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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2051 - The Prince’s Wife
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Chapter 2051: The Prince’s Wife

“Your highness, you must have seen it as well. When we entered the Divine Medicinal Garden, Xin’er and them were under attack from basically all the Godkings here. Under such tight circumstances, Xin’er had no other choice but to consume the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways. I hope your highness can forgive her for this,” Yun Lianqing said uneasily from behind the fifth prince.

The fifth prince before them possessed great authority in the Sky Empire. Countless people would respond to his call. He was one of the three princes who were most likely to succeed the emperor. As such, he was greatly favored by the current emperor. and he had the support of peak sects in the Sky Empire. He was so powerful that their Yun family could not afford to offend him at all.

The hearts of all the Godkings from the Yun family sank completely when they saw how the fifth prince remained silently with a darkened expression.

Suddenly, the fifth prince’s closely furrowed brows loosened. He let out a warm and enchanting smile, immediately making the people of the Yun family experience a pleasant feeling like they were standing in a spring breeze. It was as if all the negative emotions within them had vanished at that moment.

“Congratulations on consuming the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways, miss Yun Xin. If your journey in cultivation is successful, becoming a Chaotic Prime won’t be an issue at all for you,” the fifth prince smiled at Yun Xin. Afterwards, he clasped his fist towards her gently under her surprised gaze and said, “Miss Yun Xin, you must know my identity already. I hope that you can marry me. I wonder if I will be able to satisfy miss Yun Xin.”

Although the fifth prince spoke warmly and politely, there was some sharpness in his gaze towards Yun Xin. All the people who understood the situation knew that the consequences would be horrible if Yun Xin did not agree.

Yun Xin’s pale face became even whiter. She wanted to decline, but she could not bring herself to say it. This was because the fifth prince had already phrased it in a way that no matter what reason she used to decline him, she would be finding him unsatisfactory.

Without a single doubt, the Yun family would face a huge dilemma in the Neptunean Divine Palace. They might even face a disaster.

At the same time, Yun Xin constantly heard secret but helpless messages from the Godkings of the Yun family, telling her to just agree to it first.

In the current situation, the people of the Yun family were out of choices. Only through compromising could they ensure the safety of the clan.

Yun Xin gritted her teeth. Despite her reluctance, she still agreed to marry the fifth prince.

“I will definitely devote myself to cultivation in the future. When I truly become powerful, I will make the fifth prince regret today,” Yun Xin made up her mind inside after the humiliation she experienced today. Right now, it was only a verbal agreement at most. As long as they did not get married, they would not be husband and wife.

The fifth prince laughed aloud, “Good, good, good. From today onwards, your Yun family will be one big family with me. Xin’er, once we return to the Profound Thunder Plane, I’ll immediately report this to father before holding a grand marriage together.” The fifth prince’s unhappiness completely vanished. Although he had failed to obtain the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways, the root would not end up in the hands of others from a certain sense as long as Yun Xin became his wife.

Moreover, he would definitely possess an advantage in the fight for the throne through his connection with Yun Xin.

“Xin’er, let’s go. You’ll accompany me in the future. I’ll show you the scenery of the Neptunean Divine Palace.” The fifth prince made his way up and directly held Yun Xin’s hand.

Yun Xin frowned as she twisted her body unnaturally. She wanted to break free from the fifth prince’s grasp, but she discovered that she was unable to resist at all. Immediately, her face changed slightly, and she looked at Jian Chen beside her.

Previously, for the sake of the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways, he had engaged in a great battle against Mo Cheng before stopping so many Godkings in the garden. Yun Xin had witnessed all the hardships he had gone through. When she saw how he was all bloodied and covered with horrific wounds, she felt a pain in her heart for some reason.

Yun Xin could not help but have two regretful streaks of tears run down her cheeks. She thought about how she had made trouble for Jian Chen time and time again because they had taken up the three spots that originally belonged to her good friends as well as how she had treated him when they first entered the Neptunean Divine Palace.

The fifth prince saw all of this. He looked at Jian Chen and asked gently, “Xin’er, who is he?” There was deep disdain towards Jian Chen in the fifth prince’s voice.

“Your highness, our Yun family encountered the three of them along the way here. Due to the fact that we have limited Godkings, we offered the remaining three spots to them. In exchange, they became temporary guards for Xin’er to ensure that she would not be injured,” Yun Lianqing immediately explained before Xin’er could say anything. He understood the fifth prince quite well. Now that Xin’er had become in wife in name, he was afraid that the fifth prince would bear grudges and turn on Jian Chen and the others as a result.

“Xin’er, is that true?” The fifth prince looked at Yun Xin.

Yun Xin nodded and remained silent.

The fifth prince glanced at Jian Chen deeply before leaving the garden with everyone.

Master Chanlong emerged from his formation with the fifth prince’s departure. He let out a long sigh, “And I had thought we were definitely going to be in for a battle, so I cast down several formations as quickly as I could. But fortunately, this battle didn’t happen, or else even with my formations, we would struggle to stop that group of people. One of them has a god artifact after all.”

Jian Chen sighed gently, “I wonder whether getting Yun Xin to eat the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways was the right decision or not. Although she gained a great fortune, she basically went from out of the frying pan and into the fire. Before she truly powers up, she won’t be able to cut her ties with the fifth prince.”

Kai Ya made her way out as well. She stood beside Jian Chen and looked at his bloodied figure before showing a sliver of mixed feelings. She said calmly, “Was it worth it?”

“Some things can be done, while some can’t. It’s not about whether it’s worth it or not. But this matter is in the past already, and Yun Xin has left with the fifth prince. Our agreement with the Yun family is basically completed.” Jian Chen continued after some thought, “But the fifth prince completely saw what Yun Xin showed when they departed. The fifth prince is not a kind person. Who knows whether he’ll move against us or not.”

“As a result, we can’t stay in the Divine Medicinal Garden for now. We need to leave immediately. I just need some time to increase my cultivation, and at that time, I think there won’t be many people who’ll be able to pose a threat to me anymore. Afterwards, we can come to harvest the God Tier heavenly resources here.”

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