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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2035 - Fire Divine Crystals
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Chapter 2035: Fire Divine Crystals

Jian Chen, Kai Ya, Chanlong, and Yun Xin hovered high in the sky. Below them, there was a sea of fire formed from lava. The flames burned extremely vigorously, surging several dozen meters into the sky.

From afar, this was an extremely grand scene. The vicious and brutal fire seemed to become the only thing in the world. As it shone brightly, it also hid terrifying danger.

Jian Chen glanced out and discovered a few black rocks of various sizes floating in the lava. The smallest ones were only several meters wide, while the largest one was over a thousand meters wide.

At a closer glance, it was quite obvious that the black rocks bobbed up and down in the lava that spewed terrifying flames. The rocks were eye-catching like archipelagos in oceans.

Jian Chen took out a medium quality saint artifact from his Space Ring and directly dropped it into the lava below.

As soon as the saint artifact came in contact with the lava, it reddened instantly and began to melt at a visible rate.

In under a minute, the saint artifact had melted completely, becoming a part of the lava.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed at the sight of this. He knew extremely well just how tough a medium quality saint artifact was, yet even something like that was unable to endure the heat from the lava.

The lava was far more terrifying than he had expected it to be.

“The black rocks floating in the lava seem to be… they seem to be Pyrnite Ore,” master Chanlong cried out as he stared at the black pieces of rock of various sizes. Shock filled his face.

“Pyrnite Ore? What’s that?” Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Yun Xin were all confused as they stared at the black rocks.

Master Chanlong sucked in a deep breath and said slowly, “I’ve only read about Pyrnite Ore in an ancient book, so I’m still not sure if these black rocks are Pyrnite Ore. Let me have a closer look.”

Master Chanlong immediately flew towards the closest piece of black rock. In the end, he stopped hundreds of meters above a rock that was only several meters wide. The power of his cultivation formed an energy barrier around him to repel the terrifying heat there.

The terrifying heat from the lava made it difficult for master Chanlong to descend. Moreover, after he approached the black rock, he felt like the heat from the rock was several times greater than the lava.

Suddenly, master Chanlong trembled. At that moment, he struggled to remain composed even with his mental fortitude. He sucked in a deep breath and said with a rather trembling voice, “That’s right. It’s the same as what was recorded in the book. These black rocks are indeed Pyrnite Ore. They’re a high grade God Tier material. Probably just a fist of it is worth an unimaginable price. There’s actually so much of it here.”

Jian Chen finally understood what the Pyrnite Ore was from that. It was actually a high grade God Tier material.

God Tier materials were split into four major grades, which were low, mid, high, and supreme.

The God Tier was split into a further nine grades.

The first to third grades were low grade, fourth to sixth were mid grade, and seventh to ninth were high grade.

Jian Chen could not help but gasp as he stared at the black rocks floating in the lava. If all of them were Pyrnite Ore, he struggled to imagine just how much it was all worth.

Jian Chen descended from the sky. He wanted to land on a piece to inspect it closely, but when he was only fifty meters away from the Pyrnite Ore, he could not help but stop.

The Pyrnite Ore gave off an extremely intense heat. Even origin energy was vaporised around it. It was definitely much more terrifying than the lava around it. Even with his Chaotic Body, he was only able to reach fifty meters away from the Pyrnite Ore.

If he took another step forwards, even his Chaotic Body would not be able to endure it.

“Probably even late Godkings cannot approach these Pyrnite Ore!” Jian Chen was secretly shocked. At the same time, he felt that it was a great pity. They had just entered a place full of treasures, yet they had to leave empty-handed. No one could emerge in a happy mood from that.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed, and he extended a finger. Immediately, a strand of sword Qi shot out. It created a deep thud when it struck the Pyrnite Ore below. From the pulse of energy, a red crystal that laid on the Pyrnite Ore was knocked high into the sky.

Jian Chen caught the red crystal. It was only the size of a chicken egg and oval-shaped. It felt warm, and it seemed to hide an extremely pure fire-attributed energy.

Aside from the pure fire-attributed energy, Jian Chen sense the presence of the Laws of Fire in the crystal.

As she looked at the fire-red crystal in Jian Chen’s hand, Yun Xin said, “That’s a fire divine crystal. According to the people who have entered here before, fire divine crystals can only be obtained from here, the eighth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace.”

“The fire divine crystals contain the Laws of Fire, so they’re priceless treasures to cultivators who comprehend the Laws of Fire. Not only is the fire-attributed energy in the fire divine crystals much purer than supreme grade divine crystals, but the constant contact with the Laws of Fire in them will assist with comprehension as well.”

Yun Xin glanced at Jian Chen and continued, “The fire divine crystals are extremely valuable. If you take it out, they’re worth at least ten times more than supreme grade divine crystals.”

Jian Chen’s eyes lit up. He said, “If the fire divine crystal in my hand is divided according to the standard, it’ll be twenty to thirty pieces. In other words, if this piece of fire divine crystal is converted into supreme grade divine crystals, it’ll be two to three hundred of them. If I could get even more fire divine crystals…”

Jian Chen looked at the string of volcanoes nearby and said, “It’s impossible for these fire divine crystals to appear on the Pyrnite Ore. It looks like the volcanoes spit them out. There must be extremely many fire divine crystals at the bottoms of the volcanoes.”

“That’s right. There are indeed many fire divine crystals below the volcanoes. Many people who have come out have confirmed this because every time the volcanoes erupt, quite a lot of fire divine crystals will be let out. Most of them fall into the lava, and only a fraction of them would end up on these black rocks, which would then be collected by people. Unfortunately, the flames here are nothing but extraordinary. As a result, every time the volcanoes erupt, no one dares to approach them. Once they catch on fire, even late Godkings can die, so it’s even more impossible to venture to the bottom of the volcano. As a result, the fire divine crystals aren’t so easy to obtain here,” Yun Xin said with some pity. She no longer acted arrogantly anymore at all.

At this moment, the fire-attributed energy suddenly began to behave violently. The entire world seemed to tremble as a volcano over ten thousand meters away from them erupted. Fire surged into the sky.

The Neptunean Divine Palace only seemed to be over a hundred thousand meters long, but the past experts had transformed the interior space into miniature worlds. It was so vast that it was impossible to measure the interior with meters, unlike the exterior.

For example, the space of the eighth floor was so great that it stretched for over a million kilometers.

“Let’s go have a look,” said Jian Chen before flying off to the erupting volcano first.

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