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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2055 - Jian Chen Emerges
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2055: Jian Chen Emerges

Although the two siblings and Hei Ya were still extremely far away from where Jian Chen’s group cultivated, Chalong had already fused with the Neptunean Mountains. He could observe everything happening in the surroundings with a single thought. Nothing would be able to escape his senses.

It felt like the entire region where the Neptunean Mountains sat on had become Chanlong’s domain while Chanlong himself had become the supreme ruler of this domain.

As a result, Chalong completely heard the exchange between the three people.

“The three of them have come to kill us. They have ill intentions,” thought master Chanlong. With a thought, his soul had already returned to his body. However, the speck of rainbow light in the core of the formation seemed to have wormed into his soul, following his soul back to his body.

Right now, master Chanlong had no need to fuse his soul into the core of the formation. He could vaguely feel a connection with the Neptunean Mountains, allowing him to control the formations in there at any time.

He closely sensed the power he grasped right now, and master Chanlong could not help but become confident. He murmured, “I’d be forced into defence if it were me from before, but now…”

With a flash, Chanlong left the cave and sat down on a branch of a large tree outside. He leisurely waited for Bai Qi, Bai He, and Hei Ya’s arrival.

When Hei Ya entered the depths of the Neptunean Mountains, he moved slower and slower. A mysterious power that permeated the world there affected him to a certain degree such that his senses of Jian Chen’s group became hazy. His innate ability was extremely affected.

“It truly is worthy of being a formation personally cast down by the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths for it to affect my innate ability so drastically. I can actually only sense three of the four people. I can’t find the other person at all,” Hei Ya was amazed. He moved slower and slower, as he was afraid that he would suddenly lose track of them.

After almost half a day, Hei Ya stopped at a place with the two siblings. The three of them concealed their presences as they moved about silently, without alarming anyone.

“It’s right here. There’s an obscure cave below. It’s covered up by a formation. Jian Chen and the others are in there,” said Hei Ya as he pointed at an inconspicuous stone wall. Then, he frowned slightly as he looked at Bai He and Bai Qi. He said with a strange expression, “However, my innate talent can only sense three of them. The fourth person completely vanished earlier. I still can’t find him even now.”

“Completely vanished?” Bai He raised an eyebrow as she giggled, “It’s certain that the four of them are in the Neptunean Mountains. Surely the person who has completely vanished hasn’t died after an accident happened during cultivation, right?”

“That’s impossible. Even if he’s dead, I can still find his corpse with my innate talent, and even if the corpse is destroyed, I can sense where he died,” Hei Ya said firmly.

“Whatever. If we can’t find him, then let it be. Let’s kill the other three quickly, and then reunite with the fifth prince.” Bai Qi took a step forwards as he stared at the cave with much interest. Heavy killing intent flickered through his eyes, “The defence of this formation is impressive, but we have to smash through it in a single strike to stop the people inside from escaping. Sister, let’s use our combined attack. Hei Ya, keep watch outside.”

As they said that, the siblings had already begun to store up power to unleash a powerful strike.

“The three of you, we have no grievances with you, so may I ask why you want to kill us?”

Just as the siblings were about to unleash their combined attack, an old voice suddenly rang out from nearby.

The sudden voice stunned Bai Qi, Bai He, and Hei Ya. They immediately looked towards the origins of the voice and saw Chanlong seated leisurely on the tree with a single glance.

Their eyes immediately narrowed as they stared at Chanlong. They were astounded. This was because the tree where Chanlong sat on was close to the cave. He did not try to conceal anything at all, yet the three of them had completely failed to sense his presence. Even when they scanned the region with the senses of their soul, they still found nothing on the tree.

“I- i- i- impossible! How is this possible?” Hei Ya stared at Chanlong in shock as he stammered heavily. His heart churned. To no surprise, the person he was unable to sense with his innate ability was Chanlong.

However, now that Chanlong was right in front of him, he was still unable to lock onto Chanlong with his innate ability.

Chanlong seemed like he had completely fused with the surroundings, truly becoming a part of the world there. He could only be discovered through sight.

“Who are you?” Bai Qi growled as he became rather grim.

“It doesn’t matter who he is. He’s just an early Godking. He probably has some treasure or has grasped some special secret technique, which is why he’s able to avoid our senses,” Bai He said gruffly with a sense of wildness. She opened her hand, and a red orchid hovered in her hand, drifting towards Chanlong.

The orchid expanded in the air, instantly becoming several dozen meters across. Each petal was extremely large, shining with a demonic red light. It engulfed master Chanlong from above, where the petals wrapped around him in an attempt to envelop him completely.

The orchid was originally just a seed. It had fallen from outer space, landing right before Bai He incidentally. Bai He knew that the seed was extraordinary, as it possessed an extremely powerful life force, so she raised it. The seed germinated into a beautiful orchid before gradually developing consciousness. In the end, it grew until its current state from devouring the flesh and blood of cultivators, making it extremely powerful.

Once bound by the orchid, even late Godkings would not necessarily be able to escape.

Across the years, countless Godkings had died to the orchid.

When the orchid dealt with Chanlong, Bai Qi, Bai He, and Hei Ya all paid close attention. Chanlong was weak, only an early Godking, but he was just too abnormal at that moment. He was actually able to evade their senses and render Hei Ya’s innate talent useless.


At this moment, the orchid that had engulfed Chanlong suddenly exploded without any prior signs. The orchid was instantly reduced to pieces.

The expressions of Bai Qi, Bai He, and Hei Ya all changed drastically as they became filled with shock. The three of them had always been paying close attention, but they failed to detect anything abnormal at all.

“What just happened?” Hei Ya said with a trembling voice. He completely understood the strength of the orchid. It had easily devoured many late Godkings, yet it had just exploded for no apparent reason before him.

Bai Qi and Bai He were confused as well, having no idea what power had slain the orchid.

Only Bai He’s face became rather pale. Her face was filled with pain when she saw the orchid die.

Master Chanlong sat on the tree without moving at all as his eyes shone. He was delighted as he struggled to hide his joy.

“Why have you come?” At this moment, a deep voice rang out. Jian Chen passed through the formation and emerged from the cave where he cultivated in seclusion. He glanced at the orchid that had exploded in the air before glaring at Bai Qi, Bai He, and Hei Ya.

Right now, an extremely powerful presence revolved around Jian Chen. He was filled with an explosive power, clearly having reached the twelfth layer of the Chaotic Body successfully.

“The three of them have especially come to kill us,” master Chanlong said calmly.

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