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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2065 - The Neptunean Moon (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2065: The Neptunean Moon (One)

Jian Chen smiled indifferently in response to Chanlong’s words and said, “We’re different from before. Kai Ya and I have both become Godkings, so there’s basically no people left that can threaten us in the Neptunean Divine Palace. Even if that fact gets leaked, I believe we can still keep all the heavenly resources with our strength. Even if it does get leaked, not everyone will believe what they say.”

Jian Chen seemed to think of something when he reached here. He gradually became stern and said, “What we should truly be wary of is the people outside the Neptunean Divine Palace. Not only are Infinite Primes from many planes gathered out there, but there are also terrifying existences that are Chaotic Primes. We’re as puny as ants before people like that.”

“Jian Chen’s right. Even if they leak this information, not everyone will believe it, and even those people who do won’t be certain that we possess the God Tier heavenly resources without checking our Space Rings. With brother Jian Chen’s strength, it’ll just be wishful thinking for them to want to check your Space Ring,” said Xiao Zheng as he looked at Jian Chen and Kai in admiration.

Jian Chen nodded slightly. He agreed very much with Xiao Zheng’s words.

Afterwards, they collected the Space Rings of the four Godkings from the White Cloud sect. Looking at the corpses on the group, Jian Chen pondered for a while. Afterwards, a pink, palm-sized orchid appeared in his hand with a thought.

The orchid had evolved from the seed of the Immortal Devouring Orchid recently. After absorbing a droplet of his chaotic blood that was not exactly pure, it metamorphosed, and when they were collecting the God Tier heavenly resources, the evolved seed finally germinated, blooming into a beautiful, pale pink flower.

The orchid was very extraordinary. As soon as it had bloomed, it was already self-conscious, possessing a very weak consciousness. It was hazy and still not enough to communicate with Jian Chen, but he could vaguely feel emotional pulses from the consciousness from time to time.

Jian Chen held the young Immortal Devouring Flower close to the corpses of the four Godkings and expressed his thoughts gently.

He had learnt from the sword spirits that the Immortal Devouring Orchid especially grew through devouring immortals, so he wanted to see if these Godkings would be useful to the orchid.

There was not much difference between the cultivators and immortals of the Saints’ World and the Immortals’ World. They all absorbed the energy of the world and comprehended the laws of the world to strengthen themselves. The only difference was the name.

However, when the Immortal Devouring Orchid approached the corpses, it could not help but tremble violently as its petals shriveled up at that moment. A blurry thought with great fear appeared in Jian Chen’s head.

Jian Chen was slightly surprised before understanding the situation soon. He immediately took the Immortal Devouring Orchid far away from the corpses.

Even though the orchid was extraordinary, it was still too weak. The corpses and blood of Godkings were just too terrifying to it. Even just a single droplet of blood possessed enough energy to destroy it countless times over, so it did not dare to touch the corpses, let alone devour them.

“It looks like I need to take it step by step for you to grow rapidly. There are no shortcuts,” Jian Chen said softly in quite some disappointment. He stowed the Immortal Devouring Orchid away before travelling off into the distance with Kai Ya, Chanlong, and Xiao Zheng.

Before long, the four of them encountered over a dozen Godkings. When they saw Jian Chen’s group, they beamed in surprise and immediately surrounded them without any hesitation.

“Jian Chen, we’ve finally found you. You’ve made us search so hard,” the Godkings looked at the four of them and could not help but smile. They were all extremely excited.

“Everyone, may I ask why you are looking for us?” Jian Chen’s group frowned.

“Why? Hehe, for the God Tier heavenly resources of course. The Divine Medicinal Garden is so big, yet you’ve emptied out a quarter of it, and you want to keep it all to yourself. Isn’t your appetite just a little too big? You need to share some of it with us after all, right everyone?” A Godking sneered.

“That’s right. It’s not like we want a lot of it either. We just want half, no, a third of it. If you give us a third of everything, we’ll leave immediately.”

“Hurry up and hand it over. We don’t want much, just a third of it.”

The Godkings all spoke out; they seemed rather urgent. They wanted to take the heavenly resources and leave immediately.

They only want a third of everything because they knew that there were many Godkings on the ninth floor searching for Jian Chen everywhere, and they would constantly increase. If they took everything away, they would not be able to keep it with their strength, so they wanted to leave a portion for the other people and leave the Neptunean Divine Palace while the others fought over it.

“Do you really think that we have all these heavenly resources on us just because of what someone said?” Jian Chen asked. He felt that something was off from the expressions of the Godkings. No matter how he looked at it, it was as if they were extremely certain that he possessed all the heavenly resources and felt no doubt about it at all.

“Hahaha, I knew you would say that. Never would you realise that someone has already turned back time in the Divine Medicinal Garden, reconstructing the past there, so what you did in there is no longer a secret,” a Godking laughed aloud.

“Turning back time? Is that the case?” Jian Chen’s face sank, and even Kai Ya, Chanlong, and Xiao Zheng revealed ugly expressions.

They would not have worried if someone had purposefully revealed this matter, as someone’s word would not be persuasive at all. Very few people would believe it. However, turning back time and revealing the past was completely different, as it was firm evidence that could not be doubted.

“You want God Tier heavenly resources? Go collect it from the Divine Medicinal Garden yourself,” Jian Chen responded coldly.

“Since you’re not going to hand it over, we can only come and get it ourselves. Brothers, let’s get them together. Once we kill them, we’ll split the God Tier heavenly resources evenly. We can’t waste time.” With someone leading the Godkings, they all attacked Jian Chen’s group, engaging in an intense battle.

However, their strength was clearly on different levels. Even though one side had over a dozen people, possessing an absolute numerical advantage, they only had four late Godkings. The rest of them were early and mid Godkings, and their strength was extremely ordinary, so how were they Jian Chen and Kai Ya’s opponent?

As a result, as soon as the battle started, it became completely one-sided. Jian Chen and Kai Ya created a huge mess out of the Godkings with their slaughter, where the early Godkings were slain in a single strike.

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