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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2031 - The Seventh Floor
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Chapter 2031: The Seventh Floor

“Whether we contend or not is our business. It has got nothing to do with miss Yun Xin. However, miss Yun Xin, please consider it properly. Jian Chen, Chanlong, and I are only going to protect you for a year. If you’re willing to spend a year on the first floor, we’re more than willing to accompany you,” Kai Ya could not hold back. She detested Yun Xin very much, but since they had agreed to Yun Lianqing’s deal, they had to protect her for a year. As a result, the three of them could not separate from Yun Xin during this year.

“You want me to stay here for a year? Hmph, don’t you hope so? The three positions into the Neptunean Divine Palace aren’t so easy to take away from our clan,” Yun Xin snorted coldly. She no longer remained on the first floor, directly advancing to the second.

“I’ll let you have it easy for now. Once we get to a place with many people, I’ll show you how I deal I’ll with you. When that happens, you’ll have all the fun you’ll get,” Yun Xin thought on the way to the second floor.

Although the Neptunean Divine Palace was huge, the four of them reached the second floor before too long.

The situation of the second floor was no different from that on the first. Apart from the remains and dried blood scattered everywhere, there was nothing else.

Clearly, after people had entered this place several hundreds of times, everything valuable on the second floor and everything that could be taken was gone.

The other cultivators who had entered this time clearly possessed some understanding of the divine palace. They had moved onto higher floors long ago, so just like before, only Jian Chen’s group was present in such a big area.

Afterwards, the four of them continued upwards. They passed through the third, fourth, and fifth floor. Only when they reached the sixth floor did they finally see some scattered people.

Yun Xin’s eyes immediately lit up when she saw these people, but when she discovered that most of these cultivators were Overgods, with only one or two Godkings, she immediately frowned unhappily. She snorted gently and said, “To the seventh floor!”

Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong all frowned as they stared at Yun Xin’s back. Clearly, they understood Yun Xin’s intentions.

“This woman is a problem. It’ll be nice if she could just know her place, but if she begins to provoke people mindlessly, it’ll cause quite a lot of trouble for us,” Kai Ya communicated secretly.

Master Chanlong held his azure disc as he nodded in agreement. He said to Jian Chen and Kai Ya, “We can’t act recklessly at all. In the Neptunean Divine Palace, there are quite a few Godkings and even many late Godkings. There are even experts from the Godkings’ Throne. If that woman provokes a group of late Godkings for us, we won’t be able to emerge easily with our current strength.”

“Don’t worry. She won’t be bold enough to act recklessly unless she wants to cause endless trouble for the Yun family. Let’s go,” said Jian Chen. His voice was slightly cold. After he said that, he directly made his way to the seventh floor.

Gradually, more people arrived on the seventh floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace. Most of the Overgods who had entered gathered on this floor as well as a few Godkings. However, they were all early Godkings.

“The formation is too powerful. Just the pulses of energy it gives off are frightening…”

“It must be a Primordial realm expert. There must be a Primordial realm expert’s legacy in there…”

Just when Jian Chen’s group made it onto the seventh floor, a clamor rang out nearby.

Several hundred meters away from their location, a great group of people had gathered. They were crowded around a formation as they pointed at it and discussed it. Desire burned in the eyes of many.

However, none of them attacked the formation.

There was quite a lot of blood around the formation.

“Hehe, I never thought I’d come across a Primordial realm expert’s legacy right when I got here. I’ll get through the formation right now.” At this moment, a burly, bare-chested man flew over from afar as he laughed. The early Godking presence he gave off forced back all the surrounding Overgods.


The man directly struck out, swinging his metal mace at the formation as hard as he could.

However, when his weapon struck the formation, all the power in the strike was rebounded by the formation perfectly. It was redirected onto the man, causing him to vomit blood and be blown away.

“It looks like there really are stubborn people. The Neptunean Divine Palace has already been opened so many times, and this formation is in such a visible place. Who knows how many people have seen it already, yet none of them have managed to take it away with them. Isn’t it obvious that this legacy is difficult to obtain? Let alone you early Godkings, even a few experts from the Godkings’ Throne would not dare attack the formation,” said a black-clothed woman. She sneered at the injured man.

“This formation is very powerful!” Master Chanlong said sternly as he stared at the formation from several hundred meters away.

Yun Xin could not help but look at the formation as well, but she lost interest in it very soon. Then, she turned to the mace-wielding man and said loudly, “This sister is right. That big dumbo doesn’t even understand such simple logic. What kind of brain do you have to be so stupid? It really does make people wonder how someone as dim-witted as you can become a Godking.” When she reached there, Yun Xin lowered her head and seemed to wander into her thoughts. She said doubtfully, “Is Godking really this easy to reach? Otherwise, how did this stupid person reach Godking?”

It was only fair for the black-clothed woman to make fun of the man. After all, she was also a Godking, and since he was injured, he naturally did not want to come into conflict with her. Moreover, the black-clothed woman’s words were not too horrible.

However, now that a mere Overgod had scorned him and said such horrible things about him, it was impossible for him, a mighty Godking, to just stand by and take it.

“You’re looking to die!” The man paled in anger as his eyes shone viciously. He directly swung his mace at Yun Xin.

Yun Xin had already arrived behind the trio before the man had struck out. She stared at the three of them as she took pleasure in their misfortune.

Although she knew that with the strength Jian Chen had displayed and master Chanlong, who had recently become a Godking, the man was not their opponent at all, she could cause some trouble for them at the very least.

“Early Godking is only a start. Once we get to the eighth and ninth floors and come across mid Godkings, I’d like to see how you respond. Hmph. It’s not so easy to be my guards,” thought Yun Xin. She possessed great prejudice towards Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and master Chanlong.

Jian Chen glanced at Yun Xin behind him and coldness appeared in his eyes. Afterwards, he took a step out and directly struck the metal mace with his hand.

With a bang, powerful energy and residual sword Qi scattered in the surroundings, forcing back the surrounding Overgods. Jian Chen had caught the man’s metal mace as he stood unmoving. His bright eyes stared at the man as he said steadily, “That was miss Yun Xin of the Yun family from the Sky Empire, southern region of the Profound Thunder Plane. I hope you can forgive miss Yun Xin’s rudeness.” With that, Jian Chen’s arm suddenly jerked and powerful Chaotic Force and the power from the Laws of the Sword surged out. Immediately, a force that the man was unable to endure erupted, pushing him several steps back along with his mace.

At the same time, master Chanlong’s presence leaked out slightly, completely exposing the fact that he was an early Godking.

The man looked at Yun Xin and Jian Chen’s group with resentment and ground his teeth, “The Yun family from the Sky Empire, southern region of the Profound Thunder Plane. I’ve remembered that. Hmph.” With that, the man turned around and left.

As for Yun Xin, she was completely stunned when Jian Chen mentioned her background. At first, she stared at Jian Chen in shock before becoming absolutely furious.

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