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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2057 - Subduing Hei Ya
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Chapter 2057: Subduing Hei Ya

The deafening sounds constantly rang out like thunder in the sky. It boomed through the entire place, echoing in the mountains.

Jian Chen and Bai Qi’s battle had not lasted for long, but they fought extremely intensely. Bai Qi was immediately forced into a retreat when he faced Jian Chen’s barrage of attacks, showing signs of defeat.

He was already quite injured as slashes covered his body, soaking him in blood.

His sister, Bai He, and Hei Ya stood to one side as they watched on. They were completed astounded. Clearly, they struggled to accept this.

The three of them had come together to kill off Jian Chen’s group under the fifth prince’s orders. Originally, they did not treat their targets with any particular attention at all. In their eyes, killing Jian Chen’s group was a piece of cake and would be completely effortless. They even wanted to use some more powerful attacks to kill them in a single strike so that they could prevent them from escaping through some mysterious method.

However, the sight before them right now seemed completely dramatized. Let alone killing them in a single strike, even victory alone was uncertain.

“Brother, let me help you!” Bai He called out, and she rushed into the battle with a thin sword. She fought against Jian Chen with Bai He.

The siblings were out to kill. They struck out mercilessly, all in an attempt to kill Jian Chen. They seemed like they would not stop until Jian Chen was dead.

Jian Chen was not afraid. His Chaotic Body had already reached the twelfth layer, so his body had experienced a qualitative leap. It had basically evolved, becoming extremely tough. His hand shot into the air as a blur coated in Chaotic Force, striking Bai He’s sword with unimaginable great strength.


Bai He’s sword produced a deep resonance as it trembled from Jian Chen’s powerful strike. A powerful force moved through the sword and struck Bai He, immediately causing her expression to change. She let out a grunt as the bones in her right hand that held the sword seemed to crack.

At the same time, Bai Qi bellowed out. He condensed powerful energy around his mace, causing it to shine brightly as he swung it with a powerful battle skill.

Jian Chen remained extremely composed when he faced the attacks of the siblings together. He used a strand of Daluo Sword Qi to block Bai Qi’s battle skill as he stabbed out with his other hand. With a resplendent white glow, the hand headed towards Bai Qi’s chest.


Jian Chen’s hazy hand was unstoppable. It directly pierced through Bai Qi’s armor and emerged from his back.

Blood spurted into the sky from Bai Qi’s mouth. He retreated with lightning speed, instantly appearing a thousand meters away. His gaze was filled with shock.

He actually felt extremely confused. When he saw Jian Chen in the Divine Medicinal Garden before, Jian Chen did not seem very powerful at all, yet he was so strong now.

“W- what is this power?” Bai Qi was astounded inside. He obviously knew that Jian Chen’s battle prowess came from the destructive power under his control and a body that was comparable to high quality saint artifacts. There was also his sword techniques.

“Brother, let’s kill him with our combined attack!” Bai He and Bai Qi reunited with each other. Bai He called out, and the two of them immediately used a secret technique. A blinding light surrounded them as they combined their strength to produce their most powerful attack.

Immediately, energy pulses appeared in the sky. A huge pillar of energy, possessing both the power of their cultivation and laws, swung towards Jian Chen with lightning speed.

Facing the combined attack, Jian Chen felt like his presence had been locked onto, and he could not dodge. However, he did not feel fear because of that. With a single thought, he used the Taiyi Sword Technique, turning into a sword with his tough Chaotic Body.


Jian Chen destroyed the siblings’ combined attack in a single strike. Jian Chen continued onwards without slowing down at all, turning into a huge sword as he was surrounded with light. He shone like the sun, piercing through where the siblings stood like a hot knife through butter.

The light around the siblings vanished and revealed them again. Right now, both of them were stunned, and their eyes were hollow. Then they fell out of the sky.

A tiny slash, almost invisible to the naked eye, had appeared on their foreheads. It had destroyed their souls.

Even though the siblings could not defeat Jian Chen, he was not necessarily able to stop them if they wanted to flee. However, the two of them had never considered running. They wholeheartedly wanted to kill off Jian Chen’s group. After which, they would return to the fifth prince to report their success. As a result, they died on the spot.

Jian Chen removed their Space Rings and stowed them away without even looking at them. He was also covered in blood. However, it did not belong to him but the siblings.

“Argh!” At this moment, a miserable cry rang out in the distance. Hei Ya wanted to flee when he saw how the situation was against him, but he ended up running into an invisible barrier. His head was bleeding now.

Jian Chen looked at Hei Ya, and he showed some doubt. In the next moment, he appeared before Hei Ya and asked emotionlessly, “Why does the fifth prince want us dead?”

“It’s because of Yun Xin…” Seeing how it was impossible to escape anymore, Hei Ya reported everything he knew obediently while his face was covered with blood.

A cold light flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes after he learnt about the background behind this matter. He revealed heavy killing intent. He had never thought that the fifth prince wanted to kill him over the simple fact that Yun Xin missed him a little.

“I’ve already killed Bai Qi and Bai He, so my grievance with the fifth prince has basically been set in stone.” Jian Chen’s gaze at Hei Ya immediately became icy when he thought up to there.

Sensing Jian Chen’s killing intent, Hei Ya shivered from the bottom of his heart. He said, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me. I swear that if you keep me alive, I’ll be useful to you.”

Chanlong also made his way over and appeared before Jian Chen. He studied Hei Ya and said to Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, this person really does have a unique ability. Keeping him alive might be useful.”

A cold light flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes as he stared at Hei Ya, “Tell me how you can be useful, and give me a reason why I shouldn’t kill you.”

Hei Ya’s despaired eyes immediately lit up. As if he had somehow found a sliver of hope of surviving, he explained in a hurry, “I have an innate ability where I can clearly sense the location of anyone I’ve seen as long as their cultivation doesn’t surpass mine by too much, regardless of how well they’re hidden or if they’ve changed their appearance and presence. As a result, I can find them.” Hei Ya looked at Jian Chen uneasily. He hesitated slightly before continuing, “We were able to find your location with such accuracy this time because I saw the four of you earlier, so you can’t escape from me no matter how well hidden you are.”

Jian Chen’s eyes lit up from that. Hei Ya’s ability was indeed extraordinary. It would be of great use under certain critical situations.

“I’ll give you a chance then. Swear your loyalty to me, and I can spare you. Otherwise, you need to know that I will never leave someone like you alive, especially around the fifth prince who’s targeting me,” said Jian Chen.

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