utmost ability in that one year period,” Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong clasped their fists. This was a deal they had made with the Yun family as well as the price they had to pay for a spot into the Neptunean Divine Palace.

Yun Xin looked at the trio and pouted unhappily. She thought, “Protect me? Hmph, who needs that? Wait until we’re in the Neptunean Divine Palace, and I’ll show you how I’ll deal with you all. Although I can’t beat you, finding trouble for you is nothing difficult.”

The great elder had already stowed away the spaceship. He flew through space quickly with everyone, rapidly approaching the Neptunean Divine Palace.

Countless figures approached the divine hall as well from all directions. As more and more experts gathered, countless presences became gathered together, forming a terrifying pressure that filled the space there. It caused the space there to thicken as it became quite suffocating.

The closer to the Neptunean Divine Palace, the more powerful the pressure was. Even Godkings found it rather difficult to endure.

After all, the Neptunean Divine Palace possessed great fortunes. In particular, the legacy of their strongest ancestor, the one known as one of the most powerful people below Grand Exalt, was an irresistible temptation to even powerful organisations that possessed Chaotic Primes.

As a result, not only were there many Infinite Primes gathered in the space there now, but there were even Chaotic Primes.

Although there were extremely few Chaotic Primes with an entire plane in perspective, each opening of the Neptunean Divine Palace would be enough to gather the experts and organisations of many planes and planets nearby. As a result, many Primordial realm experts would appear outside the Neptunean Divine Palace.

Immediately, many Overgods and Godkings who were going into the Neptunean Divine Palace came to a halt. The presence near the Nepuntean Divine Palace was so powerful that it forced them to a halt, and they no longer dared to advance any further.

Jian Chen’s group and the people from the Yun family stood behind the great elder. The great elder gave off the powerful presence of an Infinite Prime to protect those behind him so that he could carve out a path towards the Neptunean Divine Palace.

In the surroundings, many other Infinite Primes also used their cultivation to protect their people. Like a sharp blade, they pierced through the seal created from the presences of many Primordial realm experts, and they quickly made their way towards the Neptunean Divine Palace.

There were even a few Chaotic Primes who had already arrived before the entry of the Neptunean Divine Palace with their juniors. They would only relax when they saw their juniors disappear from the outside.

The journey to approaching the Neptunean Divine Palace had already become a secret competition and battle between the Primordial realm experts. The stronger they were, the faster they could move, and the earlier they would approach the Neptunean Divine Palace.

The weaker people naturally ended up towards the back.

Through this, Jian Chen discovered that the great elder of the Yun family was around the same as an average Infinite Prime.

In the end, when they all reached the steps of the Neptunean Divine Palace under the accompaniment of the great elder of the Yun family, the other Primordial realm experts stopped there as well, without advancing any further.

As he stood there, Jian Chen could clearly sense that up ahead, a frightening energy pulsed. After looking at the great elder again, he discovered that as expected, after the great elder had arrived on the steps, he became stern and cautious.

This seriousness and cautiousness were not caused by all the Primordial realm experts gathered around. Rather, it was due to the Neptunean Divine Palace itself.

“I can only accompany you to here. The rest of the journey will be up to you. The Neptunean Medallion will teleport you in,” the great elder said sternly before taking out the Neptunean Medallion.

As soon as the Neptunean Medallion appeared, a dazzling blue light surrounded the twenty people, and with a flash, they all disappeared.

Only after these Infinite Primes had departed could the Godkings and Overgods without the protection of a Primordial realm expert continue onward and enter the Neptunean Divine Palace through their Neptunean Medallions.

At this moment, another two figures approached the space where the Neptunean Divine Palace resided. They did not move quickly, where even their top travel speeds seemed as slow as snails.

They were two females. One of them seemed to be in her twenties, and she was beautiful. Her skin was white and soft, while her body was slender. Although she was not exactly alluring, she was still extremely pretty. She was only a late Overgod.

The other person was a girl. She seemed to be fifteen or sixteen years of age and seemed innocent and young. She constantly stared at the Neptunean Divine Palace with her bright eyes.

“It looks like the Neptunean Divine Palace has only just opened, and some people haven’t entered yet. Fortunately, we weren’t late, and we still made it,” the older woman sighed with relief.

“Sister, is this the Neptunean Divine Palace? Why have we come from so far away to this place?” The girl studied the Neptunean Divine Palace as she asked in confusion.

The older woman looked at the girl gently and said, “Xiao Man, your mother told me before she passed away that I had to bring you here no matter what.”

If Jian Chen were present, he would definitely recognise the two of them with a single glance. They were Zi Yun and Xiao Man, who he encountered back on the spatial battleship that he had boarded in the southern region of the Cloud Plane.

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