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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2062 - Identity Exposed
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Chapter 2062: Identity Exposed

“I have been telling the truth, with no lies at all. If you don’t believe me, I can swear on the world, where if I am telling any lies, I am willing for my soul to be destroyed,” the late Godking swore an oath firmly, as he was worried. He said frantically, “Everyone, please go to the Divine Medicinal Garden. We can’t waste any time at all. If they manage to escape far away, it’ll be almost impossible for us to find them. Are you willing to leave with nothing while others have taken away a quarter of all the heavenly resources in the Divine Medicinal Garden happily?”

After the late Godking swore an oath, there were indeed quite a few people who believed his words. A Godking immediately called out from among the crowd around the formation, “It doesn’t matter whether he’s lying or not. It’s not like the Divine Medicinal Garden is far away. It wouldn’t hurt to check, and if it’s true, we can’t let them leave.”

“Let’s go. Come with me brothers to check on the Divine Medicinal Garden…”

Many Godkings departed from the place, rushing off to the garden in small groups.

Naturally, they moved extremely quickly as Godkings, crossing several hundred thousand kilometers very soon. They appeared in the garden.

However, when they saw the landscape of the garden, all of their faces changed. Indeed, a quarter of all the heavenly resources there had been taken away.

Immediately, some people broadcasted this sight through various means and drew over another large group of Godkings. For a moment, the news that someone had emptied out a quarter of the entire garden surpassed the news of the Chaotic Prime’s dwelling, causing all the Godkings outside the dwelling to hurry off to the garden.

“God dammit! Which bastard did this? How did he clean out so many heavenly resources in such a short about of time? We three brothers stayed here for so long, yet we failed to get through any of the formations even after using all we had. And they’ve dug up a quarter of everything…”

“Before the Chaotic Prime’s dwelling appeared, not a single heavenly resource had been taken away. Now that we’re back here, so many of them are actually gone. It’s truly unbelievable…”

“You know what this means? This means that they got through over a hundred formations in just under a month’s time. Fortunately, we got here early, or the entire place probably would have been emptied out, and we would have known nothing…”

“We can’t let those people leave with so many heavenly resources. These heavenly resources should belong to everyone. Everyone is entitled to a portion…”

“That’s right. We can’t let them leave the Neptunean Divine Palace…”

An uproar immediately exploded in the garden. Many Godkings spoke through gritted teeth, especially when they glanced at how a quarter of the place was empty. All of them burned with envy.

“Calm down, everyone. Allow me to use a secret technique and turn back time so that we can see just how so many heavenly resources were taken away,” a ruddy old man in white robes stood forwards from the crowd at a steady pace. Under the eager gazes of all the Godkings, he directly arrived in the centre of the garden and used a secret technique to turn back time there.

Clearly, this was an extremely profound ability. After it was used, the space there immediately became hazy as disorderly time and space clashed together, creating an intent conflict, reducing the image there to chaos.

However, when the chaotic space cleared up once again, it immediately revealed Jian Chen’s group working with the five Godkings from the White Cloud sect. The nine of them were presented clearly before all the Godkings in the garden through the secret technique.

“It is actually him. I’ve seen him before. His name is Jian Chen. He defeated Mo Cheng who ranked first on the Overgods’ Plaque when he was an Overgod as well. I never thought he would have become a Godking now…”

“That is indeed Jian Chen. I personally witnessed his battle against Mo Cheng. There were many Godkings that died to his hands. He’s extremely powerful…”

Many Godkings recognised Jian Chen with a single glance, and they all cried out. They were just too surprised by this. They had never thought that the person who had taken away all these heavenly resources was Jian Chen.

“Everybody, look. The treasure for destroying formations is in Jian Chen’s hands. What kind of treasure is that? The formations around the heavenly resources are so powerful, yet all their energy were basically wasted away after the tower crushed down.”

The Anatta Tower in Jian Chen’s hand had become the centre of attention. However, the image from the secret technique was unable to conjure the Anatta Tower even though it presented the nine people clearly. As a result, everyone could only see a hazy golden light, unable to see the true appearance of the Anatta Tower.

At this moment, the image shattered like a piece of glass while the old man who had used the secret technique paled and tottered heavily. He stood there trembling as he said weakly, “This treasure is extraordinary. When I used my secret technique, not only did I manage to bring back their presences clearly, but I even brought back a sliver of the treasure’s presence. However, that presence interfered with the secret technique, causing me to suffer an intense backlash.” Before he could finish speaking, the old man vomited a mouthful of blood. He was clearly very injured.

“What is this treasure? It’s so powerful!” All the Godkings were astounded. Strange thoughts crossed their heads, but soon afterwards, they all dispersed. They said that they were going to look for Jian Chen as they left the garden in a hurry. Many of them used secret techniques in an attempt to track the down Jian Chen through various methods.

At the same time, a woman who only seemed to be in her twenties was hidden deep in the Chaotic Prime’s dwelling several hundreds of thousand kilometers away from the garden. She peered through the formation with her beautiful eyes as she carefully observed the outside.

She was the Overgod all the Godkings mentioned, the one who had obtained the Chaotic Prime’s legacy.

In reality, she had indeed obtained the entire legacy of the Chaotic Prime during the days in the dwelling. The cultivation method, battle skills, comprehension of the laws of the world, and the different knowledge from the Chaotic Prime had already entered her mind many days ago, firmly embedded in the depths of her soul. At the same time, she had broken through with her cultivation, becoming a Godking.

However, there were just far too many Godkings waiting outside the formation, so the woman did not dare to leave after obtaining the Chaotic Prime’s legacy.

“Xiao Man is still outside. I hope that nothing happens to her,” the woman worried as she observed the outside nervously. Even though most of the Godkings had left due to what happened in the Divine Medicinal Garden, there were still over thirty Godkings guarding the place, including late Godkings.

Even though the woman had obtained a Chaotic Prime’s legacy, she still had no confidence in escaping from these Godkings.

After all, she had obtained the legacy far too recently. Coupled with the fact that she was always worried about Xiao Man outside, she was unable to calm down and comprehend the details of the legacy.

“It’s a pity that I’ve used up all the life-saving items that master and master’s wife left behind during the days in the Neptunean Divine Palace.”

Suddenly, the woman’s face changed. She silently sensed the surroundings, and her heart immediately sank, “Oh no. I’ve taken away the legacy and also drained all the energy in this dwelling. The formation outside is weakening rapidly. It’ll be useless before long.”

After hesitating for a short while, the woman gritted her teeth and became determined. Without hiding anymore, she charged out of the dwelling as quickly as she could.

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