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Chapter 203: Hunting Up the Mountain

After experiencing such an event from earlier, everyone’s attitude toward Jian Chen, in the village, completely changed.

The next morning, the sun had just rose, dying the sky a reddish blush. In the Huang Village, a chaotic mess of sounds could be heard.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes from the seated position in his bed. That night, he had familiarized himself with the violet and azure Sword Qi and the identities of the Sword Spirits. Not only that, but he could now bring out the energies from the violet and azure Sword Spirits which was their Sword Qi.

This was a very strong source of power, but it was still unfamiliar to Jian Chen. If he didn’t properly familiarize himself with it then he wouldn’t be able to freely use it at an efficient level. So Jian Chen didn’t waste any time and immediately set himself to training with it.

Jian Chen slowly rose from his bed and walked out of his room. Joyfully taking in the fresh morning air, Jian Chen looked back to his room. Before he had moved in, the village people had spent two hours to completely renovate the place for Jian Chen to live in.

Outside, everyone in the village was currently in the courtyard exercising.

Not too far away, Rosco’s son, Roger wielded a wood chopping axe as he slashed continuously into empty space in front of him while shouting out in a loud voice.

At that moment, Roger saw Jian Chen approach with an expression full of worship and respect. Immediately running up to him, he spoke anxiously, “Brother Jian Chen, you’re so amazing! Do you think you could teach me some martial arts?”

Jian Chen laughed and patted Roger on the head gently. “Roger, tell your older brother. In the future, what type of weapon do you wish to use?”

“An axe, a really large axe. Just like this one… no, an even bigger axe than this one!” Roger raised the wood chopping axe into the air with an enthusiastic expression.

“Roger, just because a weapon is large doesn’t mean it’ll be stronger. The larger a weapon is, the harder it is be to control. When you become a Saint, you cannot be sloppy when you condense your Saint Weapon. You must control the Saint Force within your body to form a Saint Weapon to a size that you are comfortable with. Understand?” Jian Chen’s face was exceptionally serious. This question was very important since it could impact a person’s life and his entire fighting strength.

“En, Roger understands now.” He chirped with an obedient nod of his head.

“Roger, your brother here isn’t proficient with an axe so I cannot teach much. But brother can still teach you a basic amount of the foundations.”

After that, Jian Chen explained a few basic principles of cultivation regarding martial arts. These topics were very important to Roger as well as being very practical. After all, if a person wanted to have achievements in the future, not only did one need talent, but they also needed a mastery of the foundation. That foundation was utterly indispensible. If one were to carelessly increase his strength in a sloppy manner, that manner would severely damage both their foundation and their fighting strength.

In Jian Chen’s past world, he had fought against many axe wielders so he had a rough understanding of how it worked. However, teaching Roger these things at this moment was far too early.

Jian Chen continued to teach Roger for an hour before finishing the training session. After that, Rosco and a few weapon wielding men walked up to him from some distance away.

Arriving at Jian Chen’s side, Rosco laughed, “Kid, what brings you up so early in the morning? Haha, you’ve been here for a month, but this is the first time I’ve seen you up so early.”

Jian Chen returned his laugh and looked at the men holding weapons behind Rosco. “Uncle, from the looks of things, you’re going up the mountain to hunt?”

Rosco nodded his head and replied, “Correct. The meat we had in the village is all but gone, so we need to go hunting once more.”

“Haha, if Jian Chen has some free time, why don’t you come with us to go hunting for some wild beasts? You’re quite amazing, so with you, our harvest will definitely be bountiful.” A middle aged man right next to Rosco laughed with kind eyes he stared at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen nodded his head, “I’ve found myself with some spare time, so I might as well go with everyone to learn how to hunt some wild beasts.”

After a month of residing within Huang Village, Jian Chen hadn’t helped the village in any way. Now that he was completely healed and had some ideas of leaving, he wanted to help out the village first to repay for the kindness they had shown him.

After hearing Jian Chen’s response, all of the men ready to go hunting had happy expressions on their faces. Each one of them had personally witnessed Jian Chen’s strength. They knew that he was strong beyond belief, so right now, everyone thought that this trip would be an exceptionally rich harvest.

Afterward, Jian Chen followed the group to the mountains. Although these mountains were very far from the Magical Beast Mountain Range near Wake City, they were not small in size. The mountains were filled with tall grass and had wild beasts roaming about occasionally. Though, Class 1 Magical Beasts were rare to come by.

There were 7 people in total, aside from Jian Chen, there was only one other person that had a fully condensed Saint Weapon. The other five and Rosco just carried iron weapons.

“The deeper parts of the mountains contain a large amount of wild beasts.” One of the men spoke while they traveled on the road. He was the only other man who was a Saint, named Kratos. Unfortunately, his cultivation was rather mediocre and he had no source of monster cores to supplement his cultivation. Not only that, but he was not diligent in his cultivation, so even though he was around 50 years old, he was only at the level of a Saint.

For the moment, the group continued to walk slowly while carefully paying attention to their surroundings just in case a wild beast were to make its presence known. The beasts appeared at random and were dangerous enough to this group that they could harm to some of its members.

Jian Chen followed the group silently. His eyes occasionally swept around them and his ears trembled with the sounds of activity.

Everyone carefully traveled forward for some time before Jian Chen’s face suddenly gained a smile. Bending down to pick up a stone, he shot it to the side with the speed of a bullet.

Suddenly, a sound could be heard 20 meters off in the tall grass to the side.

With the sudden movement, Rosco and the others grew even more anxious and clenched their weapons in preparation to fight.

Seeing the nervous expression on their faces, Jian Chen couldn’t help but continue to smile. Waving his hand, he spoke, “No need to be worried, just come with me.”

The group of men followed Jian Chen through the patch of tall grass only to see a two meter long body on the ground with blood pouring from its head.

“Th-this…this is a tiger!”

Upon seeing the wild beast, everyone aside from Jian Chen and Rosco cried out in shock. A tiger class wild beast was undoubtedly one of the more dangerous wild beasts. Their attacks were vicious and their movements quick. Even if the 6 of them were to combine their strength, it would take an intense battle to kill a tiger; and even then, there would be no guarantee that they would have no injuries.

However, Jian Chen had just killed a tiger they had thought to be extremely dangerous with ease. In their hearts, they couldn’t help but look at Jian Chen with extreme respect as well as a deep amount of envy.

“Ai…” Seeing the black tiger on the ground, Rosco let out a deep breath of air. His face had a complex look as he looked at the wound on the tiger’s head. In the past, he could easily kill a Class 1 Magical Beast with just a wave of his hand. But now, after his Saint Weapon had been destroyed, he was left with a physique that was marginally better than a regular person. So even hunting for wild beasts required him to form a group.

Taking note of the change in Rosco’s face, Jian Chen knew what was going through Rosco’s mind. Mentally sighing, he could understand Rosco’s feelings, but he didn’t have any words that could pacify his thoughts.

“Everyone bring this wild beast out and let’s continue onward.” Jian Chen spoke aloud.


Following the path, everyone traveled through the mountain while hunting for wild beasts to kill. With a Great Saint Master like Jian Chen leading the group, their harvest had become exceptionally rich. In half a day, they were fully loaded. Each one of them had a spare Space Belt from Jian Chen that contained the corpse of a wild beast of every type. It could even be said that the amount of wild beasts within these Space Belts could feed the village for half a year.

Right now, Jian Chen had already lead the group from the front for a long time. Suddenly, Jian Chen stopped right in front of a patch of grass.

Two meters right in front of Jian Chen was a single blood soaked man that lay on the ground unconscious with various wounds adorning his body.

Jian Chen’s eyes went wide as he quickly arrived to the side of the body. His right hand hovered right next to the man’s nose while his left hand was placed over the heart.

“There’s a pulse and airflow, he’s alive.” Jian Chen’s eyes lit up as he tried to save him.

After that, the group of men following Jian Chen appeared from the tall grass and saw the unconscious man with shock.

Seeing the group, he hesitated for a small moment before taking the man into his arms. “He’s still alive, but he’s almost on his last breath. It’d be for the best if we return now.”

“Right, saving a man’s life is especially important. We’ll head back right away!”

At the Huang Village.

Jian Chen and the group of hunters rescuing a man swiftly made news around the village, attracting the interest of many people. This time, everyone was trying to guess whether or not this man they rescued would be like Jian Chen and be a high leveled expert.

Within the small room of Jian Chen, twenty people were gathered around and talked among themselves.

Within the room, the man Jian Chen rescued lay on his bed with a small glow of white light surrounding him. Right now, Jian Chen was using the light Saint Force to heal his wounds. The chances of his ability to use the light Saint Force like a Radiant Saint Master being exposed were a lot lower since it was daytime.

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