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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2040 - Jian Chen Steps Forward
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Chapter 2040: Jian Chen Steps Forward

Mo Cheng completely ignored the surprised sighs in the surroundings. He also paid no attention to the gazes of envy and admiration. He remained calm and composed, where his heart was as still as a rock, unaffected by the outside world.

This was not a result of how developed his mental state was. Instead, it was because he was used to witnessing this wherever he went.

Mo Cheng stared at Yun Daolai coldly and said, “I may not need the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways, but the people around me need it.”

Yun Daolai stared at Mo Cheng viciously and furiously. He roared out with much unwillingness, “For this Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways, we’ve paid an extremely hefty price. A total of six of the sixteen Godkings in our clan have died. Are they supposed to just die for nothing?”

Mo Cheng’s expression did not change. He said coldly, “The strong preying on the weak is the law of survival in this world. Although you discovered the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways first, you unfortunately don’t have the strength to keep it. As a result, all your hard work is useless. You might even become prey.”

“As for me, I am more powerful than you. Whether you become my prey can be decided in a single instance.”

Mo Cheng acted haughty, completely looking down on Yun Daolai.

However, the current him truly did possess that right. Even when Yun Daolai was at his peak condition, Mo Cheng had no need to treat him seriously with his strength.

This was because he, Mo Cheng, was the supreme Overgod ranked first on the Overgods’ Plaque. His battle prowess was unrivalled, where there was no longer anyone who could match up to him among Overgods.

“Considering how you’ve already lost quite a few people for the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways, I’ll spare your life if you hand it over willingly. Otherwise, only death awaits you!” Mo Cheng said. When he uttered his last sentence, intense killing intent immediately radiated from him. He did not conceal it at all.

Everyone in the Divine Medicinal Garden had stopped already. They watched on quietly. Even though the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways made them green with envy, none of them, including the few late Godkings, dared to take part in this.

As the Overgod ranked first on the Overgods’ Plaque, his background was so great that they could not afford to offend him.

Moreover, even though the azure-robed old man behind Mo Cheng kept his presence concealed such that no one could tell his cultivation level, it was exactly this that made him seem unfathomable.

“Hahaha, even if I die, I won’t give you the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways,” Yun Daolai laughed aloud as determination flooded his eyes. A Space Ring appeared in his hand, and he wanted to use the senses of his soul that he had left in the Space Ring to blow it up.

Mo Cheng’s eyes turned cold. With a cold snort, he formed a seal with his left hand before extending a finger towards Yun Daolai.

The finger contained mysterious and great power. Yun Daolai only felt his body tighten up, and at that moment, he was completely immobilized, sealed up by a mysterious power.

Even though the immobilization only lasted for a short instance, Mo Cheng had already arrived before Yun Daolai. He swung his sword and chopped off Yun Daolai’s right hand mercilessly, taking away his Space Ring.

“What is this secret technique? It can freeze an early Godking for a moment when a late Overgod uses it.”

Many of the Godkings in the Divine Medicinal Garden were secretly shocked. They looked at Mo Cheng in deep fear.

Even though it was just an instance, an instance was enough to turn an entire situation around.

Yun Daolai grunted in pain as he staggered backwards while clutching his severed arm. His face was pale.

To another side, Yun Xin’s eyes had reddened. She felt like someone was stabbing at her heart when she saw Mo Cheng cut off Yun Daolai’s arm.

Yun Xin entered an intense dilemma inside as she clutched the Space Ring in her hand. She hesitated about whether she should hand over the Space Ring to save her uncle’s life.

However, after learning about the effects of the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways, she also understood just what significance it posed to the Yun family.

If the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways was given to the great elder, not only would he be able to raise his cultivation by one to three Heavenly Layers in an extremely short amount of time, but it would be extremely likely for him to become a Chaotic Prime in the future as well.

Once the Yun family possessed a Chaotic Prime, they would immediately become a peak organisation of the Sky Empire. They would basically stand on equal ground with the royal family.

The Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways held the hopes of the Yun family’s rise.

Yun Xin carefully sent the senses of her soul into the Space Ring to confirm whether the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways was indeed with her or not.

The Space Ring was mostly empty. There was only a root less than thirty centimeters lying at the very centre. The power of the world permeated the surroundings as if they contained the truths of the world.

Yun Xin confirmed that the root was the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways the moment she saw that.

After hesitating some more, Yun Xin passed the Space Ring to Jian Chen. She said to him secretly, “Jian Chen, I really hope you can help me with something. You’ve probably guessed it as well. The Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways is indeed in the Space Ring. I’ll give you the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways right now so that you can immediately leave the Neptunean Divine Palace with it. Give it to the great elder of the Yun family. From today onwards, you will be the greatest benefactor of our Yun family. We will never mistreat you.”

Yun Xin was extremely helpless about this decision. She knew that Mo Cheng would find out that she possessed the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways very soon. She was not confident enough to flee from Mo Cheng, so all she could do was place her hopes on Jian Chen.

Even though she knew that this decision harbored the risk of Jian Chen just eating the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Resources himself, she was truly out of choices.

“Even if Jian Chen does eat the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways, it’s better than having it end up in Mo Cheng’s hands,” Yun Xin sighed inside.

Jian Chen was surprised. He turned his head slightly and looked at Yun Xin with quite some astonishment.

“I won’t disclose the fact that the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways is with you. I’ll create a lie that the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways is with me to distract Mo Cheng so that I can make time for you. However, it won’t be too long. Go right now and leave the Neptunean Divine Palace immediately,” Yun Xin added on as determination filled her eyes.

“If you trick Mo Cheng, he’ll never spare you. There’ll only be death. Have you considered that properly?” Jian Chen responded with a question.

Yun Xin gritted her teeth and said with great determination, “If my death can forge a brand new future for the Yun family, it won’t be in vain.”

Jian Chen stared at Yun Xin for a long time. Originally, this young lady of the Yun family repulsed him very much, but only at this moment did he truly see her other side.

“Hmm? It’s not actually here!” Mo Cheng’s face grew colder, and killing intent shone from his eyes. He tossed the Space Ring from Yun Daolai onto the ground and said coldly, “Tell me, where did you hide the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways?”

“What’re you staring for? Go!” Yun Xin’s face changed, and she immediately urged Jian Chen to go. She knew that she could not keep up this lie for very long.

Jian Chen passed the Space Ring back to Yun Xin and said, “They’re standing right in front of the entrance, so I can’t leave even if I want to. Moreover, do you think Mo Cheng will let anyone leave before he has found the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways? Although Mo Cheng is still not powerful enough to be taken seriously by a few Godkings, the old man beside him is something else.”

Jian Chen was also unable to see through the azure-robed old man’s strength because he hid it just too well. No matter how he looked, all he saw was a regular person. However, Kai Ya could even see through Infinite Primes, so the old man was naturally unable to hide anything from her.

Kai Ya had told Jian Chen earlier that the old man in azure was extremely powerful, far more powerful than any Godking she had seen before.

“Fellow Mo Cheng, I saw this person pass a Space Ring to this woman just then. If I’ve guessed correctly, the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways should be in there.” At this moment, a Godking in the garden clasped his hands before pointing at Yun Xin.

Not only was Mo Cheng first on the Overgods’ Plaque, basically guaranteeing him a position on the Godkings’ Throne in the future, but his background was also so powerful that many people wished to befriend him. The Godking there clearly told him this with these intentions.

Yun Xin instantly became sheet-white.

As for Mo Cheng, he slowly made his way towards Yun Xin. A powerful pressure slowly began to radiate from him.

“Hand over the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways,” Mo Cheng glared at Yun Xin sharply such that she did not dare to look into his eyes.

Yun Xin clenched the Space Ring in her hand as she was filled with an unwillingness to just give in. After all, this was the chance for their Yun family to rise up.

However, she also knew that although she held the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways right now, she would be unable to keep it in her possession.

“The chance for the Yun family to rise up will just vanish in my hands.” Tears flowed from Yun Xin’s eyes uncontrollably. She held onto her Space Ring, reluctant to part with it, but she was still prepared to hand it over to Mo Cheng in the end.

There was nothing else she could do right now!

“This Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways already belongs to someone, and it’s the chance for her clan to rise up. Mo Cheng, it’s best if you stop forcing people to do things against their will.” At this moment, Jian Chen stood forward and arrived before Yun Xin. He stared at Mo Cheng calmly.

Mo Cheng was surprised when he saw Jian Chen block his path. Jian Chen did not hide his presence, so he could clearly sense that Jian Chen was the same as him, a late Overgod.

He could not remember how long it had been since a late Overgod had stood up to him.

The Overgods and Godkings in the garden were all surprised by this sight as they showed disbelief.

“Who is this brat? He sure is ignorant. Does he think he’s a Godking, where he can stand up to Mo Cheng?”

“Even Godkings are nothing in Mo Cheng’s eyes. Didn’t you see his battle prowess just then? It’s far greater than most early Godkings.”

“Surely this wild brat has heard of the Overgods’ Plaque at the very least, right? He’s a mere late Overgod, yet he still dares to stand up to Mo Cheng. He really is reckless.”

Discussions rang out in the garden. Many people sneered and scoffed, but there were also some people who looked at Jian Chen with sympathy.

Assisting the weak was an admirable action, but he would need the strength to do that at the very least.

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